Heard on tv

No, these aren’t gossip so if that’s what you are looking for… Sorry.

A. Evening telenovela- line uttered by a female lead “the crime rate these days are very high.” I almost switched channels. Whose fault? If you’re an actor/actress and there’s something wrong with the script’s grammar do the viewers a favor and edit it… Unless the role calls for it of course.

B. Diana zubiri on delivering her acceptance speech for her beat actress or something similar award from the young critics circle cried. She was touched and recalled her indecent exposure issue care of then Mayor Abalos when she posed in Edsa in a red bikini. But what made me smile and my son conclude “at least sincere siya” was her statement “Alam naman nating lahat na wala akong ginawa dun kundi lumalad at lumakad” in the movie for which she was recognized. How’s that for candid? And cute? Bravo Diana!

C. Pregnant host of a noontime show always invokes the permission granted her by her OB-GYNE re, among other things, her continuing propensity to wear very high heels at work. (HHC noticed this just now and said she should stop.) Guess what host said, that her OB said it was all right for her to keep doing so, “huwag lang ako madapa.” What’s that again? Of course, but wearing heels increases the chances of that happening, methinks? sacrifice for the safety of your baby. You have but a few months left in your pregnancy.

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