lucky me (not the soup)

Oh no, am I beginning to pun too much, like Conrad Banal? Darn.(Usually I don’t read his columns because the titles sound so contrived.) But that’s not a pun in the title, right.  Anyway…

Why do I think I’m lucky? I haven’t been watching too much TV of late, not even my usual habits Unang Hirit, Moms, and Sweet Life. Just too much work to do. But today, I turned on the TV and  wow, who were on in UH? Gian Magdangal, Bryan Tremulo, Harry Santos and Jan Nieto. To those who don’t kow them, they are regulars in SOP on Sundays in GMA. Except that I don’t get to watch them that much and in fact, I was surprised that they have formed a group: “You’ve Got Male”. (I think that’s a more apt/accurate example of a pun, right?). No wonder their voices blend well like they’ve really practiced. (Voices blend well if the talent is there to begin with, they blend even better if the voices practiced together.) So there. what a treat. Failed to focus on their first song as I got a call from Negros from my sister, but I was fully enjoying the second song (theme  from “ice castles”) when suddenly Drew and his co-host (see, I don’t know her name as I  haven’t been watching) interrupted the group to interview them. (My sister would have had a fit if in the middle of her piano playing somebody butted in.) I think the group especially Gian looked taken aback a bit. But they managed to smile through the interview and answer questions about their group and forthcoming concert at the Music Museum. (I was so peeved I didn’t catch the date.) And guess what, after the interview was done, Drew said “and now here they are again.” ANd guess what, they returned to that part of the song where they left off before they were so rudely interrupted. And guess what, they weren’t able to finish the song  because a commercial break came on.

It’s so sad that economics/money has spawned this discourtesy, this lack of appreciation for the craft of singers, dancers and the like whose appearances on TV are aborted by a commercial break or a host’s spiel. I am a kapuso but that doesn’t leave me any less irked at the practice. Darn.

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