Thomas Cowan

How’s that for service? Alarmed by the unknown insects that plagued the house early yesterday morning, I called TC (6319331) yesterday pm to have them check if those pests were termites. Two TC inspectors are here now to do their work. We purposely did not clean the window sills so they’d see the wings/remnants of the lifeless insects. Thank you TC. Now if only PLDT DSL were similarly efficient. Our download speed is still 0.49 mbps. I’ll call again if only for record purposes.

Meanwhile, the TC people said it was simply raga-raga/gamu-gamu, but very huge ones, I must say. Speaking of pests, can geckos (tuko) also be classified as such? Heard GMA let lose a number in some place infested by some pests. The other day, also saw geckos in wild abandon in some place. Arrgh, one gecko before was enough to make me shake in fear. In excess of one will kill me. Okay, exaggerating but who likes looking at them or hearing them? I recall one touching incident involving my mom and a gecko.

When I was in high school or college, a gecko made its annoying sound that seemed to be right in the room where I slept. I told my mother this and she slept in the room with me for at least a night until the offending creature was found. When I told this story to a sister, she was very much surprised that Mama did this for me.

2 thoughts on “Thomas Cowan

  1. Awwww. What moms would do for their children.

    On another note, I find geckos fascinating. Of course I freaked out when I first heard its sound but did not actually see it. Years later I saw two “lovely, colorful, but big-headed lizards” when I was in Iligan. The prof I was with then said “tuko yan”. He wasn’t alarmed at all, did not move a bit, so I thought geckos were nice creatures. Loved them since. 🙂

    I’m actually looking for GL video, he he.

    • yuck, you love them? yuck. What’s GL? Guess where we are, in Coffee Bean. will blog about it when we get our dsl back.

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