Recipe and video for yummy gravy

Roasted chicken yesterday stuffed with malagkit rice cooked with shiitake mushrooms and leftover ham, Italian sausage etc. Thought of serving it with gravy, so went in search of a new recipe for it. Found this site and the rest is history. The gravy was very tasty/buttery. It was Maid A who made it so this rave is not self-serving.

Speaking of butter, had lunch in Old Wine Grill last Sunday. Ordered additional bread though I was aware the appetizer pulled pork came with bread. Lo and behold, we were served not the dinner roll as was usual but baguette. Disappointment number 1. Second disappointment – the rosette of butter so tasted like margarine. I asked the waiter what it was, he said they used to get Anchor. He wasn’t sure what brand it was that was served. I haven’t been buying Anchor for a while, so I don’t know for sure if that was Anchor. The chef steak quarter of husband had butter slices too and the first taste of it was okay, then the taste sank in. Was it really butter? Ordered the Kobe beef and it was very good. No margarine taste there. Son ordered the salmon that had wasabi mayo. He raved about it.


We chose to go to Eastwood Mall last Sunday precisely because of the mall’s weekend version of Power Plant’s Baker’s Dozen. Weeks back, got some suman and tablea and they were really good. So we went to EM and luckily for us, the stall was there albeit in a different location. The brand: Lola Consuelo(?). Tablea’s from Batangas, the owner Cory Rojas Untalan said. The suman was from Batangas or BAtaan which she had some people supply. Also got a bottle of dulce de leche. She pointed us to another merchant, two tables away selling baked goods. She suggested we try the queso de bola cheesecake. We got an entire one after tasting the sample. Sampling really works if the product is very good.

3 thoughts on “Recipe and video for yummy gravy

    • Last time I was in Eastwood Mall, one of the occasional tenants said they’d be there all weekends of February. Sometimes the Lola Consuelo tablea makers also sell in Power Plant, occupying one of the tables along the center aisle of P1.

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