On Reading

Reading has always been a part of my life. I liked reading a lot, maybe developing a taste for it because being the youngest of seven children, I was exposed to the books my sisters bought. I also bought books of my choosing, especially when I was in grade school and wanted to play teacher-teacher with the househelp or if they were asleep, with my dolls. I bought schoolbooks in Catholic Trade School in Manila, whenever we’d visit.

For leisure I borrowed books from the library in the classroom or later, in the bigger library in school. Before high school my reading materials included Nancy Drew books, Trixie Belden, Enid Blyton. I must have read one or two Hardy Boys books, bought by my older sisters. I don’t think I really bought any of them on my own.

Comic books included fairy tales, Little Lotta, Audrey, Wendy, Archie, and Golden Classics fairy tales. There were so many of them put in drawers in our bathroom that some were eventually bound in thick volumes.

In high school I began to read Mills and Boon, a little of Barbara Cartland. I read Harold Robbins’ books, which my sisters bought. I also read To Kill a Mockingbird, Ayn Rand, Little Prince. I was in grade school when an older sister gave me LP and I didn’t finish it. I was apparently too young to appreciate it then.

High school also meant reading Tiger Beat, Fave and other teen magazines, oh yes, Seventeen before it was localized. Sometimes, a few classmates and I would exchange issues we’d missed.

College and later meant reading Robert Ludlum and other authors of his genre.

Then I began to edit and read/write case studies. Reading became work, and not an occasion for leisure. If I did read for leisure, this meant reading magazines (a habit I took up even in grade school as Mama would buy local showbiz magazines, while the maids would have Bulaklak and Liwayway, Hiligaynon too. I read the comics of those magazines and some articles, I think. I also used to read Graphic Magazine, Nation, etc.). I did read a few books along the way, two of which stood out: On Writing by Stephen King, Still Me by Christopher Reeve. SK is compelling reading, CR – I could relate with his book, a lot, being in a wheelchair like him.

Then work began to come in trickles: tutoring, editing, writing. I had a lot of time on my hands. So I would watch telenovelas on DVD-DVD, on TV, etc. I would read some magazines: Fortune, Time, YES.

Then the DVD-DVDs of Koreanovelas began to have badly written subtitles, whereby I could no longer be sure what they wanted to convey. Reading initially was not an option for me for two reasons, maybe more:

a) space – books take up a lot of space. Once the mom of a tutee came and said “You have so many books!” and she was only seeing those in the sala. Had she gone to the bathroom, she’d have passed the hallway where a huge shelf stands laden with books.

b) books cost – between buying stuff for my baby, toddler, little boy, young man and buying books, I opted for the former and rationalized that I could always read the books he bought or those my husband bought. I did, a few of both categories.

c) eyesight problems – the print in a lot of books, magazines even, is so small sometimes that I would put them close to my eyes to be able to read. My sister remarked on this once and I began to wonder if I was harming my eyesight even more by doing so.

Years back, I saw some big print books in Fully Booked, among them On Writing. But by then I had already read the book in the regular print. There were other titles but I guess I was either in denial mode or in a) and/or b) mode above.

Then a few months ago, son mentioned wanting a Kindle. Husband already had one I got for him years back, except that it’s toggle was no longer working. It occurred to me that I could resume reading using a Kindle as it allowed enlarging font size.

So I got a Kindle Touch for each one of us, plus Kindle covers for each one of us.

Now I am happily reading 11/22/63 by Stephen King in my Kindle, in between reading Walter Isaacson’s Albert Einstein biography and Susan Cain’s Quite: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking, the latter two gifts of my cousin (thanks a lot, B!).

I cannot be happier. Before finally buying my first Kindle book (SK’s novel), I had been downloading samples or free books, hesitant to spend precious pesos if I could get reading fare free.

Allow me to introduce you to my new friend, starting with the Marware Eco-Vue cover:


which has a pocket where I can put stuff in, a strap where I can insert my hand so the Kindle won’t fall while I’m reading,


and finally, my Kindle. Just look at the font size:


(sorry about the shadows in the pictures.)

19 thoughts on “On Reading

  1. I’m not sure it does. I read somewhere about Fire being dependent on Amazon cloud or something. Too techie for me so I stopped finding out why or what.
    I went to Verso’s website and they showed this …http://www.lightwedge.com/Shop/Search-by-Device/Verso-Artist-Series-Covers-Typewriter-by-Molly-Rausch (Take note of the Marrakesh folio cover, yumyum! And, of course, the Statue of Liberty. πŸ™‚
    Maybe I should have it shipped to my friend who sends me things via Johnny Air Cargo. She paid $5 to send me a small box with sweaters and that’s about the same weight of the cover. Got it in 5 days. Delivered to my doorsteps.

    • Wow, how lucky to find the design cover that fits your Kindle! If they were cheaper, how nice to collect covers, hahaha.

      Re Johnny Air, I haven’t yet tried availing of its services. Only $5 for your small box of sweaters? That is so cheap! And 5 days is as quick as it gets, delivered to your doorstep at that. Wow.

  2. Doesn’t Fire work here? Wanted to get that initially because it’s colored but son said I already have an iPod so I don’t need Fire’s other features.

  3. Sorry. I think I got excited when I saw it, I failed to notice it’s for Kindle Fire. Ha ha! Let me check if they have one for Kindle Keyboard. If only Kindle Fire works here … πŸ™‚

  4. Searched for a silicon cover on Amazon but they don’t have it anymore. They did have one but it’s microfiber. I think I might like it because it’s not as thick as the leather one. It’s an OCTOVO Tirim Splashproof Outdoor Case / Cover for Kindle. Not even $10. You think Nelson might have it?
    I’ll email you a photo of my NY Times Cover. πŸ™‚

  5. My Marware Eco-vue cover is leather, husband’s isn’t so there’s a difference in weight.

    Re ordering from Amazon and having to get it from the post office – so true. Plus the suspenseful element as to how much Customs will charge. But Amazon offers door to door shipping as well – a bit more expensive than e2door. So I think Nelson is the most reasonable option. She might even have what you want on hand, in which case waiting time is near nil.

    Will wait for your choice and the picture of your present cover. Curious!

  6. On Facebook when I still had my account. A friend bought from Nelson so it showed on my wall. Then I told our nephew, B, about Nelson because he wanted to buy a Kindle.

    Is the Marware cover made of leather or polyurethane? I like the strap idea. My NY Times cover – it’s really cute, I’m sure you’ll like it – is a bit heavy (because it’s part leather) but I couldn’t resist the design. I also bought a NY Times cover for Chorizo Queen’s Kindle Fire (but ordered it from Amazon and had it delivered to her in NY). It showed the Statue of Liberty – so nice! But I can’t imagine Amazon shipping it all the way to the Philippines. I’m tamad to go to the post office or wherever to pick it up.

    Sige, will try to look for a silicon cover on Amazon.

  7. So you also give up when the fonts are small? A sister was amazed when I told her I just look at the pictures in a magazine I then pass on to her, especially when the subject matter isn’t worth wasting my precious eyesight over.

    Re Nelson krx, will look at his silicon covers and take pictures so you can choose. Or tell me what you like in amazon and I’ll check if he has it.

    How did you discover Nelson to begin with?

  8. My font? Siempre as big as yours! The ability to adjust the font, the orientation AND to instantly find the meaning in a dictionary are priceless, no? Can you imagine if we had e-readers when we were kids? (Do you read comics on your Kindle? Just in case you don’t know yet – they do read comics on Kindle na! But I’ve never been a fan of comics even when I was a kid. Weird.)

    I borrowed K’s hard copy of Marites Vitug’s Shadow of Doubt. Sus! Couldn’t read it – K gave up too – because the fonts were toooo small. So I was happy when I found that a copy is available at Amazon.

    I’ll try to take a photo of my Kindle cover and yes, got it from Nelson krx too. But can no longer browse because it seems he’s on Facebook only.

  9. There is a $79 version you can get from Amazon. If you have a friend coming back from the US, that’s the cheapest way. The second cheapest way would be to get it through Nelson krxin Facebook. Got my covers from him, a nePhew got his kindle from him. I made the more expensive decision of ordering through e2door which cost me P7k per unit (kindle touch wifi edition). Through Nelson the same unit cost p5.7k. There are other versions, some cheaper, some more expensive than mine. I got the one with ads which cost $50 less in Amazon.

  10. Wow that’s nice one – your reading history from childhood up to the present. I also love to read books and magazines. Kaya nga, I frequent Fully Booked in the Fort kasi u can actually read/browse them.. How much is a kindle?

  11. Wow, your cover has a strap? Cool! My Kindle has slipped from my hands countless of times because I fell asleep while reading. I have a New York Times cover for my Kindle, looks cute but I think it’s a little heavy so am now shopping around for a silicon cover.
    I would recommend an e-reader to anyone who loves to read. Imagine being able to bring all the books you want wherever you go! Now I don’t mind having to wait anywhere because I can just switch on my Kinde and be entertained.

    • Yes it has a strap! Have you checked out Nelson krx for the cover? Did you get your NYT cover through her? What’s the design? Saw so many nice ones but they were almost as expensive as the kindle.

      True about waiting and having a kindle to while away the time! Do you use the regular font size?

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