We had one installed a few weeks ago and husband couldn’t be any happier. Applied for it way back December, encountered a few bumps along the way. Reapplied several times to the extent that husband had an application, I had one too. And I guess the database of PLDT is such that it cannot detect multiple applications from one address? Thus, when husband’s application was carried out, I thought mine would be moot. I was wrong. When I requested that our old PLDT line and DSL be cut, I was informed they entertained service applications or requests one at a time. So they couldn’t cut it because I still had, under my name, an application for FIbr. I had to expressly inform PLDT that I was no longer interested in Fibr before they agreed to cut my old PLDT line and DSL. So there.

We got the lowest PLDT Fibr plan: P3500. A few days later, PLDT announced it had a promo: free one month subscription and then some. We were too early. Oh well.

But Fibr enables quicker downloads, e.g., downloading something that used to take 4 hours now takes under an hour, for example. And it’s not noticeable when I watch a telenovela on streaming mode that husband and/or son is downloading something at the same time.

So there.

I decided to post this entry on Fibr as among the most read posts in my blog is the one comparing PLDT DSL and Sky Broadband. Read it here

below are the results of the speedtest tonight, 20 June 2013. I checked because the telenovela I was watching was loading so slowly.

Screen shot 2013-06-20 at 10.40.15 PM

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