Is Mercury in retrogade?

This morning I called a cake store, okay, Gateau de Manille to order a cake for delivery at 6 pm. Within an hour or so of my call, I called again to order additional items: polvoron regular and crispy polvoron. I think the girl forgot to ask my name so she called my cell. She asked if it was I who had ordered the polvoron. I said yes.

Six twenty pm. I was pleased, the cake came. Earlier I had given the maid the exact amount for the cake and polvoron. HHA came, fuming. She said there was no polvoron so she didn’t pay for the cake. But the delivery boy was waiting outside. I instructed her to pay for the cake. She thought I’d call CG to complain. I was  not inclined.

Afterwards, I decided to call JT Manukan’s to order, for delivery, I said. The guy asked where I stay. I said Loyola Heights. He sounded undecided. I asked if it was the Katipunan branch and he said yes. Then he confessed that they have no rider, that they deliver by trike. Minimum for delivery after he asked, he said, was P300.

So I gave me orders: 2 heart, 1 paa, 1 bangus and 1 dinuguan. He repeated: 1 heart, 1 paa, 1 bangus and 1 dinuguan. Then he said again, 1 corazon. So I asked if they had only 1 stick left, he said “hindi naman.”

Then he asked for my address. I gave 1xx-A. He said “yun lang?” Hay. If I were in  mean mood, I’d have said yes. Wonder how he’d found the house, had I said yes. But he had the good sense to ask for my phone number, so he could have called.

Is Mercury in retrogade?

(cartoon from this site)


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