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These days, when one reads the papers, one becomes fearful of what tomorrow will bring: even higher prices for fuel, electricity,  basic commodities.

In the desire to save precious pesos, I have been spending the past several days researching on what could sufficiently cool while not consuming too much electricity. In other words, I have been looking for an alternative to an airconditioner, an occasional substitute to it at the very least.

First I tried to look for an electric fan with a remote control. Being disabled, I feel so bad having to perpetually call someone to turn on the fan, turn it off, etc., sometimes in quick succession. I’ve bought two different brands of electric fans with remote control over the past years. The first was a red Philips stand fan. It still works but not its remote control. Next stop was a white Kolin stand fan with remote control. Same story: the electric fan works, but the remote control not. I asked around for a Panasonic electric fan with remote control but the local stores don’t carry it. At SM, the clerk even asked me what the model number was. I thought it was his job to know or at least find out. Why Panasonic? The brand has given me no headaches thus far. My oven toaster of almost 20 years, a Panasonic, works till now.

Anyway, surfing the Net for answers, I realized such a Panasonic fan existed — in Singapore. Darn. Those available in the local appliance stores were stand fans without remote control. Those with remote control recommended by stores were stand fans by other brands or tower fans, but I demurred. Sure, tower fans are sleek and look expensive but my primary concern is not aesthetics. I am looking for performance and reliability.

At True Value in Power Plant, the sales clerk recommended iro-cool, an evaporative cooling unit. Depending on capacity it cost between P6k and P7k. The price was not my main concern. rather it was the clerk’s revelation that the said unit should not be used in an enclosed room unless the aircon was on because it would release toxic substances into the air (yes, she said that). A window or door had to be open, she said. I was aghast because that meant letting all the insects into our bedroom just so the air would cool. I thought not. Besides, surfing the Net revealed only one entry on iro-cool and said entry merely revealed it is available in MC HOme Depot. A Filipino product? It isn’t actually. It’s made in China. So back to the drawing boards I went.

I saw an advertisement for Dowell air coolers in the broadsheets on 1 May. I called the number but for obvious reasons (May 1, non-working holiday), no one answered my calls.

Again, I called some stores among them SM and Abenson and finally, the clerk in Abenson Shangrila (tel. no. 638 8019) told me they had such a model. It does not spew out mist the way iro-cool does, or so I was told. It hsd an ionizer, a filter, a receptacle for water, another for ice only to increase its cooling efficiency.

So now we have the Dowell air cooler. Putting in water makes the air it issues cooler, indeed. Tomorrow, we’ll try putting some ice. Incidentally, the air cooler consumes 60 watts of power per hour. A one-HP aircon takes up 1000 watts/hour. I fervently hope that the Dowell air cleaner will help reduce our power consumption.

At Abenson they offered a one-year replacement warranty which I got for an additional P500 plus. The unit cost P3700 plus. Actually, the sales clerks said the replacement warranty was for two years but when I checked the warranty certificate, it said one year. Stupid of me to trust that they were telling the truth. I guess I was raring to have dinner — hungry as I was.

Oh yes, I remember now. I should have looked for that contraption that helps control power consumption when we went to get the Dowell air cleaner earlier. Darn. Miriam Quiambao, in an interview, said it cut her consumption by a significant percentage.

19 thoughts on “Dowell Air Cooler

    • It’s called Power Saver, but I’ve not seen it lately in the hardware stores like True Value. Moreover, my son isn’t too convinced it does what it promises to. Best bet would be to get appliances that have inverter features. Our architect swears by them. 🙂

  1. ATlast I found a website where I can express my dissatisfaction with Dowell.Had I known they’re products really sucks.I would have brought a different brand.I bought Rice cooker and Induction cooker back in Nov 2011 and they all stopped working after yr and 2mos.The buttons on the indction cooker won
    t work,The rice cooker won’t heat.I also bought washing machine last Aug 2012 and the dryer has stopped working 2 weeks ago,in less than a yr!?I’m so pissed off with them.They promised to send a tech this weekend but until now the tech hasn’t come yet.I will never never buy your product again.

    • Sorry to hear that. 😦 It’s a pity that the quality of many products sold in the market is inferior. It really “sucks” to realize that hard-earned money has been spent on something that won’t last.

      Do follow up with the technician because I think your unit is still under warranty. You have a few weeks before the warranty ends.

  2. Dont buy any dowell product. I bought an air cooler and it only worked for 5 months..
    So we bought another dowell fan, w/ remote control, its a yr and some months old now..
    I was about to earlier, suddenly i heard a very loud bang, i thought some1 threw a big stone in our glass window, when i switch on the lights, it was the fan which caused the noise. One if the blades broke and fell.. Its like the blades were just glued…. It was really dangerous. So here i am, still furious w/ dowell, checked the net immediately fir others who experienced the same thing.

  3. Thanks for your revelations. I was on the verge of getting a Dowell air cooler through my reward points from a credit card company but Anson appliance told me Iwata is the best choice. I thought he was just sales talking me when he said do not buy Dowell, I thought it was because they do not carry it in their store anyways. Your comments helped me reached my decision.

    Much thanks!

  4. Thanks for your revelations. I was on the verge of getting a Dowell air cooler through my reward points from a credit card company but Anson appliance told me Iwata is the best choice. I thought he was just sales talking me when he said do not buy Dowell, I thought it was because they do not carry it in their store anyways. Your comments helped me reached my decision.

    Much thanks!

  5. Don’t ever make the mistake of buying dowell air coolers. I bought one last June. Not only does it not cool, it leaks. Every morning, our room is flooded. We stopped using it already. What a waste of Php 5,000. It sucks.

  6. Two years ago, I also bought a different brand of cooler. I used it for less than a year. It also smelled like burnt electricity. I did not attempt to have it repaired because I was afraid it might “overheat” again.

    • Really? These days appliances seem to be “disposable”. Having them repaired can be very costly or yields substandard results.

  7. this is quite a better option than an electric fan actually coz my electric fan which blows out “hot” air from the window uses up 65 watts and this only 60? And it does more than cool it also cleans the air?

    Basing on your picture, i checked in abenson and it cost PhP 4,998.00, do i have the right model?DOWELL AIR COOLER ARC-70M

    They had a cheaper one around 3800 , but it looks different from your picture.

    • While it’s true the Dowell air cooler blows cold air if you put water in it, it’s height and range are not sufficient for it to cool a wide area or a height taller than it is. It goes only so high and reaches only so wide. I think the model I had did not cost more than P4k but that was years ago and I’ve since given the cooler away because I was so frustrated about its not cooling people enough. In this weather, it might be almost useless. An option is to put ice instead of water but the ice quickly melts too, so it’s not much help.

  8. My wife bought a Dowell electric stand fan. after 3 months, the reduction in the power of the motor turning the propeller has been reduced noticeably. after 6 months, the propeller will not even turn when you press the number 1 and 2 buttons. So, i always press the number 3 button (supposed to be the strongest/fastest setting) just to be able to use the fan (and yet the the air is as strong as the number 1 of any other electric fans that we have). I checked where this electric fan is made (i’m suspecting it’s made in China). I was wrong, it’s even made in the Philippines (as said in the sticker at the back of the electric fan). A few weeks ago, i noticed that the electric fan’s power has been reduced further even at number 3 and the air coming out of it smells like overheating electrical equipment. I retired the electric fan in less than a year of use. The money i saved will be nothing if this electric fan caused my house to burn. Another garbage from a company producing garbage. DON’T BUY DOWELL ELECTRIC FANS.

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