Wrong tenderloin?

On 15 December 2011, I wrote this glowing post on Monterey Commonwealth.

Last night, I sadly wrote the following letters to the branch manager:

Hi Charyvel. last December I placed an order in your store for delivery. As far as I can remember, my orders included the following:

a) embutido – buy one take one
b) lumpiang shanghai – buy one take one
c) lengua – almost two kilos
d) half kilo of tenderloin (beef)
e) I can’t remember if I bought more than the list above.
Today, I had the maid cook the tenderloin. It was tough. My son said it was pork, not beef. The maid agreed with son. 
I know I was charged for beef tenderloin, not pork tenderloin. My bill was such that I got two free whole chickens.
If you want to check, I still have some of the “beef” tenderloin left here as the maid cooked only half of the half kilo. It is still inside a Monterey plastic bag. 
Hope you can address the matter fairly. 
I wrote a second email, it read:
“PS I still have the price tag that came with the “beef” tenderloin.
Hope to hear from you soon.”
and a third:
“I just saw my blog post on my December purchases. I bought those meats December 14, because I posted about Monterey Commonwealth on the 15th. Check out my site.
At around 10 a.m. or earlier, I hadn’t heard from them, so I called and spoke to the person who had taken my order then: Shay. I told her I had emailed Charyvel, the manager. (For the sake of accuracy, let me point out that my emails didn’t have images in them. I should have put them in.)
Shay said she’d get back to me.
At 12, was it,  still not having heard from her, I called. Charyvel was not around yet, I was told.
It’s 2:24 pm now, and a few minutes ago, Shay called to say they’d pick up the “beef tenderloin” and verify. They’ll replace it if it’s pork.
Pity that husband was so hungry last night he finished the pork salpicao which son and I barely ate. So now, I have one “exhibit” less. How was it made more palatable? He sprinkled garlic chips on the meat.
Will update this post on whatever comes of this consumer issue.
How ironic that posts back, I was raving about Monterey Commonwealth’s beef tenderloin. So was HHA who said I should just get from MC each time. 😦
5 January 2012 – The DAY after
Late afternoon yesterday, Monterey Commonwealth had the “beef” tenderloin picked up. The man who came insisted it was beef. Heard nothing from them, so just now, at around 9:50 a.m., called MC and talked to Shay. She said it was “beef”. Heavens if that’s the quality of their beef, if indeed it was beef, and especially if it’s the quality of their beef tenderloin, shame on them. I told her to try cooking it in 5 minutes. If it’s soft enough to eat then, I was wrong,  they are right. But they have to let me taste it. Now,  if after 5 minutes the thing isn’t edible, then…
either the thing was pork or very low quality beef, and certainly it wasn’t the beef tenderloin I paid for.
It’s back to Rustan’s Katipunan for me then, where I can have erroneous or inferior purchases returned/replaced. Or Shoppersville.
As HHB said when I told her MC kept insisting it was beef, why don’t they just replace it and get it over and done with? No goodwill in MC, apparently. Perhaps they haven’t heard of the word.
10:12 a.m. the saga continues. Finally, Chary, the manager, calls. she insists it was beef. She said the color was such because it was frozen. Really? But what about the texture? And the tenderness of beef? And the taste of beef? These were absent when the beef was cooked.
I told Chary to try cooking it. She said she would and would get back to me. She also said that as soon as they have a delivery of fresh as opposed to frozen beef, she’d have the replacement delivered to me.
That will be the last they’ll have to deliver anything to my house.
Got a call from a Mercy of Monterey Commonwealth at around 8:20 a.m. She said they were sending over replacement beef tenderloin. She maintained that what they had given me was boxed loin, I said so it wasn’t tenderloin? She said it was tenderloin. I asked if they cooked it she said yes, it was beef. HHA who cooks our meals maintains it wasn’t. My son too.
Here’s a picture of the beef they sent.
It’s not frozen this time, but fresh. I intend to have HHA cook me a slice, using the same ingredients she did the other night. Will update this post afterward.

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