The Ryzza Mae Show (30 Jan 2014) and family love


Learned from the HHs that Mark Gil passed away. Rest in peace, Mark Gil. The last time I saw you I just had to blog about it as you were at your most endearing, as far as I was concerned. Here’s his appearance in Ryzza Mae’s show which I blogged about: and

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As I’ve often contended, a show and its host are as good as the guests. Today (30 Jan 2014), Ryzza Mae had the Eigenmann brothers as guests: Mark Gil and Michael de Mesa.  Both were convivial and listened intently to the diminutive host, so they interacted without any empty, nay, dead air managing to get through. Mark Gil was very endearing, tucked tissue under the armhole of RM’s gown after she complained that it made her underarms itchy. MG was also the more talkative brother, regaling the host with stories about the family with Michael contributing to the repartee. Very entertaining show this morning.  Mark even shared  what the following finger sign means to the Eigenmann family, Image (here demonstrated by Derek Ramsay and RM in a photo I found in Google images): “I love you”. According to Mark, when they are about to part ways with their dad (Eddie Mesa)…

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