Association of Mouth and Foot Painting Artists, Inc.

For years now, I’d get this envelope in the mail with greeting cards whose paintings are done by people who paint with either their mouth or feet because they have no hands or are quadriplegic. AMFPA makes beautiful cards and they do it to signify their preference for self-help rather than charity. They do not want pity. Rather, their flyer states that they want “a chance to earn a living” via  cards,  calendars, gift tags, a book of their paintings, jigsaw puzzles featuring their paintings. Some of the artists whose works are featured are Filipinos, others aren’t.

IF interested, call 413-3071 for orders. The office of AMFA  is at G/F Unit-B, Crismor Bldg, 29 G. Araneta Avenue, Barangay Santol 1113, Quezn City. You might also want to be included in their mailing list which means that at least twice a year they’ll send you a set of their products which you may either buy or return.

The cards aren’t cheap, though. For example, today I received a set of 8 all occasion cards that costs P495. If I decide to get them, I will deposit my payment to their account in Metrobank. Or I can also send a crossed check or a postal money order to their address above.

Some pictures of the cards I received today:


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