Dining Out and Experiencing Something Unsettling

We were at the Podium for lunch today. We had given our orders and were eating when a loud voice boomed, each syllable clearly enunciated, one didn’t need a hearing aid even if one were auditorily challenged. The stentorian voice was berating a waiter demanding that the father he had brought to the restaurant be treated with respect. He even used the “F” word to refer to the resto, per my husband. I was a bit shaken, expecting a gunfight, fisticuffs, etc. to ensue. He sounded really angry. He demanded for the manager to come, several times. He shouted out each statement, or was that his normal speaking voice? I guess not because the rest of the time thereafter, we heard not his voice. According to husband, the man’s father didn’t seem agitated, NR (no reaction). Husband saw the angry man stroking his father’s back. A caring son, apparently.

As our lunch progressed, Husband kept describing the man with the loud voice to me, saying he was a lawyer. I gave the names of the lawyers in the neighborhood and those we see on TV because it was obvious he was a high-profile person for husband to know he was a lawyer. My back was turned to their table which was near the door, ours was several meters away. So I had no way to know.

Meanwhile, the waiter was visibly shaken by the tirade, as was everyone who worked in the resto, I guess. I asked our waiter what  got the man’s goat, he discreetly said he had no idea.

After we finished lunch, husband pointed him out to me. I confirmed who he was because I see him in the neighborhood, on TV and in the papers. But I’m not telling. Had Victor Agustin of Cocktales been around, he’d have had fodder for a blind item, or maybe, VA would have gone outright and identified the irate man. (Truth to tell this man has smiled to me at least once in the grocery; maybe because he saw his wife and me talking?

But I’m no Victor Agustin, I’ve no connections that might protect me from whatever suit, so I’m keeping mum on this. The memory of that experience, though, continues to linger and haunt me. I keep recalling it every so often. Husband said he was dumbfounded. I was shocked.

Image from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Law_gavel.jpg


3 thoughts on “Dining Out and Experiencing Something Unsettling

  1. Hmmmm…you’re making me so curious as to the identity of this person. I used to read Victor Agustin’s Cocktales in Business World when I was still in the Philippines. I enjoy making a guess on these who’s who.

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