Philippine Postal Corporation in NIA Road, Quezon City

This afternoon, I rode the Wheelmobile to get a registered parcel from the post office in NIA Road, Quezon City. Yesterday, I called the post office because I had a dilemma. The notice had my nickname on it, by which name I have no ID. So I asked the lady in charge of Window 37 (indicated in the registry notice) if I could just present the ID with my real name on it. She asked what my real name and then what my nickname were. At first she said “Medyo malayo a.” I mentioned that I’d authorize my husband to get the parcel in my stead. She said to just send my ID. She asked when my husband would come and I said I didn’t know because he was a teacher and might not be free for weeks.

At any rate, while still on the phone she said to wait while she got my parcel. She asked if I were expecting a package from somewhere. I said no. I asked if it were from Australia or the US because it is only in these two places where I have friends. She said “California.” Darn I was hoping initially the registered mail was from some entity telling me I had won a house and lot, a car, something. But actually I knew it wasn’t because I write my real name in raffle coupons.

Anyway, back to Gemma, the lady who took my call. When she said California, I said my friend’s nickname. She mentioned my friend’s real name. Oh boy, same dilemma again no? Nickname versus real name. But when I mentioned the family name and a part of my friend’s address, I guess, she knew I was the real McCoy. So she said to just send my husband over.

As my husband could not commit to going there anytime soon, I decided to hire the Wheelmobile. Finding the post office, no make that finding NIA Road can be quite a challenge. While my husband said to take V Luna,Β  Kalayaan, East Avenue route and then take a quick right turn, then the post office is on the right side, Arnel, the wheelmobile’s driver said it would be quicker through UP. Who was I to argue?

When we reached East Avenue from Quezon Circle, I told Arnel to watch out for a quick right turn. Oops, there was no street to make a quick right turn to. In fact we almost made a quick right turn to a gate. He drove farther down to the first street on the right. The street sign read “BIR Road.” Oops, were we on the right track? He mentioned an Agham Road and I asked if we could get to that road from BIR Road? He was uncertain.

Luckily, though, Arnel is not like most men. He immediately stopped the van in front of a trike driver and asked where the post office was. I could see the driver gesturing to the left. So we drove down until we reached a cul de sac, turned left, drove a bit and voila. I saw a huge lot with a wide building and the sign “PHilippine Postal Corporation” or something, but it was on the left side. It would have been on the right if we had followed my husband’s instructions.

The post office: Ang laki. Sprawling. Earlier my husband said if there were steps, per his recollection, these were wide so traversing them wouldn’t be a problem. But his memory served him wrong. There were tiny steps, then a huge landing, then tiny steps again. Luckily though, there was a gently sloping ramp on the left side and we took that.

Would have wanted to take a picture of the place but was scared I would be chastised. The building is old, some portions of the ceiling had gaping holes where a sheet (Slab?) of plywood painted white must have been when the building was new. I didn’t see any electric fans but it wasn’t hot inside because the place is set up like a series of counters, no closed doors. There weren’t too many people, maybe there were more PO personnel than there were people transacting. Behind the counters was a dark room where packages and letters were possibly stored. The glass windows in front of each “teller” had signs like “Barya lang po kapag umaga” or Bible passages, mostly from Colossians translated in Tagalog. One I read was about “tiyaga”.

The one who initially attended to me in Window 37, who was not Gemma, reminded me of my mother-in-law. She had greying hair and so did the lady in the next window. I think most if not all the “tellers” were female. Hmmm, is there a reason there, somewhere? I’ll keep my thoughts to myself, haha. Anyway, this kind, old lady said she’s usually stationed at the back but was subbing for Gemma for a spell. Gemma did come before long, she’s much younger than my mom-in-law’s lookalike.

To sum it up, the post office in NIA while not spruced up is not intimidating but quite a pleasant experience. Security guards manned the gate, there was a garden in front. The “tellers” are kindly people, mostly a bit old. All these factors make one feel welcome, actually.

Now I feel guilty that I know not who the Postmaster General is so I can commend him. Wonder if PG is male or female.

Oh I forgot. I paid P35 prior to claiming the parcel and also presented my barangay ID. Per my experience, this branch of the post office and UP are reliable. So far, all the packages I’ve sent through the UP Post Office have been received by my friends. Back in the eighties, two of my parcels to two friends sent through Greenhills Post Office never reached them. But that was in 1980s I’d like to stress. Maybe the service is better now?



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  1. Hi there, this post have been very helpful kasi lagi ako kumukuha ng books. Pero bakit po ganun, everytime I get the books, they charge me 500-800 pesos? Can someone please enlighten me about this? 😦 They’re books won from giveaways ng book blogs and sometimes, binibigay ng authors. Hope you can help me with this.

    • Have you written Customs about it? Maybe you should try to verify. Or when you claim the books, maybe you should have a printout of the law declaring that books should be tax-exempt? Good luck. ANd please update us of any developments.

  2. Hi Derdo. I received a notice from QCPO that my package has arrived. I went there and my package was valued at $49.90 which contains 2 iphone cases. There was another package that they said arrived the same day for me which contained another 2 iphone cases. I was charged P1,175 for taxes when both packages were under $50? Is this really the case? Anyways I bargained and only paid P350.00.
    You blog is very helpful and I really appreciate your time in doing this.

  3. Hi Derdo/guys,

    I went to the Post office branch at NIA road yesterday to send a package abroad. There’s this new Philpost circular/memo prohibiting all liquid items and creams from being sent abroad (any country). Also, medicines and food supplements would require an attached prescription.

    This memo was released recently (during the second week of October 2012). What’s disappointing is that Philpost didn’t even post this in their website. It could have saved me the hassle from bringing all those liquid and cream based items.


    • Thanks for this heads up. I hope you were still able to send something? Or were all the things you brought for sending liquid or cream-based? I’ll tell my friend in Philpost about your valid observation/suggestion. And thanks for sharing it with us again.

      • Yup, I was still able to send most of my package. Too bad, those bottles of Efficascent oil were requested by my relatives abroad and were quite hard to find.

        Yeah, Please do tell them because there was this guy who wasn’t able to send anything because all the items in his package were liquid and cream based products.

        Thanks a lot.

        • thank you for the feedback. I forwarded your earlier comment to them. Please feel free to write in if you have other comments that might be of help to those who avail of the services of Philpost or any other service provider in my site.

  4. Thanks for pointing out the issue of the populated sidewalk and the suggestion that it might be better to take a pedicab to the post office. I thought that was a temporary thing because one time, there had just been a fire and there were soup kitchens for the evacuees that were housed in makeshift tents. 😦

    GLad your transaction in the post office proceeded smoothly.

  5. Hello derdo, I just received a notice from the same post office. Since it’s my first time, I searched online for some info and found your blog, just like your other commenters here.

    I would just like to thank you for the very informative post, it has helped lessen my anxiety. More importantly I want to commend you for faithfully responding to all of the questions (I read everything), even going out of your way to help each person. Great job at keeping this 3 year old post alive and relevant! It’s like you’ve built a helpful community for post office newbies πŸ™‚

    • Hello John. You’re welcome. How persevering you must be to go through each comment and response. Hope your experience at the post office will be a positive, stress-free one. πŸ™‚

      • Hello derdo,

        I just got my parcel this morning and the whole transaction lasted about 2mins. The same person in the payment window went inside to get my parcel and handed it to me. That was it. No customs.

        I would like to share my experience walking along NIA Road though. It really is full of slum, as one of the previous commenters said, with many families living on the sidewalk. I walked on the road most of the time because people were sleeping perpendicular to the road, occupying the whole width of the sidewalk. In addition, there were many jeepneys parked along the road so I had to walk right beside moving cars. If your readers don’t want these, I would advise that they take a pedicab.

      • Hi Derdo! Nope, i haven’t received any feedback from Philpost yet.

        Thank you for the links Griffin! The thing is, my package arrived in the Philippines last Aug.18 pa and I haven’t received any notice. That’s the thing nga e, kahit notice na lang sana instructing what I should do. Kahit sabihin na I eventually have to go to Manila and pay taxes (plus the transpo cost 😦 huhuhu!). Their feedback system sucks!

        • Hi Raissa. Someone in Philpost said they sent a reply through FB, I thought they already have. I was wondering if they would send it to me, but I didn’t get any response.

          Just wondering – why do you have to pick up the parcel here when you live in Vigan? Was it sent to a Manila address?

          I know some who live here go to the post office even without a notice provided they know all the details… that’s ill-advised in your case because it’s no joke to travel all the way from Vigan.

          I’ll share your feedback again. Hope something good comes out of this.

          • Hi Derdo,

            I found someone with the same problem while surfing the net. He’s from Laoag and he had to go all the way to Pasay. That was when I called our local post office and they told me to wait, na baka marami lang masyado parcels kaya natagalan daw, I even asked if may tax ako babayaran, kung sa kanila ko na rin babayaran, and they said yes. Ok na sana if di hesitant yung sumagot. Parang di rin sya sigurado. I’ve been hearing stories about storage fees daw and baka naman di ko na ma-afford ung tax and duties ko sa tagal nya sa customs. I really appreciate your help. I tried the link griffin gave and so far wala pa sila reply.

          • Thanks for this new information. Will pass it on to someone who should know what’s happening. I really hope this is resolved favorably.

          • Hello! Yup, i do but i’ve been checking everyday sa tracking ng philpost and since september 1, di na nagbago. Its CP805223134HK. That’s what the post office here did too, track it through their website, pero un nga items for custom inspection pa rin. By the way somebody from the Post master General’s offfice daw called me just last friday and they told me na hindi na nila hawak ung sa customs (!?!). I just ask for assurance na lang na I would eventually get it here in Vigan and they said yes naman and i can pay for any customs tax here kasi may customs representative naman daw dito. Naisip ko lang kung meron pala dito, e ba’t di na lang sya ung mag-inspect? bakit nagtatagal pa sa customs sa CMEC? Unfortunately, nakaalis na ung aunt ko for the states. I guess i’ll have to ship it through couriers like lbc na lang para mabilis and mas sigurado although mas mahal naman. I hope your friend can help me. thanks again for taking the time to help also.

          • Hi raissa. My friend said they were able to trace your package and it was sent to vigan 21 sept. no Customs duties were charged, she said. Hope you’ve gotten it by now!

            The post office has some good people in it now! What do you think?

          • Hi Derdo!

            I got my package last september 25. after almost 2 months! fortunately i only paid 40 pesos because i guess they considered it as books which are exempt from custom duties ata. Thank you so so much for your time and help. It helped relieve the stress and frustration talaga. πŸ™‚ Yes, i do believe there are good people in the post office, siguro try lang nila improve yung coordination nila with customs office. Sa customs mas lalong needs improvement. Grabe, may phone nga sila wala naman sumasagot. Misinformation pa sila kasi they told me to go to manila. Di sayang sana ung pamasahe ko if ever and ung pagod ko. Working for a LGU, i cannot understand how they have people like this rendering services e sa city hall namin dito laging ini-stress ung anti-red tape, courteous and efficient service, and mabilis dapat at di pabalik-balik ung client. I’m not saying this dahil i work here pero most of the people i work with ganito ung mind set. Anyway, thank you again. Thank you for making an article about this dilemma. Nakakatulong talaga sya.

            P.s. sorry if i wasn’t able to post earlier as we had death in the family and couldn’t go online much.

          • Hi Raissa. I’m glad everything turned out well.

            Your city hall must be led by someone who motivates you to be efficient, to serve well. Great to know that there are LGUs with your mindset.

            And by the way, condolences on the passing away of someone you love.

  6. Hi! Im expecting a parcel from Hong Kong and according to the tracking provided by Hong Kong Post, the package arrived last Aug.18 and was pending custom inspection starting sept. 1. Tanong ko lang po, kasi 13 days na nasa customs, di kaya inaantay po nila ung addressee before inspecting it? Problema po, taga-Ilocos ako. I tried calling our local Post office and they told me to just wait for the notice card. Ok na sana kaso mukhang di naman sigurado ung nakausap ko. I tried calling the numbers for CMEC pero dun sa mangingilan na nakakasingit ako (laging busy), wala naman sumasagot. I’ve tried the emails posted in philpost site, wala naman reply. Pati facebook account ng Post Master nga minessage ko pero wala pa rin reply. Nakaka-stress! The parcel contains photobooks that are supposed to be gifts for my aunt leaving for the US on the 22nd kaso mukhang di na mahahabol. Is there any way pa po to contact them? I once got through a number for CMEC pero ibang department ata kasi parang ayaw ako i-accomodate… she kept telling me to call 8540084 kasi dun daw ung sa parcels. Government employee din po ako dito sa Vigan pero, pag may mga lumalapit sa amin po we try to accomodate them talaga kahit hindi namin department. Nakakainis talaga kasi I feel so helpless na walang makapagbigay ng siguradong sagot as to what I should do to get my parcel.

    Should I just wait ba tlaga? Will they eventually send it to our local post office or kelangan talaga ako pumunta CMEC? Parang ang unfair naman un sa amin dito sa probinsya.

  7. I just want to say thank you, this blog helped a lot. Employees were corteous, fast transaction, it disn’t last more than 5 minutes. Got my item frim abroad hassle-free.

    More power to you!

    • Hi! Ask ko lang kung anu requirements kapag kukuha ako ng Postal I.D?enough nba ung 2×2 picture?thankz in advance, God Speed…

      • Hello Bhebz. You need to bring a gov’t issued ID like your passport, SSS, etc. you may also bring your birth certificate, driver’s license, etc. Only one ID is needed. while I merely brought a 2×2 ID picture, I learned you can have your picture taken in the post office for a fee. Some say they spent P370 total, others spent P500. To be safe bring at least P600? Good luck

        • Hi. US bound regular air parcel rate is P1,259 for the first kilogram and P485 for the succeeding kilos or fraction of a kilo. The max kilograms for US I think is only about 30-31kgs. so I guess you have to split your package into 2 or maybe 3 packages.

          Aside from the cost of your package (ie 30 kgs = P15,324), you’ll also have to pay for their balikbayan (BB) box. Unfortunately, you are not allowed to use your own box. You’ll have to buy their own box which to my recollection is more expensive than those sold at any bookstores or malls. Their biggest box is worth around P135. You’ll also pay a “packaging fee” of P50 and another P40-50 for documentary stamps.

          Here’s a sample computation a for US-bound 30 kgs parcel:

          package (30 kilos) = P15,324
          BB box = P 135
          packaging fee = P 50
          doc stamp = P 40
          TOTAL = P15,549

          The speed of delivery may depend on the time of the year and of course their country-destination regardless if it’s a regular or special parcel. Except for the latter part of November, December and early January, packages may be delivered to the addressee earlier than the prescribed delivery period. I have packages (Australia-bound) reaching their recipients in two weeks in contrast to the 3-4 weeks that PhilPost people told me.

          Here’s are some important things to take note before sending parcel(s) via PhilPost.

          1. Their weighing machine may not be that accurate. There are several instances when my package weighed here at home using two different scales was only 10 kilos but it reached 11+ kilos in their scale.

          2. Check your total bill thoroughly. I found out recently when I reviewed the receipts and cost breakdown of my previous transactions that the PhilPost clerk was billing me P300-400 more than the real amount. For example, what was supposed to be P5,045 charge was jacked up to P5,425. I noticed in one of the receipts that this clerk billed me for 2 BB boxes and one small box when I only used one BB box. There was also an instance when this clerk billed me P4,470 for an 11-kilogram package bound for Australia when 11 kilograms of package bound for Aus was only P4,040 based on the PhilPost websites air parcel rates.

          I felt bad because it was always my practice for the clerk to “keep the change” after each payment I made. I didn’t know I was being ripped while being generous.

          3. Bring an air parcel rate chart (copy or download from PhilPost website and calculate beforehand the amount of your package). This way, you’ll know how much you should be really paying for a certain number of kilograms and avoid my experience above. This will discourage the clerk from jacking up the cost of your parcel once she/he sees you are knowledgeable of the rates.

          4. NEVER send parcels abroad by your lonesome. Bring a companion to oversee things while the items are being packed and while your are busy filling-up the forms and receipts.

          5. Bring a pentel pen, packaging tape and a calculator just in case.

          • Thank you very, very much for taking the time to supply us all the details you have. Most generous of you. I am certain a number of people will be pleased to know what you have shared. I’ll put it in a post and credit it to you. I hope you won’t mind.

  8. Question, I just received a registry notice for a parcel in my mailbox but there is no indication of any amount written there, what do you think should I expect to be the payment. The parcel I am expecting is only a big card and a bunch of documents.

    • Called Mr. Fallarme of the post office in NIA Road. The answer: 1-3 days. You can get in touch with him at 9284717 if you want more info πŸ™‚

  9. Hello,

    Do you have the phone number of the Post Office in QC? I sent a package to my friend and until now he hasnt receive the package yet. He lives by Timog Ave.


    Vicki from California

  10. Hi… All theses posts are very helpful about the QC post office. However, i have not encountered an info regarding the office or business hours of the postal service in QC main. Can anyone help me on this asap please.

    Thanks very much

    • I mentioned in a reply that office hours are from 8 to 12 and 1 to 5. Don’t go close to 12 noon though because when I did I was told it was lunch break already. This was when I got a postal ID though and this task is done by people upstairs. Hope this helps.

  11. Hi Rose. Thanks for all the info you shared. My experience with Dhl so far has been positive, thank God.

    Please continue to share what you know or have experienced by dropping by once in a while. I’m sure you’ll be able to help a number along the way.

    • Hi good day,

      I’m a little bit bothered, earlier this morning i decided to update my package in one DHL branch. It was from germany and the sender sent it thru DHL Paket, not knowing that DHL Express and DHL Paket are different company. So sadly they(DHL Express) cannot provide the details of my paket where is it now(it is shipped January 20,2012 and base on my sender updating the branch in germany where it is posted, they say that January 24,2012 the parcel depart from germany to philippines). I’m really worried because the parcel contains a gadget that I really try to save money just to brought it. Now, i called DHL Express thru their customer support i tried to get info or any ideas where i can get it, they told me it is possible that it will be drop to a nearest post office where am i located. My address in the parcel is at quezon city,is it plausible that it will go directly to the quezon city central post office?in NIA road?and do they actually open the parcel without the presence of the owner?,or even a consent from me? Please any ideas?or experience? Its been how many days now, and i don’t receive any notice from the post office that i got a parcel or package to claim. Somebody help me.

      • Good day. Years back, I sent a representative to claim a package for me. I was being charged so much and tried to get a discount. The lady I spoke with in the Cubao post office said if I wanted, she could open the package to check if the fee being charged me was commensurate to its contents. Based on that experience, I would like to hope that the post office does not open packages unless the recipient or his/her representative is around.

        If you would like to find out whether your package is in the QC post office, I think it is all right to drop by and ask. They might be able to enlighten you, or better still give you the package if it has arrived. If your address is Quezon City, there’s every possibility that the QC post office will have it, if indeed that is how DHL Paket works.

        Good luck. Any feedback from you on the outcome of this will be much appreciated.

  12. Yup I guess CMEC’s the counterpart. But I know all packages from abroad (US, CAN, UK, EU, AU, JAP, etc.) via airmail or ground mail go straight to CMEC then the local PO if the courier is USPS, Royal Mail, etc. I’m not sure if the package will be drop first to CMEC if your courier is DHL, FEDEX, UPS. I haven’t tried any of them since I’ve read a lot of horror stories from it πŸ™‚

    Most shippers say that if my item has a declared value it means that it’s insured, therefore I will be refunded by that specific amount should my item got lost or damaged. Hence the risk of putting no value on the item. So the receiver has a choice of paying no tax fee or not being refunded if the items are lost if he/she has not declared the value of the item.

    Sure, I’ll gladly answer previous questions.

  13. Thanks for the clarifications/information, including the phone number of CMEC. SO perhaps, CMEC’s counterpart in our neck of the woods would be Philpost in NIA Road.

    Another clueless question: what’s the advantage of declaring the value of the contents of the package? Will it be insured if declared, hence the risk if no declaration is made?

    Your comments are very helpful. Thanks again (and please answer the questions above if you have time).

  14. CMEC stands for Central Mail Exchange Center and their number is 854-0084. Their office is located at Domestic Airport, Pasay City. Beware lang, the line is always busy and if you call before lunch, more often than not, no one will answer the phone. Better to call 2 pm onwards para sure, although sometimes wala parin sumasagot but konting pasensha lang and someone will eventually answer the phone.

    Yup, I always ask the sender to put no value on the item. That way the people at the PO won’t tax me (I’m from Makati pala). It’s always risky, putting no value on the item, but it’s the receiver’s decision πŸ™‚

  15. Hi everyone.

    I would just like to comment regarding the 9 characters. I always buy items from the UK and ship them through Royal Mail with tracking (additional 4.95 GBP but it’s safer and faster. only 4-7 days and never longer) and the tracking always have 13 characters but I always pick my packages at the local post office.

    Although it would take an additional 1 week for the notice card to arrive, that’s fine with me because even though ang laman package ay branded bags or just books, i always pay P40 lang. The trick is kapag walang declared value the people at the PO won’t tax my items (kahit super bago or nice ng items ko) πŸ™‚

    Add ko lang, if you can’t wait for the notice card, you can always call the CMEC office to get the details of the package (which is written at the card). Just don’t forget to give the people at CMEC the tracking number because that’s their basis of the package.

    • Hi Rose. thank you very much for sharing the information you did. Good for you to always pay just P40. Sorry for sounding so clueless but who puts a declared value, the sender? And what’s the number of CMEC? What does CMEC stand for? Please enlighten us.

      Thanks in advance.

  16. Hi Ann. A previous comment said usually phil post parcels have tracking numbers with just 9 characters so your package may not be with the post office but dhl, fedex, etc? But try calling the phil post office at @9284717 and ask . That’s in NIA road in Quezon City.

  17. hi,

    i recently bought an item from the US via USPS Express Mail International and it says on their website tracking status that my package is “”processed by customs in PHILIPPINES”. should i wait for the notice card or can i go there na? because the notice card might take a long and i’m afraid customs might charge higher storage fees if i wait longer…

    • Hello Ann. I think the storage fee will start being charged if you don’t pick up the parcel long after the date stated in the second (or 3rd, not sure) notice you should get you if the package is in the post office. Otherwise, no storage fee will be charged.

      Another thing, if a package has been processed by customs, it doesn’t necessarily follow that it will get to you via Philpost, though it could as well. One of the commenters here shared that if the tracking number is more than 9 characters, the parcel won’t arrive through the post office.

      On another note, there was one lady among the commenters months back who said she went to the post office to ask if her package had come even if she hadn’t yet received her notice. I think the first time, it wasn’t there yet but she went back again and finally got it.

      How long ago were you informed your package has been processed by customs.

      • hi,

        i was informed that package was here 3 days ago. the tracking number has 13 digits on it (both letters & numbers). oh, therefore i should really wait for the notice card? can you tell me which office should i go? because i read in one of the forums that if USPS express mail international, i should i pick up my package at the maid office…

        thanks so much!

  18. Hello 360turn. First of all congratulations on the win. Secondly, you’re welcome. Most of all, thank you for sharing the happy news! Luckily for us the ladies manning w37 do their work the way they should.

  19. i came across your blog and i’m really hoping that what you shared can help me, though i realize your story was 3 years ago and it might be different now (hopefully not).

    i have almost the same dilemma as yours, only difference is instead of my nickname – the username i used in a forum was used to shipped my package and the same i don’t have an id with my username + address.

    i was wondering is there any other information aside from the sender’s that i need to remember or know to prove that i’m legitimately the recipient of the package? Thanks! πŸ™‚

    • Hello. No problem about failing to greet hi.

      Back in 2009, when I won because of a letter I sent to YES magazine which I had published in this blog, I also didn’t have an ID to show for my blog name. So I printed a copy of my website post just in case. But the people in Summit Publishing didn’t ask for it so it was, in a sense, for naught. In your case, perhaps you can print the page in the forum with your user name. Then bring an ID indicating your address to which your package was addressed. That you can identify the sender’s name and address, and the contents of the package might be sufficient proof that you are its rightful recipient.

      Good luck. Please share your experience with us afterward because it might prove helpful to others as well.

      • Hi πŸ™‚ Thanks to your post again for giving me an idea on what I should do regarding my package dilemma. I managed to get it today, good thing that the lady manning w-37 was nice enough. I just presented her with a print out of the forum announcement indicating that I would be receiving a package from them (it was a prize from a give away contest they ran) plus a screenshot of my profile. She asked me who the sender of the package was and told me to follow the guidelines next time and then I paid a small fee and that was it.

        Thanks for your help again! πŸ™‚

  20. Yes, he was an A-boy. And you stayed in touch even after you left.

    Likely pick-up point will be QC. As for pilferage, I hope not! Pls give feedback however it turns out.

    Thanks for dropping by!

  21. Hi derdo! I am so happy to find a blog like yours.. I recently sent a small parcel (simple kuning-kuning) to my friend in katipunan via priority registered mail from switzerland.. It’s a gift with a value of 20usd. Do you think it’ll be sent to the qc post office directly or will she have to receive it at the ems center near the airport? Many thanks.:)

    • Hello. I think my son knows you. From sibol. Heard your name from him. He joined the JTA in 2009.
      To answer your question: priority mail, if that means registered mail, will just need to be picked up in the Quezon City post office in Nia Road. Hopefully your friend will be charged Php35 or a little higher if the rate has gone up.

      Thanks for dropping by.

      • Wow, it is a small world indeed!hehe yes, I was part of sibol for two years.:) ..would your son happen to be an a-boy back in high school?

        Thanks so much for the prompt reply btw! i sent the mail as priority (faster than normal) then asked for it to be registered as well.

        I’m just afraid that somebody from customs will charge ridiculous fees..or worse, tear the package open and take what’s inside (had such an experience last december, some chocolates from my checked-in bag were stolen.:( ). I hope this time everything goes well!

  22. Hello ~

    It took me a while on trying to find out about Philpost and post offices here in general. This one proved to be really helpful! I am in a relief somehow even though my issue at the moment is sending and not receiving.

    I do have several experiences of receiving packages from abroad. And some were not really nice. Although, I think all of them are thru courier. I would say the biggest problem(s) that I had were paying additional taxes (bloody customs) and the period of time. I guess there’s not really any hope for now with the latter since our mailing is not really top-notch. Not yet anyway. Thought I’d share those.

    Anyway, I will be sending several postcards. This will be my first time mailing postcards so I do need a little help. Rummaging through internet including your blog, I think I have enough to go on. Hopefully will pay at least P35 per postcard and then not anymore. And I will go check out the post office in UP tomorrow for more inquiries. So there’s not really any questions, haha, but I guess I just wanna be reassured. I just feel that sending these postcards are not gonna be easy as it sounds. Hopefully I am wrong.

    • Thank you very much for dropping by, Julia. Please come back and share your experience of sending to us. As you must have noticed, the comments are mostly about receiving. Looking forward to hearing from you again!

  23. Hi Derdo,

    I ordered a book from the net last July but it hasn’t arrived at my door step yet. So I’m thinking of contacting the post office hoping that they would have my package because I haven’t received any kind of notification from anyone.

    I contacted the company I ordered the book from and they told me that my order should be in the country already.

    Did you experience this before? Any advice would help. Thanks!


    • Hello Patrick. Are you expecting to receive the book via the post office or through a courier? If the latter, then you can simply call their local office. ON the other hand, if you’re expecting to get it via the post office, you might try following up but that might prove more difficult given the volume of mail the post office gets. Did the seller give you a tracking number? What info do you have that just might help? If you’re living in QC and you’re expecting it via the post office, try calling 9284717.

      Good luck. And if there are any developments, perhaps you can share your experience with us.

      • Hi Derdo,

        Thanks for the reply. I do have a tracking number that I can input on the seller’s site to check the order status. It said there that it was already shipped last July 29.

        The thing is I’m not sure if the delivery is supposed to be door to door or through the post office. I emailed the seller and they recommended I contact the post office to check. I’m assuming it’s the former since I did not receive any notification from the post office to claim my order.

        Thanks for the number. I’ll try calling tomorrow.

        • My order finally arrived! It took about a month. Buti na lang hindi na punta sa post office.

          Mabait naman yung nakausap ko when I called the post office. I learned that the order/tracking numbers they receive are limited to only like 9 characters I think. The one I had for my order was more than that so my order wouldn’t be there in the first place.

          • Hello Pat. Thank you very much for sharing your experience. So now, those who have tracking numbers of more than 9 characters should be enlightened that their parcels will arrive via courier and not through Philpost.

            Glad you didn’t have to go to the post office to find out and that your order finally came!

  24. Hi! I’m back. πŸ™‚ I managed to get every package sent to me for the past few months. (I thought I should share it.) I think that the staffs at the QCPO are quite nice since most of them are at their old age. :))

    Anyway, I’d like to ask what other couriers are reliable for shipping to Nigeria. It’s a coincidence since I will be also sending a phone to Nigeria, just like the 2nd poster above me.


    • Hi there, Nobie, the QCPO connoisseur.

      So you’re shipping something to Nigeria? I hope the poster above will reply to you!

  25. Hi. Wow that’s a tough question to answer. Two parcels I mailed via the post office in Greenville never got to my friend, those I sent through the post office in UP got to her safely.

    Perhaps, the others can give feedback on their experience? Dhl is reliable but expensive

  26. hi,
    i just want to ask something… i have been waiting for a package from Germany which was sent by my aunt like a month ago… yesterday i received a notice telling me to pick my package up at QC Central PO window 37… but the person who handed me the notice told me to pick it up in NAIA airport… she said the post master told her to tell me to pick my package at the airport.. which is which… please help….

    • Please call the post office 9284717. Good luck. I hope wherever you are directed will be more convenient for you. Feedback on it please.

  27. hello.

    how can i check for a parcel without a registry notice since it is already two weeks delayed.
    my parcel is from


    • Call the QC Post Office 9284717 and ask, unless you asked that the package be sent through expedited shipping, in which case I think amazon sends it through dhl?

      • ok thanks for the info..i’ll try to call them first because i didn’t choose expedited shipping..


  28. hi derdo,
    do you have any contact number wherein i can contact to follow up my parcel.because my sister sent me a gift thru airparcel express and told me that it would only take 10WD toarrived here in Ph…but it was already 15WD, wala p rn ung parcel ko..wala p nmn tracking number un..:(

  29. hi! i have a concern. my cousin has authorized me to claim her parcel via usps(domestic-pasay) since she’s outside the country and she sent me the notice card,an authorization letter and a photocopy of her TIN id only. Is it enough to present them as supporting docs plus my valid ids in claiming the parcel? or do i need to ask her to send additional copies of her identification? also, her parcel arrived from US aug of 2010 and until now its still unclaimed but was not returned to the sender.. Is it still possible for us to claim the parcel at this time? I would really appreciate your help.. Thank you

    • What you’re holding now- is it still the first notice? The second? The notice usually states how long the post office will keep the package for you. Am not sure whether they’re efficient about returning unclaimed parcels to senders or if they dispose of it some other way. If they have kept it till now, they might charge you a storage fee.

      Perhaps you can call the post office re your concerns – the sufficiency of documents, the presence still of the parcel in Pasay and the attendant fees to claiming the same ten months after receiving the notice.

      Check out this link for the location of the post office and the phone numbers.

      • Its the 1st notice. and when i tracked it online it says “Your item is being processed by customs in PHILIPPINES.” how much does the storage fee cost? thanks again.

  30. hello there..

    just wanna ask lang po.. i sent a package thru usps and after 3 weeks the receiver got a mail stating that he need to pick up the package at manila post office because the address is incorrect daw.. i know for a fact that i have the right address and they are asking him to pay certain amount thats not included with the note “for storage fee” daw po.. would u have any idea on how much they charge for it?! tnx po!

  31. yes thanks ..
    thats very insane di ba?
    im only a student nilagay nlng din niya un dun pra sbay sbay na eeh ..
    i need that package pti n ung letter of invitation nya for me .. then the money inside of the parcel ay gagamitin ko nman for my pocket money kpag pmunta na ko sa bansa nya ..
    grabe nman kase nlaman lng na my lmang pera grbe nman chrage sken ..
    eeh shipping violation dw ..
    haist !
    kainis …

  32. Sorry, but I don’t know what to do myself. Perhaps next time, the money could be sent bank to bank because then charges might be lower and you’ll get it faster without any problem – like having to pay P16,000? That’s a big sum!

  33. yes but u didnt find it ..
    i received an email from acc express which he had to used to sent the package for me but they charge me 16,000 pesos so they can deliver it soon ..
    they said that they traced a currency which my friend forgot to tell the company that it has a money inside of it ..

    i dont know what to do ..
    im only a student how can i pay that?
    its expensive

  34. hello,
    good eve..
    i just want to ask if how can i trace my package?
    i cant find it ..
    someone sent a package for me i think it came from korea of iran .. he sent it thru ACC COMPANY .. the company said that it takes only 2 to 4 days.. and its been 6 days when he sent it ..
    he gave me the tracking number of it and i think that the company that he used was a new one
    i haven’t received a claim stub from post office here in pasig city which i lived .. i want to know .. please help me ..

  35. Hi! Do you know where I could get a copy of their rates? i’ll be sending stuff to US kasi. E ayaw ko na sana muna pumunta doon just to have a copy nung rates nila. Thanks πŸ™‚

  36. Hi Derdo,

    The last time I was in NIA, ther were asking me to pay 2000 plus for tax, i refused to pay! Bluntley refused to pay!

    The “Lady” told me to wait as she will help me daw…
    So in other words, “Under the Table”

    Aww, i cant afford to pay 2K plus huhu

    i managed to get my stuff though =(

    • I hope you were able to get your stuff without having to shell more than the Postal Code requires. Was the lady different from the usual one in Window 37? How disappointing/disgusting…

      Thanks for sharing your experience, Oth

      • Hello Derdo,

        I shed but not that much.

        The lady in window 37 is so nice, she’s not the one who “helped me”

        I think this lady is part of the customs.

        BTW I tried the post office here in Mandaluyong, there is only 1 window for Parcels Window 1, and there is only 1 attendant.

        When I arrived there early this morning, i saw the lady in window 1 talking in the phone, i was there for about 15 to 20 minutes before she attended to my concern. waaaaaah.

        And to my dismay, i think my parcel was forcefully opened without me, i noticed that my box has a hole and it was taped to cover it.

        im am really disappointed! awww

  37. i was a victim of these nova post office not once but 3x already. i already submit a complain letter to the post master in novaliches im not sure if they take action or not. im expecting a parcel from the US next week. i’ll make sure my phone camera will works need to get evidence for this corrupt people. they always make u comfortable they praises u( ganda naman ng hikaw mo or ganda naman ng blouse mo) and keep u waiting after 30 mins they will talk u saying we can release the package and without opening. but they will ask you 500 or 300 pesos for a snack and for the custom officer. and if u say u dont have money they will say kahit magkano na lng ibigay mo.i always give 50 pesos. but this 4rth time it wont happen again i have to tighten my belt. if it happen again it will be a big war inside that custom office.

    • Wow, that’s awful. Perhaps you should write a letter of complaint to the Postmaster General. THe address:

      Postmaster General
      Manila Central Post Office Building
      Liwasang Bonifacio,
      Lawton, 1000 Manila

      Many years ago, when Mr. Roilo Golez was Postmaster General, I wrote him and he answered. Hopefully, the current Postmaster General will also hear you out.

      Good luck. I hope the post office personnel in Nova will not subject you to the same.

  38. Hi Derdo!

    I had a great experience with the QC post I think last year or was it last last year all my packages arrived in the expected time frame and only paid the postal fee of Php 40. However now I have this problem, I am expecting a package from Japan and basing from their tracking service it was already sent lat Apr 7. Also the sender/jppost said it will arrive at around 2-3 weeks, its already way past the expected/estimated arrival and I still don’t have any notification or whatsoever. I also did call the QCPO and gave them all the details necessary(name, track number etc etc) and well I still did not have any news from them. What should I do? should I go directly to the PO or should I wait some more?


    • One of those who left a comment in this post said she went to the post office even without a registry notice to present and got her package. If you have time in your hands, perhaps you can try doing the same? Good luck.

  39. Hi! It has been 2 months since I last posted here. LOL. Anyway, I’ll be receiving 3 packages probably before the end of the month. 2 of those are worth less than $5 but the other one costs around $30. Well, I hope everything will go smoothly as before. πŸ™‚

    • Good luck Nobie. Does the lady in Counter #37 know you na? You have become such a regular in the post office already, you’re a pro by now.

  40. Hi Derdo!

    I have two USPS First class parcels that are missing =( it have been two months now. The lady adt window 37 at NIA post office told me that Pasay post office are implementing or should i say experimenting on delivering USPS First Classs airmail, apparently no delivery was made at all.

    i am very worried that those items i bought were lost =(

    Do you have any hints on this?


    • Try calling the pasay post office. Did you receive any registry notice? Oh I guess not as they are experimenting on
      delivering. Maybe get in touch with where you ordered so they can help follow up?

  41. Hello there may tanong po ako. may package po ako darating from USA . USPS first class mail po. Am i going to pick up the package in the post office or sila po mag dedeliver sa bahay?

    Nag declare po yung nag padala ng $10.00 po ang worth nun (Maski hindi) at ang laman ay greeting cards (Maski hindi)
    na check ko po sa online track and confirm ng USPS na accept po ng february 17 yung package.

    Kinakabahan po ako baka buksan po dun sa post office yung small box na package ko. at pagbayarin po ako ng malaki.

    ang laman po kasi nun eh iPhone at mga gadgets.

    • I’m not too familiar with USPS. Perhaps you should ask the one who sent you the package if he/she registered it. If he/she did, then you’ll have to go to the post office to claim it. So far, my packages claimed at the post office have not been opened…

      Good luck. Update us please.

  42. Thanks Oth! Goodluck! πŸ™‚

    So far, this is the only government-related establishment I liked. Haha.

  43. Hi Nobie! Congrats!

    I’ll be expecting 4 packages again for the next month =)

    Here we go again! hahaha

    I’m expecting a DHL package this week, from Germany, how ever, i think it has been a long time now and no word from the DHL forwarder i hope the package is ok….


  44. Happy new year as well! πŸ™‚

    Sadly, no. I’ve received only 1 notice, should have been two. Anyway, I’ll just wait for it.

  45. I received the registry notice for my first (?) parcel last December 20. πŸ™‚ Will be getting it on Friday. :DDD

  46. Hi Ferma,

    From my experience, and from what I always do, i keep a note of all the necessary details of my package..

    Whom it came from
    Where it came from
    How was it mailed (Local Post, Priority Mail, Standard Mail, EMS)
    Tracking number
    When it was sent
    Your address

    Normally, the lady in Window 37, will ask when it was delivered… if you said a date and it has been a month, she will tell you that probably its there na…

    From my experience, i told them first the date it was sent, then i have my tracking numbers ready and my address, they classify it with your address and the date sent…

    i also browsed through those thick and (smelly) log books, and happily, i saw my packages…

    i remember im expecting 5 packages and i was able to claim 3 (with notice) and the other 2 i just went to NIA to claim even without the notice.

    I wont rely on the mailman, hehe he’ll just said he’s too busy to text you =(,

    better yet get your tracking numbers and check their log books, give it a 1 month span from the day it was delivered.

    • Hi Oth. Thanks for your input on what you did to get your packages without a notice. How did you get the tracking numbers for them? Please enlighten. How nice that you organized the info you shared so others can be guided accordingly.

        • Hello Derdo/Ferma,

          My parcels are all bought from online shop/auction sites, normally ebay.

          When my transaction has been settled and payment was given, they will ship me the item and i always say to have it “Registered”

          Registered parcels do have tracking numbers, example XX123456789YY

          Where XX is any letter combination from the Alphabet
          123456789 is a 9 digit number combination
          YY is the country code like US, PH, ID, GR

          An example is my tracking number from Indonesia (EE139017680ID).

          There are some types of shipping that does not have tracking numbers (unregistered ones). USPS Standard shipping supposed to not have tracking numbers but somehow i get a tracking number from the shipper and it’s valid.

          Always ask for the tracking numbers from the one that shipped your items, as much as possible get some pictures before the items are shipped.

          I’m very keen to this process since im paying thousands of pesos or hundred of dollars just to get these rare items and i should receive them at all cost haha

          This January, my friend from Greece will send me a package again, so i will go to NIA again for an adventure =)

          • I bought at an online store as well, but not from eBay. It was sent thru HongKong’s Post Office, without any tracking number. To be honest, I don’t care that much even if my packages are missing. They are just worth around 200 pesos, anyway. (Don’t get me wrong.)

  47. Thanks for recounting your experience. I think the place you described was where I waited for my postal ID. The mailmen are quite “powerful” no? It just might arrive (the notice) along with a Merry Christmas envelope. There have been times when mail suddenly gets delivered in bulk – around Christmas time.

  48. Heya. I tried my luck at the QCPO today but I guess I wasn’t “lucky” enough. Lol.

    Here’s the story. Right after my class (1 PM), I immediately rode the UP-Pantranco Jeepney to the QCPO. When I got to the intersection of NIA Rd and BIR Rd, I rode a tricycle to the place. I arrived at about 1:30 PM, just after their lunch break.

    I headed to Window 37 and asked the old lady behind the counter (not the same person I met last last month. :3). I asked her if there are any packages addressed to me but instead of directly answering my question, she asked me where’s the Registry Notice which I should have received by now. I told her that was the problem; I never received any notice for the 2 separate packages I’ve been waiting. She asked if I have a tracking number so that she could try to find it. Unfortunately, I have none. She asked more questions until she told me to look for my name in the logbook located beside her. She handed the THIIIICK (yes, like, 4 inches thick) logbook and so I tried to look for my name. I forgot my reading glasses at home so I had a really hard time looking for my name (my glasses will be useless since I can’t understand the writings there. Lol.). After about 3 minutes of searching, she asked me to look for the mailman for my address (central ave.) and ask him if he had sent a Registry Notice to my address. I was instructed to enter the side entrance of the building and go straight to the 2nd floor and interrogate the mailman for my address.

    So, I followed her instructions and found myself in a warehouse-like building. (I think this is the place where they keep the letters to be sent). It was made of light materials so I was thinking that even the smallest fire can burn the place down. o_o Anyway, I went to the 2nd floor of the said building and ask a person to direct me to the mailman. Unfortunately, he wasn’t there. The area supervisor said that he is currently out of the building and delivering mails. How unlucky. He advised me to stay for a while and try to wait for him to arrive. After 30 minutes of waiting, I still couldn’t feel his presence. Lol. I asked if I could have the mailman’s contact number but instead, he asked for my phone number. The supervisor said that he will ask him to contact me immediately about my concern.

    So, I went back home without my packages. 😦 Well, I guess I am just too unlucky. Haha. Anyway, I’ll wait for the mailman’s message (if there will be) first. Even if I don’t receive a message from him, I’ll still go back to the QCPO this Thursday and try my luck AGAAAAIN.


  49. Thanks for the update. If you read some of the comments above, you’ll notice that Oth went to the post office even without a notification slip and got her package. If you have the time, energy and patience you might try to do the same? But of course there’s no guarantee you’ll be as fortunate. Good luck!!! Keep us posted.

  50. Well, my packages had been delayed for half a month now. No notification card has been sent, so I was getting worried. I thought of one possible reason for the delay; christmas. It is fast approaching so maybe the massive amounts of parcels being sent and received might be the cause. I’ll just patiently wait for my packages. πŸ™‚

    Nothing. Just updating you guys. πŸ˜€

  51. hi Derdo,
    isa akong filipina working here in Israel ng-order kc ako ng bags sa isang online seller and she sends me already the package last August so mahigit 3 months na ang nakakalipas until now wala pa rin akong narerecieve,verify ko na sa post namin dito pero wala pa rin, pinapatrace ko na rin sa origin which is Davao City ang sabi nmn sa main office daw follow up,nkita ko site ng Philpost hoping na sana merong box for customers or any contact numbers man lang kaso wala eh,hanggang sa nakita ko tong site na to…sana matulungan mo ako kc i am expecting 2 parcels 1 for me and 1 for my friend..heto ung details..

    receiver: Evelyn Esguerra
    sender: Julius Salubre
    Mail No. AP- 16
    Dispatch No. 35- A
    Addresse: E Esguerra-Israel-P
    Origin: Panabo
    Destination: CMEC- Foreign Reg.
    date delivered: 08/18/2010 12:00 AM
    date dispatched: 08/18/2010

    second parcel details:
    receiver: May Macaraeg
    sender: Julius Salubre
    details of the box:
    mail no. AP- 06
    Dispatch no. 28- C
    addressee: M Macaraeg-Israel-P
    origin: Panabo
    Destination: CMEC-Foreign reg.
    date delivered: 08/09/2010 12:00 AM
    date dispatched: 08/09/2010

    thnx and hoping for your fast reply..

    • Perhaps you should insist that the one you ordered from should help you follow up, considering that (or at least I presume), you paid for those bags and their delivery… How is the mail service in Israel? have you had previous experiences with it? Did you receive parcels sent to you before quickly? Good luck. Do update us…

  52. Hi Derdo!

    I would like to share my experience with EMS…

    My package was sent through EMS Jakarta Indonesia… They said it will be delivered to me 3-4 days.

    The package was sent to me last Nov 26. As I always check the tracking site, it was received in the Phil last Nov 29, then it was held by the Customs at Dec 1.

    In other words it has been a week now…

    I can’t wait for a month again for the notification card so i went there early this morning to get it, i went to Pasay Post office near the domestic airport, it was easy to find but i got lost, haha

    Then i went straight to the customs office, i gave the information needed, then they asked me to wait until they call my name, it was not longer than 10 mins i think when they called my name, i went to see my package which the opened in front of me and with the customs representative,

    The custom officer was so nice to me, she is an old (rich) woman, because she have lots of jewelries haha… then she inspected my stuff and finally i followed her to the assessment room, she held my card and stamp it with approval and she said “OK NA YAN” meaning i dont have to pay anything for the customs =)

    then i went back to the post office lady that charge me only 40 PESOS for the processing fee…

    i was so afraid that they will cost me thousands coz i only have less than 500 in my pocket hahaha

    Thank God it all went smooth and well…

    • I’m happy for you. You’re so fortunate to have had a positive experience in the post office. Not all is lost. There are still good people in government service.

  53. Hi Derdo,

    I am expecting an EMS package this week, EMS says its 3-4 days, it was sent last Nov 26, and i still dont have a word, it came from Jakarta, according to the tracking site it arrived the country last Nov 29,

    Do you know the process of EMS?

    Are they delivering it? or should i go to the post office again =(

  54. hi derdo,

    Same as you guys, i have received a registry notice i guess coming from our post office here in cavite, the stamp or the mark says bahayang pagasa which is somewhere near here in our area. i just want to ask if this is where i should claim my package? this registry notice is new to me and i thought what i’ve ordered will be delivered directly to me. pls advise. thanks!

    • If “bahayang pagasa” is indicated in the notice, I guess that’s where you should go. Is that a post office address? Registered mail, be it a letter or package, is never delivered to one’s residence but has to be claimed in the post office. Quite a hassle but I guess they want to be sure it goes to the rightful owner. One has to pay extra to send and receive registered mail because the presumption there is the mail being sent is of some value. Hope you get what you ordered. if the amount P40 is not stamped on the notice, be prepared with some money because you might be charged customs duties depending on the value of the package. Good luck. Share your experience here so the others learn from it.

  55. Thanks for confirming what Just for Kicks said.

    please try to attach pictures, or if you can’t, maybe post a link to the pictures if you’ve uploaded them in some site? That would be interesting!

  56. Derdo,
    Hi, ako un nagpost ng message regarding my mother’s philhealth claims, alam mo ba nasa post office ng NIA road na un claims at nagpadala sila ng sulat na. At ito ang hindi maganda, un kapatid kong babae (after giving birth) nagpunta doon para kunin un claims pero ayaw ibigay kasi pangalan ng mother ko ang nakalagay doon. Sabi niya namatay na mother ko at may mga documents siyang dala. Sabi ng post office ibabalik nila sa philhealth at ipabago ang pangalan… Ewan ko ba sa philhealth, samantalang nag request ako na sa pangalan ko na lang, hiningi nila documents ko at lahat naman ibinigay ko tapos ganito mangyayari… itong post office naman sana un mailman ibinigay ng maaga sa office nila. Tumagal pa… ng email na rin ako sa philhealth till now wala pa reply… Derdo, sensya na ha, hindi ko kasi gusto ginawa ng mga kawani ng gobyerno natin. Thanks for posting this message.

    • Thank you for sharing your experience with us. It’s sad that despite the documents your sister brought, they still didn’t entertain her. I hope this will be resolved to your favor soon.

  57. Hi Derdo,

    Just for Kicks is correct, I did ask for my parcels at window 37 coz i dont want to wait for the notice card anymore =) haha, and now i got the notice card for a parcel i already claimed.

    I believe somebody asked for a picture of it, can we attach pictures in you blog?


  58. Some tips:
    -> Letters/packet from the UK and Europe tend to come fast (in my experience), mga one week. Latest na yung two weeks.

    -> Letters /packet from the West Coast come in one to two weeks, as well.

    -> Letters/packet from the East Coast, Canada, and South America come in about three-four weeks.

    -> Letters/packet from Asia (especially Hong Kong and China) come in about three-four weeks, as well.

    Later than that, you can go directly to Window #37 and look for your name in the logs there. Sometimes, Windows #1-#5 (registered mail) can also have your mail. If all else fails, you can go to the backdoor sa Sorting, then you can ask the people there for your mail.

    QC Post Office peeps are among the nicest in Manila, although it still is true na mabagal talaga ang Postal Service (throughout the country and in QCPO as well), compared to international standards. And of course, marami pa rin ang nawawala.

  59. Hi Derdo. Alam mo po ba kung saan mismo sa novaliches ang branch ng philpost? wala po kasi ako makitang site kahit sa mismong philpost kung saan naka locate yung philpost novaliches branch. thank you!! πŸ™‚

  60. I’m back. πŸ™‚ Just wanted to say that I’ll be receiving 2 different parcels this November. :DDD

    1st Parcel
    From: HongKong
    Sent: October 29, 2010
    Estimated Date of Arrival (According to them): November 12, 2010

    2nd Parcel
    From: HongKong
    Sent: November 1, 2010
    EDA: November 26, 2010

    So, the first parcel may have arrived at the customs already but they are still in the process of checking it whatsoever. So, I’m expecting for a Notice Card maybe 1 to 2 weeks after the EDA.

    I’m gonna post here once I received the packages! :))

  61. Nice one~good you had a “script” ready. So you can now heave a sigh of relief and celebrate! Happy, happy birthday. Thanks for sharing!

  62. Hi Derdo!

    Yesterday is my birthday! yay! hehehe and I am now a year more younger =)

    One of the nicest gift to me, was I receive is Parcel No. 5

    Parcel No. 5 – From US
    Sent last Oct 14, 2010
    Received today Nov 15, 2010

    It arrived at the post office last Nov 9, 2010.

    Funny experience with the custom officer, because my sender declared a 49.90 dollar value on my parcel, he is thinking that the item is really expensive, but i told him it only costs around 395 pesos, perhaps the shipping cost and handling cost was included in his computation that is why he declared such value =)

    and so i pay only 40 pesos again…

    whew all my 5 transactions all went successful! =)

    Thank God!

  63. Wow, that’s great! They gave it to you even in the absence of a notification card. And how good that you were “brave” enough to ask even without it. You were amply rewarded as a result. Way to go.

    Thanks for the update!

    • Yup Derdo, i need to do it or my 7000 pesos will fly away hahahaha… thank God it is with them =) i told the lady at Window 37, i shall return… hahaha for the last parcel =)

  64. Hi Derdo! Hi All,

    Good Day!

    Just to update you with my adventures in the QC Post office in NIA Rd.

    I recently got my:

    Parcel No. 4 – From Greece
    Sent last Sept 30, 2010

    Well it is my fault, i should have asked for it when i was there last Oct 27, 2010, so i went back today Nov 4, 2010 and found out that this parcel was already with them last Oct 7, 2010.

    I never received the notification card but i tried my luck to search their logs and found that the parcel has been sitting with them for a month now.

    Thank God i got it and only pay 40.

    I am starting to love the old woman in Window 37. She is so accommodating and warm, she welcomed me and asked me to search for my name while attending to other customers, i like it that way…

    i searched for Parcel no. 5, it has not arrived yet as it is not in their logs =)

    i will go there again next week in search for my Parcel No. 5


  65. Hahaha, apparently you’re excited to complete your collection already. And you’re “inspired” by the fact that getting the parcels wasn’t a difficult thing to do. Way to go!

  66. Of course I wont, I already spent much, for pete’s sake hehe…
    they are aware though that my items are cheap =)
    i am just praying so hard that this 5-item parcel is already here in the Philippines, it has been a month already, i don’t want it to get lost or sent back to the sender coz i did not receive the notification to claim.

    one thing wrong on my part i think is that i should have asked them already when i was there, but i am worried they make a scene and tell me to wait for the notification letter, though they have the log book… sigh…i’ll give them a week then i will go there again by next week. =)

  67. You’re welcome. Am so glad you got three of the five already. I’m sure the other two will be arriving soon.

    Thanks for sharing your experience. I’m sure those who read about it will be enlightened and will be optimistic about receiving packages from abroad. (haha, I loved your comment re the look the man gave you because you were dressed in your business suit… He was impressed, for sure. Good that he didn’t raise the amount you had to pay.)

    • Hopefully, one parcel have 5 items and the other one holds 2 items, the 5-item parcel is the most expensive… around 7thousand pesos =(


  68. O ha- san ka pa tumawag ako sa post office sa QC para mag inquire… 3:40pm – office hours pa yan di ba… sabi sa akin tumawag na lang daw ako bukas mga 10:30… wala na raw inquiry ng ganong oras… yan ba ang serbisyong totoo?

    • I tell you, these government offices have their own rules per office. It’s irritating because one never knows what rules one is up against!

      • Hi Derdo…

        Some good news to brighten up our day! i received 3 notification cards today! i have been waiting for this for like a month! i have a total of 5 parcels that are being expected 3 came in today nice!

        Parcel No. 1 – Came from Spain
        Sent last Sept 28, 2010, Received in the Phil Post last Oct 5, 2010 (Whew that was quick) but was notified just this week.

        Parcel No. 2 – Came from US
        Sent last Sept 30, 2010, Received in the Phil Post last Oct 6, 2010
        (Another quick process) but was just notified this week.

        Parcel No. 3 – Came from UK
        Sent last Oct 13, 2010, Received in the Phil Post last Oct 20, 2010 (Wow the quickest of them all) Notified Oct 27, 2010

        Not yet in…

        Parcel No. 4 – From Greece
        Sent last Sept 30, 2010

        Parcel No. 5 – From US
        Sent last Oct 14, 2010

        I was there 2:00pm today october 27, 2010. I just took a bus from edsa to Q.AVE and rode a pedicab and asked manong to drive me to post office (P20) and i told him to wait for me since i will be there in a short period of time. I think my transaction with window 37 lasted for 5 mins and window 36 for 2 mins ( though the man receiving money looked at me twice, perhaps he thinks i’m rich coz i am wearing my business uniform haha) then the receiving process took only about 4 mins. The man from Custom keeps on insisting that my items are expensive but i told him they are cheap here in the Phils. For the 3 parcels i paid 40 pesos each…

        i hope to get the 2 more parcels then i am done, no more online transactions (hehe i wish)

        Thanks for all your help =)

  69. Hi Derdo,

    It’s almost a month, and it’s time to inquire about my parcels… No notification letter yet =(

    I ‘ve bee trying to contact 9284717 but can’t get through… do you know how to contact them?
    QC Post office Nia


    • It’s odd that the notification letter hasn’t arrived yet. Wonder if you can ask from the one who sent the package a letter to the effect that something was mailed to you and when.

  70. Thank you for your reply… un mailman sinabi lang na kunin sa post office at walang iniwan na registry number at kung saan kukunin… we already informed the philhealth ncr office at sabi nila i-claim sa malapit na post office sa amin… baka siguro sa post office novaliches e may kalayuan na ito…anyway, thank you very much… email uli ako sa iyo…

  71. hello, just want to know where to claim the registry number M-7549, this is Philhealth check claim of my mother, our address is 18 sarmiento village, tandang sora, quezon city… un mailman nakapunta na sa bahay namin pero hindi ibinigay sa kasambahay namin dahil walang maipakitang ID ng nanay ko… pumunta ang kapatid ko sa NIA rd post office, unfortunately, wala pa raw silang natatangap at hindi pa nakarating sa kanila, buntis pa naman kapatid ko 8 and half moths na, kung nasa pinas lang ako, ako na sana naghanap e… naawa tuloy ako sa kapatid ko, un mga tel# naman walang sumasagot.. Hindi yata maganda ito baka hindi na namin makuha. Please help!

    • How is it that you have the claim number? What didn’t the mailman leave behind? The registry notice? Did your sister try to follow up with Philhealth? What numbers did you try to call that didn’t answer? Try calling around 8:30 a.m. up to maybe 3 pm. Don’t call during lunch break, they’ll not take your call…

  72. Hi Nobie. thank you for sharing your experience. Funny how you were told to get off the jeepney after just 3 to 4 minutes. I agree with you re the informal settlers in the area leading to the post office. It’s good you were with someone — always safer that way.

    I’m glad you were able to claim your sister’s package without incident. Sometimes, the experience one has in offices like this can be so arbitrary – depends on who’ll attend to you, depends on her mood, etc. So now you can heave a sigh of relief.

    Yes, the place looks like a warehouse inside, but at least its facade is quite quaint. It’s huge, cavernous even. That it wasn’t aircon, I guess, is a pity. A lot of government offices aren’t, sadly.

  73. Hi! :)))) Ngayon ko lang maipopost kasi walang net sa bahay na inuwian ko this weekend. ^^

    Eto na. Haha. Right after my last class this sem [ T_T ], dumiretso na ako kaagad sa Post Office. I came from UP Diliman, so I decided to take the UP – Pantranco jeepney. Tinanong ko yung driver kung dadaan yung jeep sa mismong post office, pero unfortunately, hindi raw. Haha. May sinabi si kuya na dun na lang daw ako bumaba etc. etc., kaso di ko naintindihan nang buo kaya sabi ko bababa na lang ako sa MRT Station – Quezon Ave. Sa MRT station, nagtanung-tanong ako. Tumawid daw ako sa overpass then dun daw ako sumakay sa may pila ng jeep papuntang BIR. Sinunod ko yung sabi at sumakay ako sa jeep. Sinabi ko na lang sa driver na pakisabi na lang sakin kung bababa na ako. After 2 – 3 minutes ng pagkakaupo namin ng kasama ko, nagulat ako kasi pinapababa na kami agad. LOL. Walking distance lang pala simula dun. HAHAHA. Sayang yung 7 pesos. >: Anyway, bumaba na kami. Sinabi nung driver na nandun yung CPO sa kanan namin. Malapit na lang daw kaya naglakad na lang kami ng kasama ko. Sinunod namin at naglakad na lang kami. Kaso, katakot maglakad kasi halos walang taong naglalakad at parang mga informal settlers yung andun. (Sorry.) Andun na kami kaya dumiretso na lang kami ng lakad. After 3 – 4 minutes, sa kaliwa namin yung Post Office. Haha. Sabi ko, “EUREKAAAA ~”. XDDD Pumasok kami, tapos nagulat ako na parang old warehouse lang siya na binuksan ulit para lang may paglagyan ng Post Office. Pero, malamig naman kaya ayos lang.

    Punta ako sa Window 37, may 3 na nakapila. Matanda na yung nasa counter kaya sabi ko mabait naman. Haha. Nung ako na, nagsabi ako kung ano yung situation ko, na sa ate ko nakapangalan yung package at nickname nya lang andun. Di ata ako narinig kaya hiningi na lang niya yung notice card. Tapos, binigay ko authorization letter then yung ID ng ate ko at ID ko. Tapos nun, pinapunta nya ako sa katabing window. Dun, nagbayad ako ng 40 tapos may binigay na resibo.

    Diretso na ako sa Window 39 kasi dun na raw yung claiming counter. Wala pang isang minuto, nakuha ko na. YAY. Haha. Tinanong nung nagbigay kung binili raw yun sa online shops, sabi ko oo. Tapos tinanong nya rin kung sakin nakapangalan, sabi ko hindi. Sabi niya, “Ahh. Ok. Bubuksan ko sana, baka kasi may lamang pera sa loob.”. Ang pumasok sa isip ko nung sinabi niya yun eh pag representative lang kumuha, di na nila bubuksan. HAHAHA. Pero, siguro alam naman nilang sa bata kung yun eh di naman ganun kamahal yung nasa loob. :333

    Overall, masaya naman yung experience ng pagpunta sa Post Office. Kaso, disappointed lang ako kasi akala ko fully airconditioned yung place. Sabik na sabik pa naman ako kasi sobrang init nung naglakad kami. LOL.

    Yun lang. :))) Thanks ulit Derdo! :DDD

  74. hahaha kung pede lang ipambayad ang charm., chumarm na lang ng chumarm hehehe… thanks Derdo, i really like your blog, i’ll share my hopefully nice experience with the rest, have a nice day! =)

  75. Oh, you’re so young. I’m almost sure they won’t give you any problems. Mahiya sila if they do, considering how young you are. Don’t be scared, give them your best smile. The ladies I transacted there looked like mothers na – so they should treat someone your age really kindly.

  76. Is that so. Then, I should memorize everything they might ask. Haha.

    I’m just a 15-year-old college student so, that adds to the tension I feel. Haha. Btw, the package contains 2 earphone adapters for my phone and my sister’s. I bought it at $5 so I’m expecting that I’ll not be paying any additional tax (except for the P4o).


  77. Sometimes the package I get is also addressed to my nickname but because I am able to present the registry notice, then they give it to me. Sometimes they might ask, are you expecting a package? From where? From whom? Don’t make it obvious that you’re apprehensive. Smile and pretend you’re used to doing it, give the required documents and payment (P40 minimum) and I’m sure you won’t have any problem. Yes please, post here again about your experience.

  78. I am going to get my package tomorrow at about 2 PM. I’m sorta getting worried with what will happen tomorrow. LOL. The parcel was addressed to my sister but she won’t have the time to pick the package tomorrow. I will be her representative and based on the researches I’ve done, in order for a representative to get a package, the original recipient should make an authorization letter. The representative and the addressee should sign at the back of the registry notice and the former should bring his ID and the recipient’s.

    Another thing, the name used for sending the parcel was my sister’s nickname. LOL. She included that in the authorization letter just to be sure. I hope it’ll get accepted since her nickname is just the initials of his real name. πŸ™‚

    I’m going to post here again after I’ve got the package. :)))

  79. Hi. Your blogpost is really helpful! I’m about to get a parcel from W-37 tomorrow. If you may, please tell me how to get to the Post office quickly. I’m currently residing near the Iglesia ni Cristo Central Temple.


  80. I’m not sure they’ll give it to you. But perhaps you can call and ask. I’m not even sure they’ll tell you if your package is there if you can’t give the number of a registry notice…

    Good luck and share your experience with us.

  81. Hi Derdo,

    If i make an inquiry with the Post office regarding my parcels and they confirmed that the parcels are already with them, can i get them even if i have not receive yet the notices? is this possible?

    Thank you

  82. Derdo, very well said!!! our post offices is just one example, immigration office is another one… there is no perfect government after all sigh…

  83. And we, the taxpayers, get so tense when we have to go to government offices because we don’t know what to expect. Not everything is above board, there are hidden costs/charges that go to individual pockets. The feeling is akin to waiting for the doctor’s diagnosis, no?

  84. dapat sa mga yan kinukulong! nakakabuset! pag government offices tlaga corrupt! lahat yan! sila na ngang pinapasahod mula sa taxes natin ang lakas pa ng loob mang corrupt ng kapwa… di na sila marunong mahiya… sobra…

  85. Omg you were all right! I just got back from Novaliches Post Office because of a very late parcel. It took me 9mos to finally get mine! They didn’t send any notice, and it was just yesterday that I got a “Last Notice”. When I got there at almost 11am in this small room with 2 women, the senior one said that they’ll check if it’s still with them, duh! Then when they found it, she said I have to pay Php1,410 for a $30 declared value (it’s a $79 limited bag+Ebay seller surcharges). I was stunned even though I’ve already read this post and all the comments. What I did was pretend that I didn’t bring that much money with me and that I only had Php200, and that I don’t have any idea about addtl payments. Guess what? Wow it looked like she was giving me a favor by accepting just the Php 200 instead of the whole amount! There was nothing I could do but give it to her then, since I’ve been waiting for my parcel since February. Sigh. Corruption runs deep in our country? -_-

    P.S. And I only got receipt for Php40. So many excuses.

    • Wow the receipt was for P40 only? How corrupt. It’s a good thing you didn’t give in to the P1410. I guess you didn’t bother to get a receipt for P200. It’s so sad that there still are people like the person you encountered despite the president’s promises. Hay… kakainis.

  86. Omg you were all right! I just got back from Novaliches Post Office because of a very late parcel. It took me 9mos to finally get mine! They didn’t send any notice, and it was just yesterday that I got a “Last Notice”. When I got there at almost 11am in this small room with 2 women, the senior one said that they’ll check if it’s still with them, duh! Then when they found it, she said I have to pay Php1,410 for a $30 declared value (it’s a $79 limited bag+Ebay seller surcharges). I was stunned even though I’ve already read this post and all the comments. What I did was pretend that I didn’t bring that much money with me and that I only had Php200, and that I don’t have any idea about addtl payments. Guess what? Wow it looked like she was giving me a favor by accepting just the Php 200 instead of the whole amount! There was nothing I could do but give it to her then, since I’ve been waiting for my parcel since February. Sigh. Corruption runs deep in our country? -_-

    • Wow, you’re lucky to have brought down the payment from P1410 to P200. Did you get a receipt for the payment you made?SO, I guess, P1410 was random because how could they bring it down to P200 just like that? Hayyy…

      Thanks for sharing.

  87. All my parcels are registered, one from Correos (Spain) one from USPS (US) and one is from Greece (no online tacking site), the last one, not yet shipped is from UK ( it will be registered as well). they all told me to give it at least 2-3 weeks.

  88. darn that is way too long hehehe… anyway, i just need patience and trust that those items will be on my hand sooner or later =)

  89. Derdo,

    how long does it usually takes for a parcel to arrive? the option chosed was to register the parcels, how long does it take to reach us here? like for your bag, how long have you waited for it to arrive?


  90. Hi Derdo,

    I am a bit anxious, waiting is killing me… this is the 2nd week, hopefully by next week or so, packages will one by one arrive. =)

    • πŸ™‚ Good luck. My husband got my registered package from the post office earlier. Was charged P40 for a bag from Fortune magazine. I guess the minimum is no longer P35 but P40.

  91. and one more thing, i am from libis, eastwood, where would my parcel will be brought, do you think it will be in the NIA post office as well? i
    thank you

    • I’m not sure where you’ll have to claim your package. I think it will be indicated in the registry notice. Years back, I had a notice that directed me to Cubao, but lately, it has always been the post office in NIA Road.

  92. Hi Derdo,

    I am expecting 4 registered airmail parcels this month. though the package only containes tumblers, and they are just at 8$ more or less, will it cost me that much? 1st – 1 tum, 2nd – 5 tums, 3rd – 2 tums. 4 th – 2 tums, each coming from different countries. I wonder how will the customs treat this, i hope they wont fine me much as they are just light.


    • I don’t think they’ll charge you much, given their value. I have a registry notice which I intend to attend to Monday. So far, the notice says I have to pay P40, but it’s subject to customs’ perusal. Will update you. I hope you update us too.

      • Hi Derdo,

        Yes I will, i have a question, my 3 packages have no declariations on how much the items are, will that matter?

        My other package is to be sent via USPS priority registered airmail parcel, will it be directly routed to me or will i be going to the post office as well.

        Apparently it is my 1st time to have this kinds of packages, and suprisingly i was so engaged that i made up to 4 transactions not keeping in mind that it is my 1st time. hahaha

        can you give me tips? i just want to claim all those packages as they are all important to me…

        thank you

        • Hello. Have you checked out this site where you can track packages sent via USPS? Can be very exciting/enlightening. Did you order from Amazon? I did once and claimed it in the post office in NIA Road. I had ordered a DVD then and paid only P35. I paid much more for the songbooks/piano pieces albums I ordered for my son, which I wrote about in a post. That one cost us over P1k. IF the tumblers are light, I don’t think you’ll have to pay very much for them in the post office.

    • Hello. The office hours are 8 am to 12 noon, then 1 pm to 5pm.

      Don’t go there near the lunch break. They might not entertain you.

  93. Yes I have the tracking number.
    I am from Pampanga, do you know a telephone number that I should call?
    Or is it Ok to call the number you gave me even if I am from Pampanga?

    • You can call the number. If you use a cell phone doing so, add 02 then the number. I’m not sure what to add for a long distance call, though. Is the package addressed in Pampanga? If it is, maybe your local post office might be able to help. Does it have a tracking number? I didn’t realize packages sent through the post office also have tracking numbers! But that’s even better. Might be easier to trace. I’ll try to find out what I can. will be back in a while.

    • As I got busy signals when I tried to call the number, I visited the PHilpost website and saw a track and trace button where you can put in your tracking number. The website is

      Hope that helps. Share your experience in doing this here so other people may be enlightened, please.

  94. Thanks for the info.
    However I am just a freelancer who works at home and not in the office.
    What should I do now.

    • Do you have any details re the mail you’re supposed to get? You can mention these – sender, address of sender, etec. If you’re from QC your best bet would be to call Philpost’s number to follow up/make inquiries. 9284717. Explain your situation. They might be able to suggest something – like where you should follow up, what to do, etc. Good luck.

  95. Hi there.
    Ok. I have a great time reading the replies, but unfortunately I did not get an answer/solution for my problem.

    Here is my problem:
    I am working as a data entry clerk, and my boss just post me some documents to be entered in excel. My boss is from Australia and he send the documents last April 21 via registered post , but until now I did not receive it.
    He said that he already contacted the Australia Post, they told him that the documents/mail has already arrived in the Philippines last April 23.
    What should I do now?
    Any suggestions?

    • Did you or your office get a notice informing you that the document is ready for pick up? I’m not sure you can follow up without it, although you can try. Thing is, you won’t know which post office to approach. Maybe you can start with the post office that handles mail to your office.

      It’s possible that the registry notice may have arrived at your office and been neglected. In my case, I once wasn’t too excited to go to the post office to claim registered mail so I dilly dallied about getting it. I got a second registry notice that warned me to get it quick or it would be returned to the sender.

      Perhaps you can approach the person in your office who handles all incoming mail?

  96. hi derdo!
    today, i got my parcel. actually i got it from novaliches and not from nia (since the message was blurred, i had checked it first from the qc post office and they said it should be in nova).

    i was really anxious to get my parcel from nova since i’ve read from blogs that the nova branch is one of the corrupt branch. So i went there looking very casual so that they won’t find me having that much money and since im just a student i would really not have that much money in the first place bec i read somewhere that those two women in the parcel dept would keep looking at you and somewhat sensing whether to have you pay too much or not.

    so when i was about to get it, the other woman told me to pay 35pesos, i actually paid her with coins (hahaha). after i paid, she looked again on my parcel and said that since the declared price was above $50 (but actually its written as S$80 -Singaporean dollars) i should pay a tax corresponding to it however she said that the customs officer was out and would eventually get back around 3pm (i got my parcel at 2:30). i felt a little bit scared whether she would hold back the parcel or not. i think i heard her say to the other woman “studyante kasi”, then she said that since there are many people, i could already get my parcel. but she kept on saying that if the customs officer was there, as if she was blurting out that i should at least give them something in return for letting me have it without being inspected.

    so that’s my story. i only paid 35pesos and was able to escape the corrupt customs officer.

    o by the way people from the nova branch would keep looking at you as if they were inspecting you from head to toe to see if you have lots of money. hahaha!!!

    • Hello, Aileen.

      Thank you for sharing. It’s good you dressed down and paid in coins so they’d think you couldn’t afford to pay more. (kala lang nila). Sometimes you have to be street wise to get the better of them. Galing. You did it! Congratulations!!! (It’s a good thing you didn’t allow them to intimidate you into giving them more than what was the right amount. And you didn’t even have to wait for the customs officer!

  97. hi, i got a notice from the post office to claim my parcel. but i have a problem, the notice has a stamp on it that says: “parcel … (something)” it was not clear so i don’t know what was written on it everything was really blurred. i would like to ask whether you know what it says. thanks!

    oh, i have another question. my parcel contains 2 covered books (like a magazine), 3 dvd albums (its actually a music cd), and 2 bottled drinks would it cost me that much? It came from singapore and the declared value was $SGD80.

    last question: I would be coming from pantranco area, how would i be able to get to quezon city post office in nia road? thanks again.

    sorry for asking too many questions, it would be my first time to get a parcel from the post office. i hope you could answer me. thank you thank you!! i am getting anxious right now…

    • I’m not sure I can answer your questions competently. I think it would be better if you call 9284717 to ask about possible fees, what the complete message was which you couldn’t read, and for directions on how to get to the post office in NIA Road. I’ve done that and the ones who’ve answered me have been very helpful. Good luck. Please share your experience here as soon as you’ve picked up your package. Thanks.

  98. thank you so much for answering all my queries. =) is it 99% safe to use philpost? i’m going to send bags to my customer overseas i just want to be sure that she’ll get ‘coz i can’t afford to give refunds if ever. =) btw, how long does it usually take for the parcel to reach it’s destination for air parcels? thanks

    • You’re welcome. My package to France reached the person within 2 to 3 weeks. It’s safer if you send the package as registered mail.

      How safe is it to send through Philpost? My experience in UP has been good. The likes of DHL would be more costly but reliable also, maybe quicker.

  99. WOW! very quick response! thanks~ last question, what is the price range for international shipping? let’s say 1.5 kgs to new zealand? just want to know how much money i should bring before going there. thanks

    • When I mailed bling-bling to France, I spent around P300 plus at least? Maybe more. To be on the safe side, bring P1000? The bling-bling wasn’t too heavy. Or better still P1500? That was via registered air mail.

      Oh here, I searched in the website of under customer guide. For New Zealand:

      Country: New Zealand
      Zone II-PAC
      Max wt.
      30 kg
      Via Air Mail
      1kg & below 600.00
      Add. 1 kg or fraction thereof 400.00

      Via surface mail
      1 kg & below 587.00
      Add. 1 kg or fraction thereof 186.00

      From the above, I would say you might pay P1000 but if you want to register the parcel, you’ll have to pay extra. That won’t be very much. But I don’t know if the said rates are updated, although the document I downloaded said it’s the revised version. You might want to check out the website where you can download the schedule of rates:

      Good luck.

  100. hi! i would just like to ask how to go to UP post Office? i’m going to send a parcel and i just want to make sure that the receiver will get it. btw, i’m coming from commonwealth. thanks~

    • Hello. Called the UP operator and she said if you’re coming from the Balara side, walk to that part of UP near the Asian Center and College of Law, take an IKOT jeep and ask to be dropped at the shopping center. The post office is perpendicular to it. I think it’s near PNB?

      If you come through Philcoa, there are jeeps there that enter UP. Ask to be dropped near the UP shopping center. You’ll see the post office easily from there.

      The shopping center is behind the church.

      @C – please give additional directions/instructions…

  101. very helpful. i think your entry was part of at least the top 5 for search results for QC Post Office!

  102. Thanks for this post, its my first time to claim a package at the QC post office and I dont even know where it is.. I dont know how the process goes and I was looking for a number to call.. Found everything I was looking for in your blog entry. Thanks! God bless!

  103. i’ll get my parcel tomorrow worth $24 including shipment and insurance its a pettiskirt will I pay more than P35?

    Might be going there around 11am hmmm will there be a long line..

    • What does it say in the registry notice? Perhaps because the value of the package isn’t that much, you might not be
      required to pay that much. The lines are never long at the post office, but don’t go too close to lunch time. SHortly before 12, they might stop entertaining people who want to transact business with them.

  104. Thanks for the reply. Is it more helpful if I have a postal ID? Also I mentioned that it only says that I have to pay 35 php but I’m kinda worried since it also says “subject to customs”.

    • Sorry for the late reply. It would be very helpful to have a postal ID, although any government-issued ID is acceptable. You can also use a postal ID to transact in banks. But I think it has an expiration date.

      If you have an idea what the package is and it isn’t too expensive to begin with, usually, if it says P35, then it’s P35. If they don’t indicate a price and the contents of the package are pricey, then bring maybe P2k. In a post I wrote I think I mentioned how the money in my son’s wallet was wiped out when he picked up two music books (huge ones with tabs for some songs). He also said that there was this guy who couldn’t get his package because he didn’t have enough money for customs. Please be aware that there’s a law that says books shouldn’t be charged duties, I think. Know your rights. We didn’t then and paid up.

      • I’m still not sure if this package I’m picking up contains a DVD or some CDs (I’m waiting for 3 packages). My DVD order is a little bit over $50 that is why I’m worried about customs. The other order is under $50.

        Thanks for all the help.

  105. Hi I got a notice too. I’m hoping I only pay 35 php since that what it says on my notice. What time do they open? How long do I have to wait in line? Thanks!

    • Hello. I think government offices are supposed to open at 8, but better to be there at 9. Be sure to bring an ID. There were never any lines when I went. My husband who goes there too said the longest line he had to follow consisted of 5 people. So you’ll be done in 10 minutes max, I think. Don’t forget that ID. And if you expect to get more packages, why don’t you apply for a Postal ID at the back? Be sure to bring a 2 x 2 picture. And don’t arrive at the post office near lunch time. If you’re not lucky, you’ll have to wait for 1 p.m. if you do

  106. Hi there ! Ive been reading all the comments posted on this blog coz i have some concerns regarding an international parcel , hoping that i would find some answers. I know mine is a totally different situation but i got no one to ask so please bear with me…. If a small international parcel was sent to a province here in the Philippines from the US thru the USPS-Philpost , if it is something pricey , what are the odds that it will get lost or stolen? I would really appreciate all the input , thank u .

    • Hello, Lyka. Wow, my first reaction would be to wish you good luck. But then again, there are Philpost personnel who are honest, so it’s also possible you’ll get the package intact. Is the package registered? If it is, the chance that you’ll get it intact is higher. Actually,I have experienced getting CHristmas cards that were apparently opened and then taped, perhaps on the suspicion that they contained cash. Having told my friends in the US this they have since sent money in letter envelopes rather than in envelopes that had a greeting card. Next time, maybe you can request the person in the US to send you things door to door. This may be more expensive but there’s not much chance they’ll get lost…

      Again, good luck. Perhaps praying that you get the package will help too.

      • Wow , seriously ? It’s that bad ???? im scared now but its too late coz he already sent it and i cant do anything about it or is there?

        • If it has been sent, there’s nothing you can do. But you might be lucky in the end in the sense that it will get to you intact. Scary if it’s cash, though. Books, no problem. Once someone sent me tea, no problem; a T-shirt, no problem. Besides, it was years back when cash got lost. So it’s possible you need not worry after all. Update us of any developments, please.

  107. hi! I’ve been waiting for a package from the US (sent VIA USPS first class international). I received an email confirmation that my package has been sent Dec. 01, 2009. Around July this year, I’ve received my package from the same US company within 7 days. Now I’m worried why I haven’t received my package yet. Since this is not registered mail, I went to the nearest post office which is at Cubao-Aurora boulevard. The ‘teller” informed me that they don’t have mailmans, since they’re only in charge of mailing. While her directions are unclear, she told me to check the post office near GMA-7. I’m wondering if you’d happen to know if this is the one you are talking about? I’ve only had experience with QC Central Post Office. I think that’s the one around East Avenue near BIR or something. So is the post office at NIA road the same? thanks!

    • That’s the very same post office, I think. try calling up to be sure. 9284717, to be sure. All along, I thought USPS is door to door! I think months back I saw the USPS office along Pioneer? Near the Globe building.

      • Hi! Thanks, I was able to get in touch with a post office person who happens to be Gemma too before I’ve read your reply. And yes, USPS is supposed to be door to door. I guess because of the holiday season, delay shall be expected. Thanks again!

  108. Hey, just got back from the post office. Just want to share my experience in the Novaliches post office. I went there at about 1:00 because that was the time that the parcel section of the office opens. I think that I was the fifth one who submitted the form and was just waiting to be called to receive my package. So the first up to the third person that was before me was called one at a time in a minimum of five minute intervals but to my consternation it took about 30 minutes to an hour for the person before me to be called. The people after me were getting angry and decided to approach the person calling out our names. That’s when he said that the customs agent who was posted to be there ar 1 to 5 was not present so people who have big packages cannot claim their packages without being inspected.But hello…! it was freakin 2:30 already. Then the man who was calling out our names gave our forms back because we have to sign in the back but then when he collected the forms, as you might recall I should have been the first one because it was my turn, but he freakin reshuffled everything and so everyone was getting so angry so they let us all in to appease us. You know what’s the thing that was so irritating, I don’t even have to get my parcel inspected because it was just some card and letter, so all that fuss for something that I should not have been affected with. I felt sorry for the old man and the mother who came before me who are still waiting for the customs agent even after I got my package at about quarter to 3. Its 3:00 and the agent is still not there and his shift ends at 5:00. Come on! your getting paid by these people, the least you can do is come on the appointed time and do your job properly.

    sorry for the rants, I guess the frustration is still a bit fresh and that is why I am blabbering about this so much.


    • Hello Alexandra. How stressful your experience was with the post office!Typical? You know, almost every time I have to go to a government office, I breathe deeply and tell myself to relax. Then I think to myself, if all does not go well, it will be an experience to blog about. It’s awful how we can never be sure that when we go to a government office, we will be served promptly and efficiently. Some personnel can be so arrogant besides. But at least you’re done with the post office for now. And as you said, pity the lolo and the rest who were not as “fortunate” as you because while you got off earlier, they had to wait for someone whose lunch break seems endless. And he is being paid taxpayer’s money. Sigh. Paging the Philippine Postal Corporation

  109. Is the number you indicated only for the post office you went to or is it the main office or something?Do you know how I could get the number for the Novaliches Post office?Btw did a customs agent inspect your package before giving it to you? Sorry if I have so many questions
    Thank you!

    • Hello, Alex. It’s okay to ask questions. I don’t mind.

      The number is for the post office in NIA Road only, which I think is the main one in QC. Perhaps you can call it to ask for the Novaliches number. So far, none of my packages has been opened by a customs agent while I was there (I don’t know if they actually opened it and sealed it as soon as it arrived) although I remember many, many years ago an incident in the Cubao post office. I asked the maid to get it for me. I gave her only P500 to claim it. She called that I had to pay almost P2000 because the person who sent the package wrote outside the package that it contained lotion, etc. The lady in the post office talked to me and said “Gusto niyo buksan natin” because I was complaining about the steep price I was being charged. The person who sent me the package had said they were lotions that weren’t the expensive kind. But I was scared that if the lady opened it she might ask for some of the items, so I let the maid come back for more money to pay the exact amount due. Feeling ko it was equivalent to the exact value of the contents of the package. When I told the one who sent me about the amount I had to pay she was angry because she said she had paid all the duties needed in the US.

      Perhaps they’re more professional about it now. Good luck and share your experience here if it was anything out of the ordinary.

  110. Hi I have the same dilemma as you, the name written on my package is my nickname and I don’t have an ID for it. Can I get the number of the Postal Office? Thanks.

    • hello Kyla. The post office’s number is 9284717. Sometimes it helps if your name comes close to your nickname. Another tip – do you know who sent the package? If you do, memorize that person’s address so the personnel in the post office will be convinced you’re its rightful recipient. Good luck. Maybe you can share your experience here afterward.

  111. Is this the same as the Quezon City Central Post Office? How do I get there? Please, I have a parcel to pick up, too. If you’re not online, my public number is 0915 776 7778.

    • Following is the reply I gave to Jomel earlier, lest you missed it: “Hello Jomel. If the registry notice your received indicates P35, then that’s all you’ll have to pay. If it doesn’t say how much and the value of teh package is high, better bring lots of money so you don’t have to go back. I just called the post office for you. to get to it, get a bus, jeep or FX to quiapo but along the way, get off Agham Road near Lungsod ng Kabataan (Children’s Hospital), cross to Napocor. There will be tricycles there. Ask to be brought to the Post Office. Good luck. I hope you won’t have to pay more than P35.” To be sure it’s the same post office where you should claim your package, call 9284717.

    • if something is mailed via registered mail, you have to get it at the post office. if you requested it to be sent via courier (door-to-door), it will be brought directly to your house but the rate is higher.

    • You can bring it to the post office when you pick up your package. I have no idea how much it will cost you, though. Depends on its weight and if you’ll send it via air mail or surface mail.

  112. could you tell me how much fare should i need?to go to the post office i’m fear of going to government blah blah,
    .i don’t know what to expect. .

    • hello jomel. I’m sorry I don’t exactly how much public transport costs from your place. A trike ride might set you off by 15pesos, but am not sure.

  113. thanks. . your right according to the poscard or registry card that was sent to me awhile ago there’s a service fee 35 pesos that indicate there- . so i only need to pay the 35? to claim my package, actually my package is not too big it’s just CD OR and album of my favorite idol david archuleta. . .so what is the purpose of postal ID? should i need that to claim my package. it’s my 1st time. and i’m only 17 yrz old. .

    • You don’t need the postal ID to claim your package. If you have a school ID that should be enough. And don’t forget the registry notice. A barangay ID might also be accepted. If you don’t have any of these, maybe your birth certificate? Good luck. If it’s a small thing and the notice said P35, that’s all you’ll have to pay.

  114. hello thanks for the information. it really helps, by the way if i’m going to claim my package do i need to pay 35 pesos. . i live at commonwealth here in quezon city. . could u tell me how to get through to the post office clearly. . . what jeep should i need to ride?? teach me how plz. i need to claim my package, at WINDOW 37 same as u,

    • Hello Jomel. If the registry notice your received indicates P35, then that’s all you’ll have to pay. If it doesn’t say how much and the value of teh package is high, better bring lots of money so you don’t have to go back. I just called the post office for you. to get to it, get a bus, jeep or FX to quiapo but along the way, get off Agham Road near Lungsod ng Kabataan (Children’s Hospital), cross to Napocor. There will be tricycles there. Ask to be brought to the Post Office. Good luck. I hope you won’t have to pay more than P35.

      • While you’re there, why not apply for a postal ID? Bring 2×2 ID photos (2 or 3 copies? Am not sure) and there’ll be a fee you have to pay. I think I wrote that in my post?

    • I’m glad to have been of help, Gian. Sometimes we are so fearful of going to government offices because we don’t know what to expect.

      • Yes, I agree with you. Gov’t officials from NIA Rd. Post Office are courteous, kind and helpful..
        Although I am still not happy with the current Postal System here in the Philippines, but staff there are highly commendable.
        Thank you.

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