The Fort on a Cool February evening

Son has somewhere to go to at lunch today, so we HAD to make do with our weekend haunt last night at the very least. Near 7pm, we hied off to the Fort. Son was craving for PF Chang’s again. Alas when we got there, it was full, we were hungry. IHop had a long line waiting to be served, I didn’t want to eat at CPK as we can easily go to the Power Plant or Shang branches. So we went to Bonifacio Central High instead and were contemplating on where to eat. Finally settled on Nan Ban Tei, the tusok-tusok place. No squid or fish balls but chicken, pork, asparagus (yes, vegetables) and potatoes on skewers. Grilled and served with a sauce that’s a tad like katsu sauce? And we ate al fresco. The wind was cool, it was great. Near our table was another occupied by people in the movie industry, we surmised, because they talked about Heart E., Bea A., etc. I was not near them, so I didn’t hear these names, husband would just echo them. Last time we ate in that part of the world, al fresco as well, near us were Raymond Gutierrez and Bubbles Paraiso and then some.


Went to Nine West. As in months past, only fans cooled the place or made it hotter. Since October, the sales clerk said. They now have a place in Central High, see? And are evacuating their Serendra store soon. Got sandals at 25% off. Bought the same at 10% off months back using my Rustan’s discount card. So technically I got the two pairs off at 17.5% off? Oh no, had I presented my Rustan’s discount card, would I have gotten an additional 10% discount? I hope not. Otherwise, arrgh. Why didn’t I ask? Another customer needed something they didn’t have on stock. As is with Store Specialists Inc. establishments, the personnel of NW offered to call their other branches to ask.


Went inside ROX for the first time. IN the past, I would just look at it from outside, it had four steps leading to it. But son who’s now into biking recently discovered it has access, flat access on the other side. It also has an elevator to the upper floors, he was told. But we didn’t look for that any longer. On the ground floor were a wall to climb and many backpacks, swimsuits, shirts, shorts, etc. Saw a DC bag that was cute but sold at 1.990 k pesos. A DC drawstring bag sold at P710. Found the latter too expensive.

We didn’t linger as it was almost 10pm (the shops close at 11, actually except for BKing where the personnel begin to close down the store before then). But we did drop by Dimensione in the parking building. The store makes one dream. It is well lit and has such nice furniture on sale. Sigh. TO have a new place to decorate with Dimensione stuff. Dream on, self.

The parking building is nicely laid out. On the second floor right next to the elevator are 3 slots for the disabled. And they are near the security office too. Thanks, Ayala!


On a sour note, my sister and I, on separate occasions, ventured to buy medicines in Mercury drugstore. I placed my order by calling, sister went there personally. When HHCn got back, she reported that she was advised to bring a prescription next time. Sister had written down what she set out to buy, a cream for allergy that the doctor had prescribed years back and a copy of which she had written down so she could have it prepared. She was refused and asked for a prescription.

This is bad news for me. It is inconvenient to be going to the doctor for a prescription each time I feel under the weather. What to do?

I hope this policy of Mercury passes.

Decades back, I knew someone who had a doctor prepare prescriptions, a whole pad of them, to buy some cough syrup or something. A doctor’s prescription is no guarantee, actually. You get the drift.



One thought on “The Fort on a Cool February evening

  1. You know, we were at PF Chang’s at about the same time. Resto was quite full already by the time we came close to 7pm. When we left about an hour later, there was a line already outside.

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