For several weeks now, I’ve been trying to catch Rosebud Benitez’s cooking show Quickfire on the QTV. It has the following schedule:

Monday/Tuesday/Friday : 11:50 am, 4:50 pm and 6 pm;
Wednesday/Thursday : 11:50 am, 4:50 pm and 7 pm;
Saturday/Sunday : 9 pm
As the show runs for only 10 minutes, taking the recipe down takes quite an effort so that I’ve resorted to trying to memorize the ingredients and procedure. One time, I surfed the Net hoping I’d find its website. Then I chanced upon a multiply account which contained pictures of its taping sessions. I left a PM on that site and the site owner graciously replied to my post and said a website was about to be put up. It’s here.
The recipes are doable and require not too many ingredients. they taste good too. I have one problem though: the site has this red orange background that leaves me feeling out of kilter. When I transfer my eyes from the screen to anywhere but, I see orange. I hope they do something about it soon. Or is it because I’m just not too young any longer?
Another thing, the recipes aren’t complete. Some of the earlier ones haven’t been posted. I hope they come up with all the recipes soon.
A Sample Recipe:
Posted by Quickfire – on May 27, ’08 3:54 PM for Quickfire -‘s contacts


½ kilo squid, cleaned, skin-off and sliced into rings

2 tbsp oil

1/3 cup garlic, minced

Ajinomoto Umami Super Seasoning

Dash of Worcestershire sauce

Dash of liquid seasoning


1. Blanch squid for 5 minutes and drain.

2. Heat oil in pan and brown garlic.

3. Add the squid. Sprinkle Ajinomoto Umami Super Seasoning.

4. Add all the seasonings and stir fry for a few minutes. Serve.

This recipe was featured a few minutes ago. Rosebud gave the following tip: for the squid not to be rubbery, cook it quickly on very high heat or for a longer time on low heat. Anything in between will result in rubbery squid.

One of these days, I’ll try this recipe and tell you how it turned out.

5 thoughts on “Recipes

  1. Hello Ranul. I’ve posted the recipe you asked for. I’ve been wanting to try it myself but haven’t gotten round to doing so. Please give me feedback as soon as you’ve tried it. Thanks for dropping by.

  2. Hi there,

    This is really a good site. I am one of the fans of quickfire. I am looking for that recipe where carlo aquino and paolo ravales as her guest. I forgot how she named that recipe but it has ham on it. Do you happen to have a copy of that recipe? I want to try it. Thanks!


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