Something Fishy



One night in February, we ate in Something Fishy, Eastwood, a restaurant  which I had read about only last week, where a friend had eaten years ago, and for which I received an enticing flyer before the show began.

Possibly, if we weren’t hungry, we’d have changed restaurants because while the staff was friendly and efficient, the place was not well lit and the table and chair kept slipping/sliding. Guess why? Husband said the floor was oily. uh oh. Then our orders came, my husband’s was tuna sisig and mine was inihaw na baboy. Two cups of steamed white rice arrived with our order when in fact we had asked for seafood rice. It was replaced before long.

Presentation wise: the tuna sisig came in a fish-shaped hot plate; the inihaw na baboyw was in a boat-shaped porcelain (ceramic) dish with two compartments. In the bigger compartment lay cuts of pork that looked very dry, while on the smaller compartment, my eyes could see nothing. No color, I thought, just empty space. It occurred to me that they should at least have put parsley or tomato or cucumber to brighten the dish, but no, it was Noah’s ark, okay the bottom of Noah’s ark with one miserable pig in it. Then I looked: some clear sea water had seeped into the boat and I hadn’t seen it: vinegar, clear as water. No sili to add spice or color to it. Okay, simple living. The rice was orange with some green onions and a few chunks of I couldn’t see what. Remember the place wasn’t brightly lit.

Now to the taste. The appearance of the food being rather uninviting, I wasn’t too enthused to try it. I got a slice of the pork and it was okay, something that tasted like it was cooked at home. Husband put some of the tuna sisig on my plate but I asked him to take them back. I wasn’t too enticed to even try it. When I asked how it tasted, he said The Barn’s was much better. So that’s it for Something Fishy and us. Oh behind my husband was a post that showed a man with his huge catch of fish. In another picture was Richard Gomez with another man also with a huge fish. Tuna, possibly?

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