Restos galore and then some

At Kogi the other night we had the dolsot bibimbap, the chicken bulgogi and the beef bulgogi. The bibimbap wasn’t as good as the one we had last time, maybe it was a different preparation? The chicken was still great, some of the beef slices weren’t tender. The appetizers were good.

I got a P350 card of the resto group of which Kogi is part so I’d enjoy 25% off on our bill that time as it was the week of my birthday and 15% discount on other days. The same card can be used in Stackers (a burger place), Peri-peri Chicken, Tokyo cafe and Parmigiano. Not sure if we’ve been to TC in North Edsa. I thought we have been, husband isn’t sure.

Regardless, if we continue to dine in we’ll be able to recoup the “investment” in this card and then some. And by the way, we also ordered the Korean ice cream on a stick that’s a bit like pinipig crunch except that aside from the chocolate covering, there’s also chocolate in the center. The thing has more choco than ice cream actually. I still prefer the fish shaped Korean ice cream.


Yesterday, meanwhile, my sister and I went to two malls within hours of each other. Hired the Wheelmobile for the purpose.

First stop was The Block. Sister wanted to go to Uniqlo to check out a terrycloth dress similar to what someone gave her years back; I wanted to buy son undershirts.

Uniqlo before 12 noon or maybe because it was Tuesday morning, was shopping heaven. Near empty, I jokingly asked the cashier if I were the first one who transacted with her. She said I was second. Now if only the store sold clothing for big people like husband and me, I’d buy there as the designs and colors are to my liking. Alas, their XL is not big enough. 😦

Currently, Uniqlo is promoting its Airisms line. Those for men are being sold at P490 per; usual price is P590. Said t-shirt is an undergarment that’s 87% polyester and 13% spandex. They come in various colors for men – in either crew-neck or V- necks. The ones for ladies have nice prints. Now, if only they could fit me. Got son red, blue and the usual black, white and gray. He liked them all.

After Uniqlo, we dropped by the other stores nearby, that is, on the second floor of The Block – Mango, Cotton On, Marks & Spencer, etc. Then, as we had to go to the ground floor to get to the Wheelmobile, we dropped by the supermarket. We then proceeded to Trinoma for lunch at Kimpura.

Will Kimpura survive? Sure the food is superb, but there were so few diners, a concerned loyal customer like myself fears for its continued existence in Trinoma. I hope it lives on. Kimpura’s California maki roll is the best I’ve tried. It’s not too sweet.

After lunch we went in search of Landmark department store. Sister wanted to buy cushion covers. There were a lot of choices available and so reasonably priced. Landmark is like Shoemart, Crossings, Unimart in terms of the wide variety of goods available. HHB kept pointing out stuff but I wasn’t too open to buying too much. Did get face towels though. US made, we were told, these sold at a little over a hundred pesos each.


In the evening, we had dinner at Lulu in Makati. In Joya at Rockwell. Lulu used to be Lu. Then it was sold to someone else and became Lulu. Husband kidded when I told him that if it transfers ownership again, it will become Lululu ad infinitum.

A good number of the entrees available in Lu then continue to be available in Lulu. Of what we ordered, I particularly enjoyed “The Whole Shebang” – a sampler of seven kinds of appetizers, roughly, eggplant spread, crostini with liver pate, queso fundido (the best), hummus, crab and fish cake, cheese stuffed zucchini flowers, gambas. Husband ordered fish and chips; he said it was ordinary. Son ordered sea bass with risotto – it had a clean taste, he said. I ordered the pasta with truffle chicken. It was okay. Only after son posted pictures did I realize our main entrees were all yellow. The diverse colors were in the appetizers. Re the pasta, it was okay, but the truffle pasta of Aria is a lot better.

Will we go back? Possibly if only for the appetizer and Candy, who was most solicitous.

2 thoughts on “Restos galore and then some

  1. I like Uniqlo. Parang mas murang Gap, pero kasing tibay. 🙂 I have a Uniqlo pinstripe shirtdress na sobrang favorite ko — I got it in 2010. Hanggang ngayon, maganda pa rin sya. Take that, Forever 21. Hahahaha!

    • Di ba? I’m only admiring it vicariously because I’ll never fit into any of its goods, though. I like their color palette also and look with envy and longing when I step into Uniqlo’s stores.

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