Xin Tian Di, Crowne Galleria

A few weeks ago, as we had to go to Prudentialife in the business offices in Galleria, we took the chance to try out the restos in Crowne Plaza. More than a year ago, we were invited to a wedding reception where lauriat was served and each and every entree was so good we thought of going to the restos of the hotel another time. A few weeks ago was the first. We originally wanted to try out the buffet (Seven Seas? Seven Corners?) but it being before 12 noon, they were not open to serve food yet. In fact, the waiters and waitresses were being briefed when we arrived. But a waitress approached us and showed us around just the same and we vowed to come back. As far as I can remember they had a Japanese section, a steak section, etc. Then she suggested we try Xin Tian Di (prounounced “shan ti” on the floor above (below?) where a dimsum buffet and an a la carte menu were available.

So we went to XTD. The food attendants were pleasant, not patronizing. Per our waitress’ recommendation we tried out the following: chicken with coffee sauce (yes, coffee!), a dimsum with soup inside (xiao long bao), plus fried radish cakes and fried rice. I cannot now remember which kind. Here they are in pictures:The peanuts - appetizer (The peanuts came free along with the house tea.) 

The fried radish cake. It isn’t listed on the menu but the lady serving us offered it. Very good.

  the chicken with coffee sauce. My husband was impressed.

 The fried rice. It had the usual distinctly Chinese fried rice taste. I wonder what they use to make it so.

When we asked for the bill, the lady attendant asked if we had the Privilege Card which would have given us a discount. I said no. She then gave me literature for it. it costs P6500 and entitles one to discounts in the dining places of Hotel Intercon, Holiday Inn, Crowne Plaza and Holiday Inn Clark. Discounts too for hotel accommodations.

Much as I wanted to get one at first, I thought hard and decided no I wouldn’t. Because if I had a card I paid for, I’d spend even more to avail of the discounts. In the past, such cards entitled one to a free night at the hotel without. That was better because without shelling any additional amount, at least one could stay in the hotel for free.

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