On Reading and Ordering Books et al.

I used to read a lot when I was in grade school and high school, my reading choices an admixture of the serious and the unserious, fiction and non-fiction. In college, we had to read a lot of papers for Philo and Theo, so reading for pleasure took a back seat. Then when my work veered toward reading case studies and business related articles, reading for pleasure was replaced by non-reading activities like computer games, cooking, baking, etc. Oh yes, dvd-dvd watching too.

But now, with hardly any work coming, I have taken up reading again, which I alternate with TV and dvd-dvd viewing and computer games. But books are so expensive sometimes and take up a lot of space, so I always think more than twice before getting one and lining up to pay for it. Sometimes, I just browse over whatever books son and husband have.

A few years ago, got husband a Kindle. He enjoyed using it until a toggle ceased to function. A few months ago, son mentioned how someone might give him one and he seemed to be excited about it. But that Kindle never came and it occurred to me to get each of us one Kindle. But which one? (I myself wanted to resume reading but the small print in some books is not for old eyes like mine. Kindle is perfect in the sense that it allows letters to be enlarged, right?)

Of course my first choice for myself was Kindle Fire. To begin with it was colored. But son dissuaded me, saying its other features (yes, games) would be redundant because of my iPod Touch. So I looked at the other models. One thing I was sure of was to get something without a toggle.

I looked at Kindle Touch. I should get the one with no ads, I thought. But when I read reviews, mention was made that the ads weren’t too bothersome plus the unit with ads was $50 cheaper. Consulted husband and son and they were okay with the unit with ads.

Now where to order? Amazon direct was an option, but I’m scared of having to deal with Customs. So I ventured on ordering through e2 door after checking out Amazon rates. I also saw Nelson Krx on FB (which sells Kindle and other stuff) and got a quote from it. Amazon and e2door had more or less the same quotes. Nelson was slow to answer my question then such that I had ordered from e2door before getting a reply from NK. Plus I had apprehensions about ordering from Nelson as the money involved in getting 3 units was not small (per my standards). So I ordered through e2door, which meant more than P4k more than had I ordered through Nelson Krx.

After maybe 10 days, we received our Kindles and realized we needed covers. This time, I thought, I should try Nelson Krx. But still the hesitation was there. Then what do you know, after adding NK as a FB friend, I saw a nephew’s post (B, I am referring to your younger nephew here) thanking NK for good service. He had ordered a Kindle Touch and cover.

I wanted to bite my elbow, haha. Had I risked ordering through NK, I could have saved some precious pesos. Arrgh.

Now I’m waiting for the Kindle covers I ordered through NK. Expected arrival date is Feb 3. Keeping my fingers crossed they come as scheduled.

As soon as I get mine my orders from NK, I’ll do a full post on its service.

Will this mean goodbye e2door? Nelson Krx charges so much less.

By the way, Scrooge that I am, I haven’t yet bought a book. Instead I got samples of Walter Isaacson’s book on Einstein and Adventures of Sherlock Holmes for free. And I’ve put my Kindle in its box where it will stay until I get its cover.

Can hardly wait. So what book will I purchase first? Any suggestions?


4 thoughts on “On Reading and Ordering Books et al.

  1. Husband’s was keyboard model also, second generation, but its toggle broke and he couldn’t access his books any longer. Good that he was able to transfer them to Touch.

    How do you hold the Kindle? I find it too wide to hold in the palm of my hand, so I ordered the Marware cover which has this strap outside under, through which the hand could be inserted to hold the unit. My order from Nelson hasn’t come yet though, so I cannot say whether it is a good choice or not.

  2. Ahay, am too late. But, now we can exchange notes about the books we read in our Kindles. I wish we could share libraries. They can do that in the US. (Mine is what they now call the keyboard model but am thinking of getting the Touch model because it’s so much lighter.)

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