Crystal Jade


at Bonifacio Central High serves great food. Ordered half a Peking duck done two ways – wrapped in lettuce leaves and wrapped in “pita” (not really but you get the drift). So good. Initially we wanted the second way to be tofu soup but they ran out of tofu. Maybe next time?

Also had ha-kaw and the barbecued pork buns. The latter is superb. I almost ordered a second of 3 buns but thought that might be gluttony. The sweet sour pork was okay too, and the seafood rice. But my ultimate favorite would be the buns.

We will be back, that’s for sure.

The lady who took our orders was likely a Singaporean. She had a certain accent She was truly gracious and knowledgeable. So was Paolo who carved the duck beside our table.

Can’t wait to go back for the buns. there were other dishes that looked appealing.

Crystal Jade at Bonifacio Central is a sister of the one in Greenhills but has a fine dining ambiance and doesn’t sell the xiao long bao the Greenhills branch is known for.



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