Voyages in English

There are textbooks and there are textbooks but one which I highly recommend for grammar, especially elementary grammar is the series Voyages in English. In the Philippines, reprints are available at the Bookmark office in Makati only, as it’s Bookmark that publishes the said series. Though I never used it as student, I became familiar with the book when a tutee of mine from an exclusive girls’ school brought it to the house. I was amazed that it still existed as I had seen similar books in the house when I was much younger. My older sisters were “raised” on the series.

The book contains not only grammar lessons but a few poems and an occasional script. There are very short stories as well that somehow or other present values without their appearing as “hard sell”. The series was first issued by the Loyola Education Group and is therefore Catholic in orientation. A blurb on the series from their website reads:

Writing & Grammar Grades 1-8

The revised 2006 edition of Voyages in English for grades 1-8 continues the 60-year history of teaching students the fundamentals of writing and grammar in a logical, coherent fashion, reinstating the strength and rigor of the original program. Recognizing and responding to teachers’ talents and time restraints, this new edition provides exceptional teacher support in a flexible format that makes it easy to assess and plan lessons according to students’ needs.

The books contain lots of exercises per topic and have an index—features I want to point out to show my frustration with Filipino-published books which, more often than not, are devoid of indices or have very inadequate ones.


12 thoughts on “Voyages in English

  1. Good news. Old editions go at P150, the 2008 versions are P175 for Grade 1 and 2, P365 for Grades 3 to 8 and they have workbooks: Levels C-G.

    Address is 264 Pablo Ocampo Sr. Ave., San Antonio Village, Makati City.

  2. Thanks for your info, I have gone to several National Bookstore and they dont have Voyages. I will def. go to Bookmark, am having a difficult time teaching my son grammer, and I learnt of Voyages from a friend.Do you know how much each book cost??

  3. I’m not sure about the educational background of Mrs. Locsin. Her versions of Noli and Fili — we were able to get these at National but I think Bookmark is the books’ publisher so you might just want to kill several birds with one stone at Bookmark. Plus the International Bookfair is coming soon at Mall of Asia. September, I think.

  4. i received your e-mail. thank you so much. the two numbers publicly listed are not working. i have seen voyages in one bookstore, but i have not seen exercises in english in any of our bookstores. i hope bookmark won’t fail me too. i’ll update you if they have it. thanks again.

    maybe mrs. locsin is a theresian? 🙂

    are the english translations of fili and noli by mrs. locsin available in national bookstore? i’m anticipating my son would need them soon.

  5. My sisters weren’t Theresians. They studied in Casanova School in Bacolod, which Mrs. Soledad Locsin owned. Mrs. Locsin is the same person who has come up with English translations of Fili and Noli. Very erudite, apparently.

  6. Their contact number is 895 8061. They operate like an office so they’re open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m, Monday to Saturday. They’re located at 264 Pablo Ocampo Sr. in Manila.

    Bookmark has never let me down. I’m sure you’ll be as fortunate.

    Thanks for dropping by.

  7. were your sisters theresians? i grew up with voyages in english and exercises in english. so did my sister and cousin. i have been searching for half a day for exercises in english! i still have several of my old books but unfortunately it is so difficult to scan or to encode the exercises for my son! i have been using them since he was in grade one. my nieces in STC have stopped using them. fortunately, in my son’s school, voyages is still their official grammar book.

    i am really excited to find someone who also thinks that voyages is still the best grammar book! i was not even planning to check this website because i am simply trying to search for sellers of exercises in english. i know bookmark reprints them, but its website scarcely works. you can’t imagine how glad i was to read about bookmark’s good service, and more glad to know what books you purchased from them!

    this is the first time i’m leaving a comment on somebody else’s website. just shows how truly excited i am.

  8. Voyages in English! Wow, this was the textbook that we used when we were in grade school. I didn’t know that they continue to publish this book until now.

    As for local textbooks and indices … that’s exactly what i said in my blog. Sometimes I am tempted to think that the local publishers refuse to do this so they can save on costs, ergo bigger profits.

    AND my students complained about their accounting textbook (a local one, of course … recommended by the school) not having enough exercises. This means added work for me because I have to make more problems and exercises for them.

    P.S. Nice background color … reminds me of lemon pie, yumyum!

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