I’ve been hard put to find telenovelas to watch after Innocent Man and May Queen ended. There’s still My Love, Madame Butterfly, but that’s just good fortwo days max. I’ve been looking and would watch an episode or two, then give up. But I think I’ll hang on to Flower Boy Next Door, the latest among the Flower Boy “series”, none of which I’ve watched. I did began Flower Boy Ramyum Shop but found it too quirky. Even the one I’m watching now is a bit quirky, I guess because it is intended for a younger audience. But I’m watching it because it’s empathetic. The female lead, for one, is an introvert and by Episode 4, there are but mere hints as to why she’s one. She’s referred to in summaries of the series as a modern Rapunzel, cloistered in an apartment building. But guess what, TPS, she works as an editor, a home-based one. If this series is good till the end, I’ll watch the others of the Flower Boy telenovelas.

So, can anyone recommend any other telenovela for me to watch? Please… Like Innocent Man which Susan suggested and which I enjoyed immensely! Susan?



5 thoughts on “Koreanovelas

    • Susan, thanks for recommending Seo Young. I just realized I watched the first part of Episode 1 months back but thought it was just a movie that was so flimsy because of the opening scene. But I trusted you, so I went beyond the first part and am now in Episode 3. Enjoying it to the max. I’m glad you recommended it. Thanks again. Keep your suggestions coming. Missing you I also began months back but didn’t continue but because you suggested it, I will be patient with the first episode and move further.

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