Gourmet Pao, Wesley Gonzalez and then some

Gourmet Pao in Power Plant. This was sold in the table that sells Iya’s jumbo pastillas. Rather pricey at P720 per box of 6. But they’re humongous – husband, son and I divide one jumbo pao among the 3 of us. Have tried the one that had chorizo, ham and cheese, and it was good. But the spam, egg and cheese is a tad too salty. They didn’t give us sauce, should they have?


Years back, when the Blue Eagles had Wesley Gonzalez, quite a number were enamored with him and called him “papa-licious” even, his temper notwithstanding. But that’s just Wesley on the court. Off-court, he is a gentleman, polite, warm. The reason behind his mention now is that husband has lately been watching basketball in Balls TV and the channel constantly replays WG’s interviews off-court with the likes of LA Tenorio, Glenn Rice, Allan Caidic, and AToy Co. His funniest was with Benjie Paras who’s such a comic, teasing Wesley “naiingit ka ba kay Chris Tiu?” or something to that effect. But WG is a natural so he has no reason to be “inggit” of Chris Tiu. He is a fun interviewer and should consider hosting/annotating as a career should he grow tired of basketball. Really. Have been looking for a video of WG doing the said interviews, but found none.

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