Wooden Spoon has a tarpaulin, a huge one, on P1 of Power Plant – where Dulcinea used to be, I think. No date yet as to when it will be open. So now, Makati residents and others from the south need not suffer the traffic to get to WS in Katipunan. 🙂


There’s a Pepper Lunch in Eastwood Mall, on the fourth level. It’s near Cinema 7. We went to watch Star Wars in Cinema 6 and saw it.

Osonho in Eastwood Mal is no more. IN its place is Slappy Cakes. The place was packed so we couldn’t try it out. Instead we had lunch in Ramen Bar.

Ramen Bar has a tie-up with BDO. For lunch worth P1k and paid for with a BDO credit card, one gets free gyoza. If one uses an East-West bank credit card, one gets ice cream tempura for free.


Thus far I’ve been using my PWD card with great success: to buy a movie ticket for Great Gatsby in Power Plant, then today in Eastwood Mall. Lunch at Ramen Bar had me pay 20% less because of my PWD id card. Even our dessert in McDo had a 20% of one item.

It’s a pity I discovered how easy it is to get a card only a few days ago. I missed out on several years, too many to count. But as they say, better late than never.


The movies:

Great Gatsby – it had the usual Baz Luhrmann feel in terms of color and style but I wasn’t as enamored with it as I was with Moulin Rouge.

Star Trek had great visuals but I slept through a good portion of it. Sci-fi movies do not appeal to me at all. But it did give me a comfortable shut-eye, the theater did. It was comfortably cool. In Power Plant, I fanned myself.

Gatsby – Leonard di Caprio is a good actor, his presence very compelling.


Shakey’s in Katipunan is undergoing renovation but Shakey’s continues to deliver in katipunan from other branches. Sadly, shrimp poppers is not deliverable. 😦

HHCn is gone. She did a Houdini. Husband and I went out yesterday and wonder of wonders, when we arrived, it was HHA who opened the gate. This was highly unusual as it’s usually HHCn who does. I told husband that possibly they had asked HHCn to run an errand. Was I shocked to find out why she didn’t.

HHA said she must have been convinced by some relative to transfer somewhere. Sad. I can enumerate a number of things where she needed improvement but she was a cheerful soul.

Oh well. Life goes on.


2 thoughts on “Trivia

  1. And the funny thing is that once an HH leaves, the various things she has damaged/destroyed emerge from the woodwork… 😦

    There might still be Dulcinea in Megamall and Greenhills.

  2. Ay, wala nang Dulcinea sa Powerplant? 😦 Favorite pa naman ng mga college friends ko dun.
    Re HHC, sabi nga ng friend ko, ang matinong HH ay ginto. Di man lang nagpaalam.

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