Negros fare

As I blogged two days ago (was it?), we went to the Negros Trade Fair in Rockwell only briefly last Friday. And then I vowed to return. So we did this afternoon, Sunday.

My intention was to buy the following from  Quan: guava jelly, puto, kalcag (tiny shrimps that can be used for topping cooked rice), ginamos (Ilonggo bagoong), and black chili vinegar. Unfortunately they had run out of kalcag 😦 so all I got were the four plus cassava pandan, rice bibingka, napoleones (son’s) and pesto sticks (son’s). I’m sure I didn’t list everything, or did I? Oh yes, puto pao also. Yummy.

From another stall I got efuven (that’s pancit but the noodles are flat), takeout. Yummy. It had some dried shiitake mushroom slivers. From another stall I got sardines tuyo which lady selling said can be used to top salads. For son’s lunch baon. I also got batuan, having failed to buy kalcag. I had told HHA I was going to buy kalcag and she was excited. So batuan in lieu of it. Batuan is used to sour sinigang, I think?

Finally, takeout food for dinner. Got this from Inasalan sa Dalan. (The Ilonggo word dalan means “road”, inasalan is a derivative of inasal, adding the suffix -an means a place, a venue, I think.) What I got – pancit molo, 3 inasal paa, ginat-an, chicharon bulaklak, white salad, frozen chorizo that’s unformed – bungkag, like ground meat. Did I remember everything?

Pancit molo was okay, chicharon bulaklak I should have eaten immediately because it was gummy when I tried it at home, ginat-an I just had a spoonful of – will be my merienda tomorrow, salad – husband consumed. White, remember? So its ingredients were : kaong, sago (white only, please), nata de coco, lychees, buko? Saving the best for last: the inasal! Wow, I haven’t had inasal this good in  ages. Though it was cooked when we ordered, we had it for dinner five hours later after having it heated. And yet it was tender and such a wow, I ate with my hands. How I wish I had gotten two sticks each. Bitin!

I googled Inasalan sa Dalan so I can have it again, and, hopefully, I’ll be able to order and pick up frozen inasal soon. They also have tapa (I saw but didn’t buy) that might be good. Will call tomorrow.

Almost forgot, I bought 3 slices of brazos de mercedes for our dessert. But we are so full we’ll have them some other day. We did share rice bibingka from Quan. I think it was made using rice flour.

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