A yummy surprise

Yesterday, one of my sisters asked me to send HHB to Rustan’s to bring some papers she had to sign. When HHB came back, she handed me a bun in a small wax paper bag from my sister. I thought it was just some ordinary bread.

Then I bit into it and ohhhh, what’s this, I wondered. Took another bite and thought it tasted like asado. Then took another bite, tasted something sweet atop the bun, and before I knew it the bun was no more.

Texted sister to thank her and asked where she got it.

Her answer: Breadz bakeshop in Hypermart Pasig. She said that it was labeled “HK style bun”. She hadn’t yet tried it, maybe it should have been hers? At any rate, I was one happy sister after consuming the bun.


Didn’t take a photo, how I was to know it would taste so good?