SM Megamall and St. Francis Square, Mercury in Shang

Years back, I had a very bad experience in the SM Megamall chapel, whose brown ladies asked me to transfer from the back, to the front, to the back because I’m in a wheelchair.

Last Saturday, I had a glorious experience in the now bigger chapel and I don’t think I’ll be asked to transfer places by any lady in brown ever in the chapel. It’s so huge, tastefully decorated and comfortable. Watched a concert in it.

Prior to the concert, had lunch in Gumbo (second floor). Son having arrived first, he ordered ham croquettes, seafood paella and baby back ribs. Gumbo in Megamall is a bit tight. In fact, the family of four near us asked that a chair be added to the sofa like seats that could sit two per side but uncomfortably. That family was something else. Girl ordered lemonade. She called the food server quietly and said “may spider”, pointing to her drink. No loudmouth there. Gracious.

Food: the croquettes were supposed to be ham croquettes but they were not very generous with the ham, one almost forgot that they were supposed to have it. The ribs were good, the paella too. And servings are huge. Before paying, I asked if they had a tie-up with a credit card. Yes, with Citibank, so we took home a whole order of seafood pasta – very, very generous serving of it. (Reminder: when you eat out ask, always ask if they have a tie-up with some credit card. At Mr. Jones in Greenbelt, we got a huge slice of carrot cake. Another option was apple pie. THis was a week ago, so perish the thought that we have such huge meals every time we go out.)

After lunch, husband and I went off to St. Francis to have a design he created iron-transferred to his shirt. Of course I took the chance to look up my DVD-DVD suki. She suggested DVDs that I got but I haven’t been having much luck lately. Subtitles are usually so grammatically bad one doesn’t know what the story is about. Can You Hear My Heart is, I’m sure, good, but I couldn’t appreciate it for the simple reason that subtitling must have been translated word for word, without thought of coherence. Tried viewing online, but the streaming was so slow. So just finished watching the DVD and enjoyed the story or what I could of it.

So decided to watch Billie Jean stars Lee Ji Hon who could sing and dance, but the story was so repetitious, it was hardly moving. Or maybe I’m too old for it. Now watching Beethoven’s Virus and it has a lot of good actors and actresses in the cast, but the subtitles are not very good. Haven’t finished yet but I am in no mood to be patient. So I’ll try Miss Ripley after blogging. Still haven’t, trying to give Betthoven’s Virus a chance.


On another note, Mercury in Shang. There are two, one on the ground floor diagonal from National Bookstore, another on the fifth floor leading to the MRT. Apparently, while queuing is observed in Mercury Power Plant, this is not so in Shang, ground floor. So you anxiously hope the clerk sees you and favors you so you are served quickly. Otherwise, wait until heaven knows when.

We waited for maybe five minutes, no clerk looked our way, we left. In PowerPlant, there is order, no randomness. First come, first served. Is that not only fair?

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