A Different Bookstore — Kudos

Following is a letter I wrote to the management (owner of Different Bookstore):

Hello. My experiences in your various outlets (ink and stone, Different Bookstore) have always been happy ones. Your personnel are gracious, efficient and competent. For example, just a few minutes ago, I called your branch in Podium in search of Perfume by Patrick Suskind. I was promptly told that they no longer had it in stock (that’s product knowledge for you) and when I asked about the other branches, the man in Podium asked where I was nearest. I asked for the numbers in Serendra and Eastwood, and was promptly given them.

I called Serendra first and luckily, Manette said they had one copy left. As we live in Loyola Heights and my husband had just arrived from school (he teaches at the Ateneo Grade School) feeling rather tired, I asked if they could hold the copy for me till tomorrow. Manette concurred.

Hoping Eastwood would have a copy as it would be nearer, I also decided to call Eastwood. Conrad said he didn’t have any left but asked if I wanted to reserve. He’d call the other branches, he volunteered. When I confessed that I had reserved a copy in Serendra, he said he’d just get it for me so we could just pick up the book from Eastwood. How kind of him. I called Serendra to apologize and inform them of the arrangement and Manette assured me it was perfectly fine.

Though my family and I don’t get to visit your stores as often as we’d like to because your locations aren’t in the malls we frequent (Shangrila and Power Plant), we feel most welcome each time we do drop by. Plus your staff’s efficiency and graciousness are tops. I guess that’s a reflection of management too.

Congratulations. Here’s wishing you more success and branches to come.


The owner promptly replied, saying, among other things: Please do note that if we do not carry a particular title that you are interested in, you can always order it through our prepaid book order service.

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