UAAP 75 Basketball Games Schedule

UAAP 75 – Basketball Men
1st Round Pairings as of June 28, 2012 b
DAY MATCH Light Pairings Dark Time Day Date Venue
1 1 NU   vs   UE 2:00pm Sat 14-Jul-12 MOA Arena
2 UST   vs   FEU 4:00pm Sat 14-Jul-12 MOA Arena
2 3 DLSU   vs   UP 2:00pm Sun 15-Jul-12 MOA Arena
4 AdU   vs   ATENEO 4:00pm Sun 15-Jul-12 MOA Arena
3 5 ATENEO   vs   UST 2:00pm Thu 19-Jul-12 Araneta Coliseum
6 UE   vs   DLSU 4:00pm Thu 19-Jul-12 Araneta Coliseum
4 7 UE   vs   AdU 2:00pm Sat 21-Jul-12 MOA Arena
8 UP   vs   UST 4:00pm Sat 21-Jul-12 MOA Arena
5 9 FEU   vs   DLSU 2:00pm Sun 22-Jul-12 MOA Arena
10 ATENEO   vs   NU 4:00pm Sun 22-Jul-12 MOA Arena
6 11 UP   vs   NU 2:00pm Thu 26-Jul-12 Araneta Coliseum
12 AdU   vs   FEU 4:00pm Thu 26-Jul-12 Araneta Coliseum
7 13 UST   vs   NU 11:00am Sat 28-Jul-12 MOA Arena
14 DLSU   vs   ATENEO 4:00pm Sat 28-Jul-12 MOA Arena
8 15 FEU   vs   UE 2:00pm Sun 29-Jul-12 MOA Arena
16 UP   vs   AdU 4:00pm Sun 29-Jul-12 MOA Arena
9 17 ATENEO   vs   UP 2:00pm Thu 2-Aug-12 Araneta Coliseum
18 NU   vs   FEU 4:00pm Thu 2-Aug-12 Araneta Coliseum
10 19 UST   vs   DLSU 2:00pm Sat 4-Aug-12 MOA Arena
20 UE   vs   ATENEO 4:00pm Sat 4-Aug-12 MOA Arena
11 21 FEU   vs   UP 2:00pm Sun 5-Aug-12 MOA Arena
22 AdU   vs   NU 4:00pm Sun 5-Aug-12 MOA Arena
12 23 DLSU   vs   AdU 2:00pm Wed 8-Aug-12 Araneta Coliseum
24 UE   vs   UST 4:00pm Wed 8-Aug-12 Araneta Coliseum
13 25 UST   vs   AdU 2:00pm Sat 11-Aug-12 PSC-Ultra
26 NU   vs   DLSU 4:00pm Sat 11-Aug-12 PSC-Ultra
14 27 UP   vs   UE 2:00pm Sun 12-Aug-12 Araneta Coliseum
28 ATENEO   vs   FEU 4:00pm Sun 12-Aug-12 Araneta Coliseum
UAAP 75 – Basketball Juniors
1st Round Pairings as of June 28, 2012 b
TIE MATCH Light Pairings Dark Time Day Date Venue
11a 1 AdU   vs   UE 8:30am Wed 18-Jul-12 SJ Arena
2 UST   vs   UPIS 10:15am Wed 18-Jul-12 SJ Arena
11b 3 FEU   vs   ATENEO 12:00nn Wed 18-Jul-12 SJ Arena
4 DLSZ   vs   NU 1:45pm Wed 18-Jul-12 SJ Arena
12a 5 UE   vs   DLSZ 8:30am Sat 21-Jul-12 MOA Arena
6 NU   vs   AdU 10:15am Sat 21-Jul-12 MOA Arena
12b 7 UST   vs   FEU 8:30am Sun 22-Jul-12 MOA Arena
8 ATENEO   vs   UPIS 10:15am Sun 22-Jul-12 MOA Arena
13a 9 NU   vs   ATENEO 8:30am Wed 25-Jul-12 SJ Arena
10 UPIS   vs   AdU 10:15am Wed 25-Jul-12 SJ Arena
13b 11 DLSZ   vs   FEU 12:00nn Wed 25-Jul-12 SJ Arena
12 UE   vs   UST 1:45pm Wed 25-Jul-12 SJ Arena
14a 13 UST   vs   NU 8:30am Sun 29-Jul-12 MOA Arena
14 ATENEO   vs   AdU 10:15am Sun 29-Jul-12 MOA Arena
14b 15 UPIS   vs   DLSZ 8:30am Thu 2-Aug-12 Araneta Coliseum
16 FEU   vs   UE 10:15am Thu 2-Aug-12 Araneta Coliseum
15a 17 FEU   vs   UPIS 10:15am Tue 7-Aug-12 PSC-Ultra
18 DLSZ   vs   AdU 12:00nn Tue 7-Aug-12 PSC-Ultra
15b 19 UE   vs   NU 1:45pm Tue 7-Aug-12 PSC-Ultra
20 ATENEO   vs   UST 3:30pm Tue 7-Aug-12 PSC-Ultra
16a 21 AdU   vs   FEU 8:30am Sat 11-Aug-12 PSC-Ultra
22 NU   vs   UPIS 10:15am Sat 11-Aug-12 PSC-Ultra
16b 23 UE   vs   ATENEO 8:30am Sun 12-Aug-12 Araneta Coliseum
24 UST   vs   DLSZ 10:15am Sun 12-Aug-12 Araneta Coliseum
17a 25 UPIS   vs   UE 8:30am Wed 15-Aug-12 Araneta Coliseum
26 NU   vs   FEU 10:15am Wed 15-Aug-12 Araneta Coliseum
17b 27 AdU   vs   UST 10:15am Thu 16-Aug-12 PSC-Ultra
28 ATENEO   vs   DLSZ 12:00nn Thu 16-Aug-12 PSC-Ultra
UAAP 75 – Basketball Women
1st Round Pairings as of June 28, 2012 b
TIE MATCH Light Pairings Dark Time Day Date Venue
11a 1 NU   vs   UE 8:30am Sun 15-Jul-12 MOA Arena
2 ATENEO   vs   UP 10:15am Sun 15-Jul-12 MOA Arena
11b 7 UST   vs   FEU 3:30pm Wed 18-Jul-12 SJ Arena
8 DLSU   vs   AdU 5:15pm Wed 18-Jul-12 SJ Arena
12a 3 AdU   vs   NU 3:30pm Wed 25-Jul-12 SJ Arena
4 FEU   vs   ATENEO 5:15pm Wed 25-Jul-12 SJ Arena
12b 5 UE   vs   DLSU 8:30am Thu 26-Jul-12 Araneta Coliseum
6 UP   vs   UST 10:15am Thu 26-Jul-12 Araneta Coliseum
13a 9 FEU   vs   DLSU 10:15am Wed 1-Aug-12 SJ Arena
10 UE   vs   ATENEO 12:00nn Wed 1-Aug-12 SJ Arena
13b 11 UP   vs   NU 1:45pm Wed 1-Aug-12 SJ Arena
12 UST   vs   AdU 3:30pm Wed 1-Aug-12 SJ Arena
14a 13 AdU   vs   UP 8:30am Sat 4-Aug-12 MOA Arena
14 UE   vs   UST 10:15am Sat 4-Aug-12 MOA Arena
14b 15 NU   vs   FEU 8:30am Sun 5-Aug-12 MOA Arena
16 DLSU   vs   ATENEO 10:15am Sun 5-Aug-12 MOA Arena
15a 17 UST   vs   ATENEO 8:30am Wed 8-Aug-12 Araneta Coliseum
18 UP   vs   FEU 10:15am Wed 8-Aug-12 Araneta Coliseum
15b 19 AdU   vs   UE 10:15am Thu 9-Aug-12 PSC-Ultra
20 DLSU   vs   NU 12:00nn Thu 9-Aug-12 PSC-Ultra
16a 21 UP   vs   DLSU 10:15am Tue 14-Aug-12 PSC-Ultra
22 NU   vs   UST 12:00nn Tue 14-Aug-12 PSC-Ultra
16b 23 FEU   vs   UE 1:45pm Tue 14-Aug-12 PSC-Ultra
24 ATENEO   vs   AdU 3:30pm Tue 14-Aug-12 PSC-Ultra
17a 25 ATENEO   vs   NU 8:30am Sat 18-Aug-12 Araneta Coliseum
  26 DLSU   vs   UST 10:15am Sat 18-Aug-12 Araneta Coliseum
17b 27 UE   vs   UP 8:30am Sun 19-Aug-12 Araneta Coliseum
28 FEU   vs   AdU 10:15am Sun 19-Aug-12 Araneta Coliseum

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