no, not your dog, C. Neither fate. But the cable service provider.

In the past we subscribed to Skycable. I can’t recall why now, maybe finances, but we switched to Destiny which charged less than 500 pesos monthly if I recall correctly. Of course some channels were no longer available, glaringly ANC. So when people would say to watch a show on ANC I felt destitute. ThenDestiny was acquired by Skycable and I prepared for the worst. My fear was for naught. The monthly charge of 550 pesos did not escalate. Whew.

Meanwhile husband also thought to subscribe to Cignal. Sosyal. We have a satellite dish. But so do many others. When it is about to rain or when it rains, Cignal has signal problems but there is always Destiny!

Then husband added something to his PLDT subscription that allowed another TV to be connected to Cignal passing through DSL, ergo it isn’t affected by the rain. And two weeks ago he requested that the analog connection of Destiny be made digital. Whaat? For clearer reception he said. Plus the monthly charge doesn’t increase. All that was paid was 1599 pesos for a digibox. 

Indeed Destiny channels come out more clear and we won’t seem destitute anymore. We now have ANC. And I was able to watch David Celdran’s show that featured the ABC’s of class or something. It featured different brands starting from A to Z that spelled uber expensive. Interesting feature that.