Food/Snack Finds you might want to consider

Selecta has its moo sandwich, not very special but offers a simple treat on a hot summer day. It’s basically vanilla ice cream sandwiched between two chocolate cookies, not Oreo-tasting, not even Hi-ro tasting (mind you, Hi-Ro has its own charm. Once my tutees were amazed when they tried it, their mom, they said, never bought them Hi-Ro. Ang sarap pala). Sold individually wrapped in foil packs of I don’t know how many (failed to count).

Then there’s the hard-to-stop eating  Nestle pops. They’re vanilla ice cream coated in chocolate and shaped like Hershey’s kisses. If one doesn’t watch out, one can finish a small tumbler that sells at P25. 

Found this in Rustan’s Supermarket Katipunan some weeks back and forgot all about it. Opened it just now and it’s a WOW. Thought it’s made by Pringles, the texture of the chips is so unlike Pringles but I don’t think it’s real potatoes. The flavor, sun-dried tomatoes, is great-tasting. Downside: it’s almost or a little over P200 per 8-oz bag. Just bought it despite its price so I could taste. This Select series of Pringles also has a garlic parmesan variant but it was not available in Rustan’s.

Then there’s condensed milk. Months back, to save on cooking stove gas, I asked the maid to boil 2 cans of condensed milk which we’d take a spoonful of for dessert. As finishing two cans in quick succession was not the intention, I had forgotten about the other can until I made an inventory of the ref’s contents. Two days ago, thought of opening the long forgotten can and found it too watery, it was like condensed milk colored just a light brown. i guess because it was cooked for only an hour. SO I thought of improving the texture. Decided to use a double boiler so I wouldn’t burn it. Thirty minutes later, the condensed milk in the sauce pan looked nowhere near dark brown nor thick. Impatient and fearful of power charges (when I cook I use the electric stove as I’m scared of fire), I thought of removing the bottom portion of the double boiler and cooking without it. In no time, the milk began to thicken but had specks of dark brown. This despite my attempts to scrape the bottom of the pan once in a while. Lest it be burnt some more, I turned off the stove and had the milk poured into a heat-resistant bowl, dark specks and all. My son liked it, I tried it only today. It was yummy. The dark specks gave it a certain charm. Of course I didn’t scrape the pan lest the rest be rendered useless. I ate the condensed milk with the sun-dried tomatoes Pringles potato crisps. Odd? It was great. Here’s a picture of the condensed milk which became thick and golden brown with some specks. 

Pictures above were taken with my phone camera, so they aren’t very sharp. In the coming days, I’ll add to this post those pictures of other food finds which I took with a real digital camera. 

Re condensed milk pala: I like the Milkmaid brand best, but it’s so expensive. The brand I’d rank second is Alaska but it’s more expensive than Carnation which I’d rank a close third.

One thought on “Food/Snack Finds you might want to consider

  1. Either I wasn’t looking too closely or these products have not yet been shipped to Siberia, er, Bacolod City.

    I love vanilla ice cream so I’ll be hunting for these goodies in the grocery shelves.

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