A steak dinner with veggies on the side

Last week, I bought this from Food Bin:

ImageFor dinner tonight, I intended to have one slab cooked. So I went in search of a recipe because HHA said when I instructed her that she hoped it would be tender. That sounded ominous – but she’s really a damper a lot of the time. This was what I found in the net:

But for the gravy, I’ll tell you a secret. For two days now, she had been heating the wild mushroom soup she prepared a few days back. It was good but somehow, with son always not in for dinner, we couldn’t finish it, we meaning husband and I. As the soup’s taste and ingredients approximated gravy, why not, right? Besides the gravy recipe I found had very basic ingredients: garlic, onions, beef broth (1c) and red wine (1/2 cup). So there.



3 thoughts on “A steak dinner with veggies on the side

  1. Hahaha, chef ka talaga, you even look a the marbling. You should check out Food Bin when you come or you can check out their Facebook page. You’ll want to buy everything almost!

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