Zao in Eastwood Mall

Had lunch at Zao in EM today. We initially thought of eating in Uncle Cheffy, then Kogi. But the menu of Zao convinced us to try it out.

As is our wont when we’re in a resto for the first time, we were hard put to chose what to order. The waiter suggested that those with red flags should be considered first and foremost. So son ordered chicken with lemongrass, husband got beef shaky or something that sounds like that, I got the Saigon bowl. We also ordered the Saigon rice. Then husband saw this sign of Citibank that said if one’s bill reached P1k, one was entitled to an order of satay. We were and got pork satay.

The chicken had a tangy taste  that resembled ginger. Son said it might be the lemongrass. Husband’s tenderloin was good. My bowl had cold noodles underneath spring rolls, beef barbecue, pork barbecue and some lettuce(?) leaves. The rice was okay, and while it had shrimps, son didn’t develop an allergy, an indication that the shrimps were fresh. A bowl of dipping sauce was served for the satay, so was the Saigon bowl.

Son said Vietnam cuisine is so Filipino – very saucy. Not being an expert on Vietnamese cuisine, I can’t say for sure whether his assessment is correct or if the resto had modified the taste to suit the Filipino palate.

Fast forward to some 4 hours later. I was checking the receipts in my wallet because I was so pleased that my bill in Mercury Drugstore yesterday was P300 less after I submitted three Citibank receipts worth at least P1500 each. (That’s quite a good deal.) Then as is my habit, I checked my credit cards. Oops, one was missing. Checked every possible pocket in my bag, my wallet, the floor of the car. Nada. Reviewed where I had used it and was sure I used cash most of the time except in Regatta and Zao. Tried to call Citibank and it had to be this pm where after dialing 9959999, the phone didn’t ring. Instead there was music, very soft music. This occurred several times. Called 187 to ask if Citibank had other numbers. Asked how I could call their number in Cebu. The operator in 187 said they had no other number, the Cebu number didn’t answer either. Of all days for this to happen…

Then called Zao. Maila answered. She asked for my name and said it was with her. Whew. So husband is there now to get it and has in fact texted that he has gotten it.

To the management of Zao, I would like to commend you and Maila for her honesty. It’s such a great filling feeling to know that there still exist people who are honest…

Just the same to be on the safe side, I called Citibank again 995 9999 and this time got connected. I was advised to have my card replaced for P400 and I requested for such replacement. Better to be safe than sorry, right? As I know that my card is insured against theft, I asked how it works. Apparently, protection from payment starts from 24 hours before one makes the report. So there, had someone used my card before I could report it, said shopping would have been covered. But I can imagine the amount of documentation I might be required to provide?

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