Crisostomo and JAM Angus Beef Tapa

Last Saturday night, we went to Eastwood Mall. The crowd in the mall was bigger than usual so, as expected, we weren’t able to dine in son’s chosen resto: Uncle Cheffy’s. Tables available were outside. To get a table inside, we had to wait for 5 or 6 others to be accommodated. So we thought of going to the Korean resto. But we noticed they had fans inside. Our suspicions were confirmed– they had aircon problems.

So we proceeded to the other side of the mall and were contemplating on where to eat when a smiling, Chinese looking gentleman approached us and gave us a menu of the resto. He looked like an owner. Resto: Crisostomo. We decided to try it out.

It was difficult to choose… son was charmed by the tags attached to each dish – very Rizalista. We took a long time and as we were thinking, thinking, thinking, son said “X and his family are there.” X was a former tutee. We waved to each other and soon after, he came to our table and we sought his suggestions. He said everything was good– and so we ordered some of his suggestions: Bangus sisig (very creamy), taba ng talangka rice (couldn’t find the talangka taste), crispy tapa (tasted like bacon), oysters with spinach and bacon (no cheese, waiter said, but it had and I liked it, but son found it fishy-tasting), bangus belly (husband’s choice) and dinuguan (my choice).

The only dish that was consumed completely was the tapa. So for two meals now, I’ve been eating bangus sisig and dinuguan. I was expecting that about the dinuguan — husband and son aren’t fans. But I didn’t expect them to not like the rest too much. Oh well. Tomorrow the bangus belly will be breakfast. I don’t think the sisig will keep much longer.

Speaking of tapa, tried the JAM angus tapa I blogged about earlier and the beef taste is very much pronounced. It’s good in that sense but is a tad salty. The first time we cooked it as is, I couldn’t take too much because I am not a salt fan. So the next time we had it, I had Maid A add some sugar. It’s better with a little more sugar.

The owner of JAM had asked me to give feedback but I’m shy to do so. Hope he/she finds this post.

2 thoughts on “Crisostomo and JAM Angus Beef Tapa

  1. Hello Sir,
    Thank you for blogging about JAM Foods’ Angus Beef Tapa. We have taken into account your suggestion here. Thank you once again! 🙂

    Koyen Cipriano
    JAM Foods

    • Hello. Thank you for dropping by. I guess it was just the first taste that took me aback. I’ve been ordering regularly since. It has become comfort food, somehow. Thank you very much for such a great tasting tapa.

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