Mitsuyado and Yamato

Son asked if we wanted to eat anywhere in particular, we said no. So he suggested a ramen place in Jupiter: Mitsuyado. When we got to Jupiter, the front of the resto looked like we would be hard put to get a table, so before I got off the car, had son check how long we’d have to wait to be seated. He said we were second in line, so we decided to wait it out.

Waiting was brief and orderly. The ambiance was so “cool” – it felt like a Japanese street food market. No, I haven’t been to Japan but I can imagine that’s how it would look, based on what I’ve seen in Koreanovelas.

Son ordered tantanmen so he could compare this with Ukokkei’s in Pasay Road. Verdict – Ukokkei’s is better, he said.

I ordered the dipping ramen – marutu tsukemen and a siding of double cheese. This was really good, but as is my won’t I couldn’t finish it. So dinner will be a reprise of lunch.

Husband ordered  katsu curry rice or something. When we asked how it was he said it reminded him of UCC’s. A little better, he added. That’s ominous. And funny because when I googled the resto as I couldn’t remember its name, guess what I found out? It’s owned by the same owners of UCC.

We also had the gyoza and it was good. A word of advice – when you prepare the dipping sauce for gyoza, add crushed sesame seeds if available and a few drops of chili oil.

Will we go back? I’d like to.

After lunch, we hied off to Yamato bake shop right beside Mitsuyado. Same owner. Ordered tiramisu for myself and son, husband had the Splenda tiramisu. You can pass up this one. Dasy back, son brought us choux pastry. That was better.

When I asked for water in the bakeshop, they said they had bottled water merely. Ergo, pay P30 to quench your thirst.

Got their loaf of bread that’s called croissanwich. Have yet to try it.

This link  gives a more informed review of the resto and bakeshop.



Those are husband’s hands. Feeling model of Price is Right?


Husband praised this picture of the bike that I took. I just had to say that. He’s not too free with his praises.


What a picture. I’m always so careful I don’t take pictures of faces – which explains why this picture doesn’t say much.


I hope the identity of the people in this picture cannot be determined.

chopsticksThe supply of chopsticks was kept in a nice rectangular box.



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