The Revilla Saga

I am affected, I guess because it involves a family. And maybe because when Ramgen first joined showbiz, I saw him on Tv and he was truly charming, smiling easily.

Over the past days I’ve been scouring the internet for news, for a background on Genelyn Magsaysay. I wondered if the Magsaysay appellation was for showbiz merely, but no, she is a daughter of Gene Magsaysay, Ramon Magsaysay’s brother. And Genelyn’s mom is Lyn Madrigal who used to have a show on TV, back in the sixties the way Carina Afable did. I think she was a singer.

So who’s telling the truth? What is the truth?

Some of the sites I’ve read through: – very interesting and quite thorough

Genelyn Magsaysay’s facebook – I thought it would be private, but no, it isn’t. She didn’t even bother to delete comments under Mara’s pictures like “murderer”, “Killer”, etc. Some cooler heads wrote, “huwag humusga”. Check it out here

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