Philux delivers

Philux keeps its promise to deliver without need for follow up. Well, if inquiring the day before whether they’d push through with the promised delivery is not equivalent to a follow up.

What they delivered:


the chest and the Adriana daybed.

FullSizeRender (4)

Lest you be misled, we ordered just one chest but have  yet to decide where to position it. Only husband was around to receive the items and give the old couch to a nephew. Oh okay, a grandson – but his father is only a year younger than me, so he’s a nephew. And he calls me tita, just like his father and mother do. He is a good boy. He doesn’t antagonize me by calling me lola.

So there.

Ah, funny thing. As they were trying to get the old couch out, husband pulled the back and realized it was a sofa bed. We never knew.

So sue us. :)