Ignorance isn’t always bliss

The other day, son was asking if I had ever made carrot cake with cinnamon. I said yes, though I must confess, I prefer to make it with pineapple and no cinnamon. (Did I confess once how I made carrot cake without carrots? I forgot to put it in. Dumb, I know)

The mention of carrots in cake reminded me of a flourless (almost) chocolate cake I learned to bake c/o Conchita Cuenca in Bacolod. What I remembered its ingredients to be were: casuy, bread crumbs, and carrots, chocolate and sugar.

So I listed down the ingredients I was missing and thought I would get a new bottle of rum, not sure how my old bottle would taste. I asked son what brand he would recommend, his immediate suggestion: Bacardi. A bottle would cost around P400 he said.

If you’ve read any of my posts regarding alcohol, you’d know I”m a teetotaler. Even Mompo during communion makes me cringe. I just don’t like the taste of alcohol. (an aside: a friend, the mom of son’s friend, once said she wanted to see me drunk. Son said he’d like to see that happen too. How mean, right? anyway…).  So I know next to nothing about alcohol.

What to do? Call 928 3119 – Rustan’s KAtipunan. I asked if they had Bacardi. Yes, they had. Cost, I asked? P800 plus. I just concluded son was wrong. And so I said to save me one, HHB would go get it.

Prepared the cake and used the Bacardi. Just a tablespoon added to 1 tetra pak of cream, 4 tbsp of cocoa, 6 tbsp of confectioner’s sugar. I also added 1 tsp of ground coffee.

Then faced with nothing to do, I googled Bacardi. OMG.

The variant I had been given was 151. This one:

Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 21.06.40

And this was what wikipedia had to say about it:
Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 21.10.31

I was dismayed though also relieved that I had used just a tablespoon.

Husband was excited: he had always been curious about Bacardi and soda because his favorite band, Jethro Tulle, has a song about it.

Son was floored when he saw it – he said he has never ever tried it, aware of its “features”.

Tonight, he and his dad prepared a concoction of Bacardi and Coke Light.

After dinner with a slice of the cake I made, husband said, “May tama nga.”

uh oh

Imagine if I make rum cake with it! We’d all be drunken zombies!

the Viennese chocolate torte: