Talk Show Guests and Hosts

Watched Moms this afternoon and the guests were Tetchie Agbayani (in Gymkata mode with her co-star), LJ Moreno (here with JO Mari Yllana for a movie poster, I guess?) and Maritess Gutierrez .   They’re lovely guests in that they can talk and articulate their ideas. Their answers weren’t motherhood statements but articulations of their experiences when they lived in the US. Tetchie talks a lot of sense, one can just forget she was once in the Playboy centerfold. LJ speaks with a twang (must be hard to get rid of it? yes, she speaks in such an intonation that the last word is spoken a pitch higher so that declarative sentences sound like interrogative sentences) but she also makes sense. Maritess Gutierrez was a revelation. The daughter of Gloria Romero, she isn’t too showbiz, her TV and movie appearances having been made in spurts; but Gloria must be proud of her. She looks very much like her dad one cannot forget she is Juancho Gutierrez’s daughter. She enumerated her various blue-collar jobs in the US among them her work as a cleaner of doctor’s clinics. But, she pointed out, in the US, she could afford to eat where these doctors ate. In the Philippines, she said, one doesn’t see janitors eating in five-star places where doctors go.

Manilyn  (see her neck is inclined to one side again?, oh Manilyn, why do you answer your own questions? Is it you or the scriptwriter who is to blame? Make your questions brief so your guests can answer more lengthily. You tend to take your guests’ words out of their mouths.

Sherilyn is a better host. While occasionally she does that too (answer her own question), at least she does so ever so briefly. This pm, Lani Mercado wasn’t around. In her stead was tanya Garciawho can make it as a talk show host. She’s pretty and can carry a conversation.

I’m watching The Sweet Life now, and as usual, Lucy and Wilma are such fun. Geneva Cruz is a guest and I admire how much she loves her son. Another guest is Nina Ricci Alagao. She hasn’t really made an impression on me. Bernadette Allyson, wife of Gary Estrada (couldn’t find a picture of bernadette), is ok. How funny because she made the remark that her six-year old daughter is “parang tao na talaga” to which Wilma laughingly retorted, “eh tao naman talaga yan”, prompting Bernadette to correct herself and explain that she meant they could relate like friends. She cited how her daughter asked for a wig when they walked past a wig store because her daughter wanted to look like Hannah Montana. 

Lately, I haven’t been watching SIS. But from what I remember, Carmina is forever making tili (shrieking). Gelli is a cross between Janice and Carmina, Janice being so calm and collected, except when Dennis Trillo is around. Then she gets excited in a wholesome way. They’re funny that way, so taong-tao, so normal. Occasionally, Christine Jacob  pinch-hits if one of the SIS regulars is absent. She is a good substitute, so good that I think she should be a regular in the show. Paging GMA?

Charlene Gonzalez is, I think, very sensitive. Same with Vicky Morales. They tend to be teary-eyed when their guests are, or when something their guests say or do touches them. They do this without being patronizing. Very raw emotions. I have not seen these in Kapamilya hosts, except perhaps in Bernadette Sembrano. But she was formerly with the Kapuso network. So there.

Will upload pictures of these hosts and guests when wordpress is able to. There are certain times of the day when it experiences uploading problems.

A few minutes ago today, 29 May, I watched MOMS. Please, scriptwriters, be kinder to Manilyn. The topic was college education and what parents feel regarding the matter vis-a-vis their children. Manilyn’s question had to do with whether the moms would approve it if their children chose out of the regular careers like that of an archeologist. The guests were Janet Basco, Dexter Doria and someone non-showbiz. They said “yes”. But Manilyn persisted more than once, saying but that doesn’t bring in much money! Will you still approve it? Dexter expressed herself very well: she said as it is the road less taken, chances are an archaeologist will earn much. Janet, I think, added if that’s what will give the child fulfillment, why not? Despite these arguments presented, Manilyn didn’t look convinced. Oh well…



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