Elar’s Again

Okay, the last time I ordered, the skin wasn’t crispy but curled up. But I didn’t want to let on less Elar’s lose customers. Now I’m saying so because I ordered again.

I told the lady who took my call re my previous experience and she said likely that portion was from the kasim area. She had non-kasim parts on hand when I called and promised to send this, this time around.

The order has just arrived. This I have to see.

Another thing, delivery is no longer free. P50. For the tricycle ride. Tricycle’s charge less than that, I think, but some drivers may charge higher? I have to research on the matter.

Verdict: Had the lechon for lunch and dinner and this time, the skin was crisp! Even after reheating for dinner, it was crisp. Thanks, Elar’s. And I asked the maid how much tricycles charge from and to Xavierville. Depends on the driver but indeed, they can charge as high as P50 roundtrip.

Only fair then for Elar’s to charge P50 for delivery 🙂

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