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In a previous post, I mentioned how HHB has a good heart. Tonight, at around 9, the doorbell rang. Asked my husband and son if they were expecting anyone. Answer was a “no”. I thought it might be my nephew but it wasn’t. It was someone who works in the neighborhood’s ‘smallest administrative division’ hall, bringing guyabano  which he sells to HHA and HHB. They give him P50 per delivery. I’m not even sure if the quantity delivered is the same each time. And while HHA tells HHB to refrain from getting every time there’s a delivery because they still have enough on hand, HHB readily gives barangay hand P50.

As HHA was telling us all these (HHB had been sent to Rustan’s), she hastened to add that recently, BH also offered to sell them a pair of expensive looking sandals. Oops. Where could that pair have come from? HHAthinks it may have been stolen. Husband overheard the exchange between HHA and me and told her not to buy as if they’re caught, she’d be considered an accomplice. HHA has been pronounced too suspicious by HHB, HHA told us. But she might be right. I now hesitate to hire this person whom HHB asks to clean our roof when leaves in huge quantities litter it, for a fee of course. I’ll have to look for a replacement lest something of ours gets sold to some other household

This incident calls to mind an old woman in my former workplace who’d come visit my boss and once sold him an apparently used blanket. My boss paid for it. My other boss said, I’ll bet that was taken from the clothesline of a neighbor.

I don’t want to lecture HHB on this guyabano and sandals incidents because I’m sure HHA will tell her what we discussed. Besides, HHB is so stubborn.


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A few days ago, husband told me he wanted his black jacket with the “pi” symbol found. I told him to be the one to tell HHB so I’d not be seen as the perpetual “do this, do that” person in the house.

Husband told her so and showed her another tshirt of his that had the pi symbol. HHB said “TG” when she saw the symbol, husband said and she reiterated this when we talked later.

Anyway, when husband left for work, HHB as is her wont, enlisted the help of HHA and HHCn for the search. They looked everywhere – his cabinet, my cabinet, son’s cabinet. And in some suitcases where some of our old stuff have been relegated.

the search yielded nothing. I was frustrated because I knew I had seen it some time back. I told her, it’s a black jacket with the pi symbol. She argued it wasn’t a jacket husband asked her to find but a t shirt. and short sleeves – slicing her hand just above the elbow. She also said it had TG on it. I said I’d call husband to verify. At this point she stopped quibbling. She said, “Ah, jacket?” and added that it would be easy to find. Earlier when I asked her where the jackets that used to be in the car were because it might be among them, she said they were all in a suitcase.

While I expected her to go find/get it right then and there, she did other things in the room which made me wonder. She must already have seen the black jacket earlier but thought it was not the one because she insisted it was a tshirt she had to find. For good measure, I showed her the google page with images of pi.

Finally, after some time, she went out and came back to the room with the jacket. I told her to have HHCn wash it. She said it was clean. It had been in the suitcase. I said but it might smell. She insisted it didn’t. I insisted I smell it. Sure enough, it smelled awful from months, if not years, of not having been aired.


Last week HHA told me HHB would leave in March as the niece she was sending to school was about to graduate. When I asked what HHB would then do, HHA said that HHB would rest. I said what would she live on? HHA said she had a relative married to a Japanese with an employment agency. Her relative said HHB was earning too little given her skills. I asked how much the Japanese would likely offer: P15k. I said I couldn’t afford that. I also pointed out to HHA that possibly, with all the aches and pains HHB has, what would she do in Japan? She sometimes limps, for one. Or is she sometimes merely acting? Like in Shangrila where HHCn said HHB’s knees were aching which was why HHCn came ahead to me. But when I saw HHB again, she was smiling broadly and walking without a limp.

Still, I pray she won’t leave because it will be difficult to find and train a replacement. But then again, even if push comes to shove, I have no intention to offer nor pay her P15k per month. When I told HHA this, she said HHB was not expecting to get that much from me.

So is the Japanese story for real? Or is it just a mechanism to get a raise? Is it a case of “It’s that time of year…” not when the world falls in love but when CBAs are put across? No, there is no labor union in our household but you get the drift.


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