The Weather

Before Ondoy, the weather was “just there”. It’s raining? Bring an umbrella. The sun is out? Bring an umbrella. It’s cold? Put on socks and a jacket.

Now: It’s raining? Oh no! Check FB and Twitter – how long will the rain last and how bad will it be? Will it be Ondoy bad? When will it stop? Pray, pray, pray to God, the angels, the saints, Mama Mary to keep us (and everyone else, especially family and friends) safe and dry.

And even more, with son working in far-off Makati, I’ve been fretting each time he goes off to work and the rain is uber bad. I’ve also been fretting each time it’s going home time and dark and the rain is bad. Last night he texted “visibility is bad. I can’t see anything.” I assured him I’d pray.

This morning, the rains were (still are) really strong. Nothing I could do – he had to go off to work because he’s no longer a school boy. A few minutes after he left, husband looked at me and said son’s name. Husband had heard the family’s trademark honking of the car horn. Son came in: Katipunan impassable. He had to drive back counterflow. I thought that’s why he came back – because of the flood. Happily, their operations head had texted – no work today.

Thank God for small mercies.

Now if only the rain would stop. 😦

Image taken from this site


“Update”: But there is sunshine on this rainy day. It comes by way of text messages from concerned people who know what we went through during Ondoy. My closest friends texted to ask, so did my favorite nephew. Life’s blessings.

Now for some songs: (Feeling deejay. Can’t focus on my work) Only the title of the first is relevant to the weather condition.

As for this one, it would be good if the rains were of such a level that they’d allow a Gene Kelly wannabe to do a reprise:

But wait, there’s more. Here’s Gwyneth Paltrow and Glee cast members doing the same song:



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