TV Viewing on a Sunday

I switched channels a lot yesterday. Started out with Party Pilipinas. When many people sing at the same time, or individually in groups (does that make sense? But you get the drift) in the show, my ears can’t hear the melody of what they’re singing. At one point, the talents in the show (Ogie, Gian, et al.) sang this medley of Gary V’s songs and I was hard put to determine what songs they were singing. It was as though they were rapping the lyrics. Son said possibly, the acoustics, bad acoustics were behind my sudden deafness. So switched to ASAP V something (I can’t remember – because I didn’t know what it was about – was it XV?). Here people sang one at a time. I could hear a little of the melody, but not much. Why is that? Speaking voices I could hear clearly, but melodies, no.  Switched to Channel 5’s noontime show, but what was this? I thought I was watching Juicy – because I saw Ate Lud’s apo. Oh well. Decided to sleep instead. (Was hoping to catch Jan Nieto)

Around 3, I turned on the TV again and caught Channel 5’s Paparazzi – Cristy Fermin et al. Liked Ruffa Gutierrez’s makeup and look. Her hair wasn’t severely straightened and she looked good. Her makeup wasn’t like the one she used to have when she was recently married to Yilmaz. That was horrendous. I don’t know, but I like Ruffa, her twang notwithstanding. She’s not at all a dumb blonde (okay, her hair isn’t of that color but because she is striking, one might think she is that).

Paparazzi must have started early because by 3 (was it), the show was over and a comedy took over with Alex Gonzaga in it. She’s funny with her Cebuano accent. But the plot was egregious, so I switched channels again. Went to the Buzz. Yes, C, I watched the Buzz.

I caught part of the opening and couldn’t stand someone’s daughter. Then Kris, Boy and KC started to talk about Kris’ impending departure from the show and I thought this would prove interesting. But they kept repeating themselves. Finally, commercials. As a teaser came out that Kris would tell all about her relationship with James Yap, I thought I’d stay on. But after the commercials, they showed the Pinoy Big Brother teen winners, so I switched to Channel 7’s Showbiz Central which might well be called “The Lie Detector Show.” It put several guests under the lie detector, it seemed like an overkill, though I admit those segments were entertaining. Kyla and JR and oops, I forget who. Paolo Contis is such fun. He interviewed Rochelle Pangilinan of Sex Bomb. All her answers were truths at the start but when she was asked about having enhancements done, she said NO. Even her fans thought it was a lie (this portion had fans falling into columns after each question, to express their sentiment re the answer – truth or lie; the segment also had the audience bringing up boards indicating their opinion on whether what RP was saying was a truth or lie). When confronted with the lie detector’s judgment of her answer, RP said something to the effect that it was her body and it was up to her to do what she wanted to with it. Okay, point taken, but do you have to lie about it? The results are obvious. Oh well… none of my business. But I’m happy she lied because Paolo had to dance ala John Lapuz and he could dance!

Later, it was Ruffa Mae’s turn to be grilled. By no less than Ricky Lo whom they borrowed from Saturday’s talk show. Wow, while RL has blind items galore in his column, he minced no words when he asked RM questions yesterday. Very revealing ones. He also mentioned Mister M. His questions were: Have you been to Malacanang? Have you had dinner with the First Family in Malacanang? Will you get married to Mister M? I felt uncomfortable for RM, but she unabashedly answered the questions without identifying Mr. M (they’ll marry next year, she said). Still one could guess whom. She ended that segment with a “Happy Birthday, FG.” Oh boy. And funny because in this segment, Pia Guanio, Raymond Gutierrez and one more had this truth or lie thing to hold up. And while everyone said truth to Ruffa’s answer, PG raised Lie. Found that very funny and refreshing, Pia. Way to go.

Decided to switch back to Channel 2 (the sequence of these retellings is off-kilter — sorry). Gretchen et al., the stars of the soap that will start tonight, Magkaribal, were there minus Derek Ramsey (thank God, I wouldn’t have enjoyed anyone’s flirting with him because he is taken and I always side with the rightful “owner”). Gretchen was teary-eyed again as she was in another show, when talking aboout Magkaribal. She’s overwhelmed, she said. Angel Aquino stroked G’s arm to console her. Don’t like Bea’s hair – too straight and long. Extenders? I prefer it wavy, Bea. (As if she cares what I think).

Erich Gonzales reminds me of Isabel Oli. I’ve mistaken them for each other. There’s another lady in the show who came out in ASAP with the rest of the cast, but I didn’t catch her name. She looked familiar. Oh yes, in ASAP, when the cast was interviewed, they didn’t let Nina Ricci Alagao and those to the right of Zsa zsa talk at all. Kawawa.

Back to the Buzz. Kris’s revelation was a dud. She said for the sake of Baby James (not Bimby anymore?) she would keep quiet. She didn’t want BJ to catch her answer in YouTube when he’s ten years old, she said. So she refused to elaborate as to why she decided to end her marriage. Is this separation really for good? Later, she also said something about Noy’s presidency.

I have noticed how Kris beams when she’s referred to as the First Sister. She’s apparently proud of Kuya Noy. And I’ll bet she’ll relish her new role to the hilt. Later, I heard Kris’s laughter after being teary eyed earlier. She can switch from one mode to the other so quickly. I’m impressed/amazed.

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