Panasonic Split-Type 1 hp (Inverter model)

A few years back, I was considering getting one for the sala because it looked so sleek and promised to save me some pesos from Meralco. But I balked when I saw the price. So I rationalized to myself that a window-type aircon would be better to replace the noisy monster in the sala as there was a hole which would gape open if I bought a split-type aircon for it. So I bought a Panasonic window-type and one year later, Ondoy chose to destroy it. The question again arose as to which to buy to replace the broken unit – a split-type or a window type? The same rationalizations came up. So again, I got a window-type for the sala.

Fast-forward to a few months later. Confronted by El Nino and the hot days and nights as early as February, I thought hard. What if the aircon in the bedroom conks out when the heat is especially oppressive and my respiratory system is going haywire? I dread hospitals and thought of getting a second aircon for the room, no not for turning on simultaneously, but for back-up. When one conks out, a second is available. When one is repaired, a second is available.

As I didn’t want a second rectangular hole in the room, a split-type aircon seemed logical. So the question that next came up was – inverter or not? Though not was some P10k cheaper, the long-term savings promised by an inverter proved more enticing and so we got a 1hp Panasonic inverter. I just can’t wean myself from Panasonic.

Bought it from SM Power Plant which offered great service – went there on a Sunday and by Monday morning, the unit was in the house. They arranged with Virex to install it and was told it would be on Wednesday rather than tuesday because Virex was full, that is had a full schedule. At first I said I’d call Virex and ask for Tuesday then said never mind. I didn’t need the stress attendant to pleading and haggling. But later, with nothing to do and after psyching myself not to be demanding, I called Virex. Being a regular customer, I mentioned that or maybe just my name which may be familiar having called them 4 times a year for the past N years, the girl on the other end of the line said YES. And was I taken aback.

Tuesday morning, their people came. At first the head man seemed surly. Plus he had a tattoo. Oops, what did I get myself into? Should I have waited for the next day? I tried to befriend him and say I was pleased they came a day earlier and he grumbled that he shouldn’t have reported for work but for me. Yikes, guilty. He mentioned the boss had asked him to go because I was a regular customer. Oops, should I have apologized? Oh well, he got the job done and the maid who was with him said he was Ilonggo and actually okay.

That night, we all had a good sleep because the Panasonic split-type aircon with inverter is virtually soundless, quiet. The following day, we all woke up at past six a.m. so breakfast wasn’t yet cooked as the kitchen door was locked and the maid couldn’t get in.

Two things as yet have to be determined where it is concerned – what setting is best if there are people in the room who are not on the bed — so that they too will be comfortable? the remote control of the aircon has so many buttons, I don’t know which ones to press. The split-type aircon is on top of the window-type aircon.

from It operates so quietly I’m almost fearful I’ll forget to turn it off every time we leave.

Second – will it really reduce our power bill? I’m keeping my fingers crossed. If I could, my toes, I would.

As requested, above are pictures of the remote control, the back of the split type, the back of the split type and the regular aircon. Sorry, the last picture is not correctly posted.


63 thoughts on “Panasonic Split-Type 1 hp (Inverter model)

  1. hi..i just want to know how much horse power do i need if i buy split type aircon for my 14feet by 12feet (height is 12feet also) heat insulated and soundprooof room

  2. hi derdo.. I’m currently researching on inverters which I plan to buy in the next coming months.. can you please share your experience on the noise generation of your outdoor unit? Is it noisy enough to disturb neighbors? Our place is kinda crowded, neighbors are situated next to our room, like that. Thanks in advance for your insights!

    • Hi Richie. TO be able to answer you accurately, I asked my husband and son. They both shared my view – the Panasonic inverter is so quiet one barely notices it’s on. Our old aircon, National window type sounds like the motor of a ferry boat, at least back in the 70s. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • HI derdo. Just want to update you on my quest on AC purchase. Got myself a Condura Split Type Inverter . Its a 1HP model, It cools my 16 sqm room just enough. Thanks for your inputs, yes the inverter splits operates quietly for both indoor and outdoor units. I’m hoping that my electric bill this month would not be that expensive. Kind regards!

        • Thank you very much for the update. I’m glad your unit is serving you well. Price wise, how does the Condura compare with the other brands? I think the inverter will lower your bill as it has ours. ๐Ÿ™‚

          • The unit (model FP 53KHV009313BO) costs 24k+, this was the lowest price I get after discounts were applied.I believe other inverter brands cost +10k more. Luckily there was a discount promotion on this carrier brands as they are launching more newer products.

  3. Hi derdo, thanks alot for helpful details re:inverter panasonic. Please may i know your AC’s remote setting? Do you put it on Cool mode or Auto? What about the fan settings?

    • Hello Curious. I put it in Cool mode rather than auto, but the fan in Auto though if it is very hot I put it in the highest (strongest) level… The Air Swing is usually on Auto unless it’s very hot. I avoid putting it on dry or mild dry because usually I end up coughing if I accidentally put it on those settings. My preferred temp is 18 though I put it higher or lower, depending on how uncomfortable extreme settings are. What about you?

  4. nteresting exchange re: inverter aircons particularly split types. If you guys really want the best aircon of this type in the market try Daikin. Unfortunately, you can’t find them in appliance stores unlike Panasonic or LG, you can buy them only from authorized dealers who also are the installers themselves. You can call Daikin Phils.for their list of authorized dealers near your area. This brand and Fujitsu are the reputed market leaders when it comes to aircons. But they don’t come cheap. Daikin’s 1.5 hp split type inverter costs about P 38,000.00 plus. As they say, quality doesn’t come cheap in short, you get what you pay for.

    • Thanks for the heads up re Daikin. Panasonic’s 1hp split type is 30 plus thousand pesos as well, and may cost even higher therefore. I’ll remember your advice next time I get a split type.

  5. Two GOOD models worth considering is the Carrier OPTIMA and the Panasonic premium inverter,,,, Correct discounted prices respectively are about 19,600 P and 29,600 P. Both models should be considered. as respectable choices…A. The Low cost non variable speed compressor is the Optima, best for sea side useage since it houses less electronics less to corrode and break. therefore less trouble due from corrosive environ due to salt air. B. Varible speed Low to moderate residential usage in non corrosive inland areas best is Panasonic premium inverter selecting R410 refrigerant.

    Note Both of These product line have proven to be what they say they are and have been TESTED,
    Note: Previous models Optima and Carrier have passed Department Of Energy testing and Certification.. The newer model in the same product line
    Recommended BUY..

    • Thanks for your inputs. How many horsepowers do each of these two units have? The prices seem to be lower than when I bought mine years ago.

  6. Hi the indoor unit installation is too close to the ceiling. you should have just remove the window type aircon and cemented the hole.

    • Hello. Thanks for the comment. Is there a disadvantage to its being close to the ceiling? Though I like that we retained the window type so that when the split type is not cooling well enough or is dripping, we can turn on the window type instead.

    • hello. Got my unit from SM Appliances in Power Plant. It was installed by Virex, telephone number 913 2043. Good luck. Panasonic was the one that first recommended Virex to me. If you aren’t from QC you can ask Panasonic or even the appliance store whom they can recommend to install your aircon.

  7. Hi Derdo. i have a salon in one of the smaller malls in manila. Currently, we’re using one floormounted (3hp i think) and a wall type . im planning to switch to the inverter type units. Do they also have floor mounted?
    My problem is, the mall require all of its tenants to situate their outdoor units (accu?) at their roofdeck area. Hence, the very long piping requirement. I reckon the piping will cost a lot? will it affect the performance of the inverter units?

    • Sorry, I don’t have the expertise to answer your questions. Perhaps you can ask an electrical engineer or someone from Panasonic?

  8. what po pagkakaiba nung dalawang pipe (low side at high side) na nasa iisang insulation foam at pipe na nasa tig isang foam..may epekto po ba ito sa a/c unit?

  9. Hi Derdo,

    I am planning to buy and setup 2 Panasonic split type acu and it costs per unit 33,999 at SM sucat pque. nearby to my area.
    Just want to ask how much is your average per month electric bills for CS/U-S9MKQ model?

    My usage per day is approx. 8 hrs/day from 10PM to 6AM….

    THanks and kind regards,


    • I am not able to isolate how much of my electric bill is a result of my usage of the aircon, but to give you an idea, our bill last month was P8k plus. I use the split type aircon more than 12 hours a day, a washing machine, two refrigerators, a TV, laptop, PC, etc. We also use an electric iron for pressing our clothes.But I also have two Power Savers. I think Panasonic has a sample computation of how much it costs to use the split type aircon 8 hours a day. Perhaps the store clerk in SM can show it to you.

      Good luck.

      • Hi derdo would you know if the compressor turns off when it reach its temp? And how often if it starts to turn off. Like 10 mins ON and 5 mins OFF, The ON OFF again? Thanks.

        • Hello Rexz. As I didn’t know for sure whether the compressor of the split type goes on and off and at what intervals, I googled and found this:

          “When you buy a split air con unit youโ€™ll have to decide between the more expensive, more efficient inverter units and the regular units. Regular units have a compressor which turns on and off as needed to cool the room. Inverter units have a compressor which runs more continuously, but can vary its speed and power consumption to maintain room temperature.”

          The rest of the post that discusses air-cons and brands even,
          is quite interesting and enlightening and you can find it here:

          • Ah ok. I just wanted to clarify things before i buy inverter because my friends inverter compressor turns off when it reach its temp and then it starts its interval 10 ON 5 OFF mins.

  10. Hi Derdo,

    Carrier Xpower 1.5HP claims it will only cost PHP 600+ a month for 8hrs per day of operation. The unit’s SRP is PHP 38,898. Seems reasonable???


  11. hi i just got a 2.5hp panasonic inverter aircon @ 65% model their latest.

    first month our electric bill from 1500 it reaches 3500 on my first month of using the said unit, additional 2000 – hmm not bad, its open from 9 to 5 pm only, we were happy! however on its second month may 2011 i just got my meralco bill yesterday and it reaches 5,600! wow! it double on the second month im very disappoint the only addional usage was it was on on satursday from 11 am to 5 pm and sunday 1pm to 5 pm.
    no additional appliances.

    i guess im using the wrong setting.

    based on your experiences whats the best setting for energy savings?

    • They say the higher the temperature setting, the higher the energy savings.

      But personally, especially for a good sleep, we set it at 18 to 21 degrees.

      If you have been using your new unit for the same number of hours as an older unit, your bill should have gone lower. Although, of course, sometimes the bill is raised by the rate Meralco charges, which varies almost every month. The thing to watch out for so the comparison is accurate is the kilowatt reading.

      Another thing, because summer has been particularly hot, it takes more power to cool the room, I think?

  12. hi, i am so disappointed with my panasonic inverter as it is not able to perform the way i expected it, anyway, i saw the photo where your outdoor unit is installed and i have to tell you that it’s very very wrong.. i made my research before buying this ac and learned that the outdoor unit should be higher than the indoor as this shortens the life span of the ac.. virex also installed my ac and had to come back a couple of times bec of low cooling.. its like the ourdoor is the heart which in it’s low position makes it hard for it to pump blood in an upward direction.. if only i can return this ac, i would… lower power comsuption = low cooling capacity.. i have 1.5hp inverter in my small comp shop and it can’t cool the room with only just 5 people/5comps inside.. i hate it so much.. wasted 43k for this worthless unit.. sorry ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thank you for sharing your experience. Re the location of the outdoor unit, could you share the link explaining what’s the right position for it? I’d like to know whether I should have it transferred to the roof.


  13. Hello. I’m very much satisfied with the Panasonic inverter type aircon I got. Ask the store from which you’re buying if they have a promo such that installation cost will be lower – I paid 4.5k instead of 7k because the store “paid” for 3k. I also “saved” on some charges by using the same outlet as my old window type unit, etc. Panasonic is the second most expensive split type aircon with inverter technology. It is cheaper than Hitachi only. The other kinds cost less.

    I know what you mean about praying not to faint – I can relate. It took me a while to decide to finally get the split type aircon for that reason.

    Re lowering cost of electricity, I think it does. My sister’s electric bill is higher than mine and to think she doesn’t use the aircon as much as I do. My last bill was P8.8k, hers was P11k. She has split type units but these are not Panasonic and they don’t have the inverter technology feature.

  14. Hi! Im searching for info re: inverter split type aircons and clicked the link of your blog. Hubby and I are going to buy one. He’s thinking of panasonic, im worried about the price though. and installation costs of 7k to 10k (i’ve heard).. i want to hear your comments on this. does it really covert to electricity bill savings? also, we went to sm north – abenson and we’re waiting for their survey of our house. im praying not to faint though. hope to hear from you ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. hi derdo. tenx 4 da pix. does the temperature in your room really goes down to 16 degrees cen? do you have a thermometer in ur room that you use to measure the temp or you’re just referring to the temp display on the remote control? some claim that it doesn’t reach 16 and the lowest temp they got is 19-20 even if they set it to 16 and ac was left powered on for 8-10 hrs. tia.

    • Oh sorry, we don’t have a thermometer in the room, so I’m basing my answers on the temp display in the remote control. But I can ascertain that the aircon cools so well I have to turn it off sometimes and it’s not even set at 16 degrees but 23 degrees.

  16. hi derdo. may i know the lowest temperature setting of your panasonic split type ac? & approx. how many hours will it take to reach the lowest temp? how many hours/day r u using the panasonic ac? will it automatically shut off once the desired temp has been reached and will just turn back on once the temp increases? can you post a pic of your outdoor unit and the remote control? thanks in advance.

    • Hello Dave. the lowest temperature setting is 16 degrees Centigrade. These days as it’s cooler, it reaches the set temp very quickly and sometimes I have to adjust the temp to a higher level or turn the aircon off because of the cold. I use the aircon maybe 10-12 hours per day in this weather. When it was hotter, I barely turned it off.

      I think that’s supposed to be a feature of the inverter type of aircon – that it shuts off once the desired temp has been reached? Not sure though. Re the pictures, will have a picture taken when the weather lets up. Oh, but I will post a picture of the remote in a while.

      You’re in luck, husband volunteered to take the pictures immediately, so there.:)

  17. Thanks for the reply Derdo. I think the correct model# of the acu that you have is CS/U-S9KKQ. The pic on the brochure above is from CS/U-S9HKQ and it doesn’t have the eco patrol sensor on the lower left of the unit unlike yours. Btw i saw a samsung inverter acu which looks promising in terms of air purifying system. Model#: ASV12ESLN
    I hope Panasonic will improve their air purifying system as well.

  18. Temperature is not displayed on the unit (it has no LCD). I’m putting the link to the website and photos I took of the website re features. I don’t think it has auto clean and sleep mode, unless they use different terms for it.

  19. Does the CS/U-S9KKQ also displays the current temperature on it’s LCD? Does it have sleep mode feature? How about auto clean function? I can’t find it on their brochure nor on their website.

  20. Nice installation you got there. I’m wondring’ where the copper tube was fitted on the unit. Is it fitted directly at the back of it or on top left or top right? May I know how big is the room area in terms of sq m? And also with regards to your electricity bills for the past few months, how much are you saving now compared to those months on which you are not using an inverter type ac yet? Btw how long is the copper tube being used and how much did you pay for the complete installation? thanks in advance.

    • Room area is 15 square meters. Copper tube is directly behind. Our bill last month was P10k and to think I hardly turned the aircon off. Last year, when rates were lower and I used the window type less often, our bill reached P13k.

      Not sure about the length of the copper tube, but installation cost P6.5k without SM promo of free installation (worth P3.5k) for the first so many meters. Before we bought the unit, SM sent someone (from Virex) to estimate the size of the room (to determine hp requirement), we paid a fee which was deducted from the final fee of P3.0k.

  21. Thanks for the quick response derdo. May i know the complete model# of the Panasonic acu that you’re using? Can you post a picture of it so that I may know how clean had it been installed. I just don’t want some extra wires/copper tubes showing off the wall/ceiling. How much did you pay for the unit alone excluding the installation fee? What’s the warranty of the compressor and for the other parts? Did they offer you a 2-time free cleaning service within 1 yr as well? I heard the maintenance fee/cleaning service would cost you at least 1K. Is this true? Does using a powersaver really helps? I’m really interested to buy 1.

    • Hello. Model number is CS/U-S9KKQ. I’ll post the picture above. No extra wires or copper tubes are apparent. Unit cost 34,535.05 less 1,036.05 discount. how remiss of me, but I didn’t ask about the warranty. Or I may have asked but completely forgot what the answer was. Yes, two-time free cleaning service within a year. General cleaning is P800 per.

      Re Power Saver, I’d like to think it helps.

  22. Hi Guys, I’m on a hunt for the best split type ac with inverter feature. 2 of the features that top my list are the energy saving capabilty and the filtering system (eg LG and Samsung have anti AH1N1 feature) since i have a 1yr old baby. i did some research, may it be on the net or on different appliance centers. Panasonic and LG are my top 2 choices. And here are the results: (data were taken from 1HP split type ac with inverter)
    From what i read on the net, LG’s HS-09IV with 60% energey savings feature has the highest EER(15.3) and cooling capactiy when compared to other brands. Panasonic’s CS/U-S9KKQ has only 13.7 of EER. The higher the EER, the higher the energy saving effect it would be for us consumers. The other best feature of the LG is their anti AH1N1 and bird flu filter (Panasonic has their e-ion air purifying system). Regarding other features, they are barely just the same. Pricewise, LG-33,999 vs Panasonic-33,499. Based on the data i collected on the net, LG got my vote until i paid a visit to different appliance centers and asked a lot of ac techs/installers. regarding the period of service and feedbacks, panasonic has been tried and tested thats why most salespersons and techs highly recommend it while lg’s inverter type AC units are just a few months old and doesn’t have much feedback yet (may it be positive or negative) that’s why it would be a BIG gamble for us to go for their inverter type AC. I remembered one tech told me that they ran a different test regarding energy saving feature on each brand of AC that promises 60% energy savings and the results were Panasonic=55% vs LG=45% (a very big difference from what they said on their website) and now I’m getting a thought that their anti AH1N1 and bird flu feature might not be as true as it should be as well. that’s why im now really confuse to which brand im gonna get. Hope there would be more comments from LG inverter users and Panasonic inverter users regarding this issue. Thanks in advance.

    • If it’s any help, I’ve had fewer respiratory problems since I’ve had the Panasonic inverter aircon. I think its e-ion feature really works.

    • Hello. The number of Virex is 9132043. A friend I recommended to Virex was charged P7.5k for the installation of a 2-hp Panasonic split-type aircon recently. Sometimes, the store from which you buy the aircon might have a promo that can give you a discount in the installation fee. I think mine did so installation cost me P4k, more or less. My unit was 1hp only, though.

  23. which panasonic model did you buy?really confused with all the sales pitch from the appliance guys is it the 60% model, 50% model or the 40% model?


    • Appliance guys really muddle the issue a lot of the time with all their sales talk. We got the 60% model. Its features on top of the 50% model are the eco patrol and new refrigerant. Per the brochure eco patrol monitors “human presence and activity for energy saving” while the new refrigerant is supposed to be for environmental reasons.

      last night, it was so hot so I thought of switching to the old aircon to check if it would be cooler. Old aircon is a window-type with remote control. I also thought of switching because during the day, I heard a house caught fire because of an overheated aircon unit (The inverter type had been on for 12 hours or more). What did I find out?

      The level of cooling of the window type and the inverter is the same. I’m not sure you’ll experience the same, though because my window type aircon might be older. We put the new one on top of the old one so they share an outlet. Ergo, we couldn’t turn them on at the same time even if we wanted to and we did.

    • our electric bill is lower even if we used the aircon longer on a daily basis. It’s so quiet we sleep better too. Or maybe because it’s the ion feature that’s supposed to clean the air that has enhanced our sleep?

  24. I am not familiar with the inverter split type a/c but since my mom is visiting Manila and all the a/c in the house are original to the house when it was renovated, YIKES, in 1977 (puede na siguro mailagay sa museum yung mga ADMIRAL a/c namin), we want to get an a/c for her while she’s in Manila. How is your new a/c for power consumption?
    btw, love your blog. Papa was in a wheelchair for 14 years and Mama has a walker but refuses to use it. Do you find that public places in Manila are more wheelchair accessible now?

    • Hello Emelyn. thank you very much for visiting my blog. I’m so happy you “love” it. You give it another reason for being.

      I’ll answer your accessibility question in a separate post. I began answering it here but it ran into several paragraphs, it was shamefully long.

      Re the Panasonic inverter which I have, I think consumption wise it is more economical. At a dinner a few weeks ago, two friends said inverter aircons consume less power. I haven’t had it long enough to be sure but relative to my consumption last year , my consumption in March to early April this year was lower – and to think it was a lot hotter (still is) and I’ve been using the aircon a lot. I also think getting the PowerMate thing in True Value (I think other mall hardwares also have it) helps.

      I’ll post my answer on your accessibility concern in a while.

      Again thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment/questions.

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