It’s Tikoy Time

This pm, I got my first (and last?) box of Tikoy for Chinese New Year circa 2011, the Year of the Rabbit. A few weeks ago, I disposed of 3 boxes of tikoy from last , believing (presuming) I’d get a new box this year. Gave it to the maids who gave it to the basurero. They don’t fancy tikoy, they said.

Tikoy is yummy but can be difficult to finish a box of. One can only eat so much of it. Plus cooking it requires a lot of cooking oil and eggs. So what to do?

Lynn Ching in Unang Hirit said that some people slice and eat it, as is. But last year, I think it was, one sister said she had tried it sliced and wrapped in lumpia wrapper and fried.  I tried it tonight and it was quite good. Crispy and sticky without eggs. Think mozzarella cheese – texture wise, that is.  The tikoy I received was brown and I enjoyed two pieces. Husband also had two pieces. Son isn’t around. Not sure if he’ll eat his share. Tomorrow it will be limp.


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