Richmonde Eastwood’s buffet and then some

Son was not around for Father’s Day as he left for Korea for a few days with friends. Husband visited his mom so I had lunch alone. But by afternoon when he came back, he expressed willingness to go out and as I thought it might be too stressful to venture far, we settled for Eastwood.

Traffic was light, thank God. We got to Eastwood by a little past 5. But horrors, there were so many cars we weren’t able to park in B1. We went to B2 and asked where the elevator was, B2 being alien to us. Someone pointed the elevator out but what do you know? It wasn’t functioning. So we had to go use the service (cargo) elevator which stank a bit. Not as bad  as the one we used months back, but still. What a downer. This elevator is “hidden” sort of and is located near Folded and Hung on the second floor.

Bought some Bath & Body Works hand sanitizer. Was told it was P150 each. Then I paid with a P500 bill and was given P20 change. I said, “I thought P150 per”. The cashier said P160. The lady who told me it was P150 was equally surprised. Oh well.

Then ventured to the weekend market still on the second floor. Found the Bee Cheng Hiang table and bought a few things for a sibling: prawn rolls, pork rolls, and tapa. Guess what? One of the packs had instructions that the individually wrapped beef, pork, whatever had to be soaked in boiling water prior to eating. In its packaging. No wonder I used to find them tough when eating off the plastic pouch. Not all packages had the instructions. Also on the BCH table were champoy like stuff and hopia.


Used the elevator in Richmonde Hotel to get down to the ground floor. A cinch. Saw the buffet being set up and asked if there was still a table available. We were told yes, but not in the main portion of the coffee shop. No problem, we’d be back, we said.

Husband looked for a laser pointer in Office Warehouse where we found several months back. None on stock. He looked for a whiteboard marker. Stabilo. None on stock. They only carry Schneider, would you believe?


Went to Marks & Spencer where husband bought polo shirts at 40% off. Lucky him. father’s Day is always a happy occasion in M&S. Last year though it was happier at 50% off. Next year, 30%? Just kidding.


After M&S we went to the buffet in Richmonde. Wrong decision. Sure the buffet was only P880 but the quality of the food was so bad how I wish we had eaten in Cibo or even Kogi instead. There was a lame looking hotdog on a stick. The lechon appeared to have been heated. The barbecue was freshly cooked but when I asked for a dip for it, the personnel looked at me as though to ask, “Where do you think you are? In an ihawan?” I exaggerate but I think I may have been the first one ever to have asked? She asked if I wanted toyomansi. I actually wanted vinegar but agreed to the toyomansi. The roast beef was okay but when I asked for gravy, it didn’t come. I asked again. I was given lechon sauce. Honest. The lechon I didn’t touch even if it was on my plate. It really looked lame. The tempura was okay but looked old as well. The macaroni salad tasted all right but didn’t look special. The hotpot wasn’t exciting – Healthy Shabu-shabu and Gangso something are much, much better.

I saw some peanuts, Chinese chorizo and asado beside each other and asked what they were about. Someone explained they were ingredients for mantow (sounds like). I could choose the ingredients, they said, and so I did. Smothered in hoisin sauce. Not bad, but not great. if anything, what stood out were the peanuts. Promise.

Dessert came. I asked a waiter to just bring me some. Senorita, I know but I was feeling so lethargic after the oh-so-disappointing meal. A lady brought us a plate of pistachio something, suman, maja blanca, chocolate or brownie fudge and leche flan. The nice thing in that set was the leche flan. Tasted like the real thing. She said there was buko pandan, did I want? I demurred.

There were small brown boxes in the lectern of the lady in charge of finding tables – the receptionist I guess she was. I think they were for fathers? But I only saw one being given. Two boxes. We weren’t given, I guess because there were just two of us, no apparent child.

Will I go back? Not if it’s not for someone’s celebration. Years ago, I attended a wedding reception there. Food was okay. Last night, it wasn’t.

Oh well.


Went to various stores after dinner in search of a laser pointer. Everyone we asked pointed us to Cutting Edge but it didn’t have it. Husband was able to buy an alarm clock for P88 at DIY store on the 3rd level though. Hope it lasts.

DIY has so much stuff and all so reasonably priced. Cheap even.


Son arrived 1:30 a.m. Scheduled arrival was 12:35. Okay, he took Cebu Pacific. But I still was grateful. The plane arrived safely. I was apprehensive until I got his message saying the plane had landed. Can you blame me. In a span of two weeks, two Cebu Pacific incidents upon landing. A crash landing in Davao City, a landing in Naia marked by the hitting of 3 or was it 5 lights?


5 thoughts on “Richmonde Eastwood’s buffet and then some

  1. “The telescopes familiar to us, at least to me, would be like the one used by pirates in cartoons or movies.” APIR! Hihihihi, yun din ang alam kong shape ng telescope.

  2. Only one guy was there — he was late, and the other is either soooo late or absent na. 🙂 To be fair, he was attentive, and he helped me choose the right telescope. Plus, he volunteered pa to carry the box to the taxi stand. Eh I had to go to SM pa, so I declined. Ang bigat-bigat-bigat-bigat pala nun. Tapos, pagdating ko sa SM, wala nung hinahanap ko. Aysus. LOL!
    I got a newer, yet cheaper model. Couldn’t remember the exact model. Ganun na pala mga telescopes ngayon, parang bazooka.

    • The personnel in CE, usually one woman and the guy are very knowledgeable and pleasant. It’s a pity they made you wait.

      As for the shape of the bazooka, di ba? The telescopes familiar to us, at least to me, would be like the one used by pirates in cartoons or movies. 🙂

  3. You got me there about “walang makitang stars… aside from this stariray.” Buti wala si HH sa kwarto otherwise baka akala deranged na ako, tumatawa ng walang evident sound from the TV or laptop.

    So you still got the telescope? Bakit late sila? There are at least two of them there, so both were late? Kawawa ang owner and the waiting customer.

    Re Cebu Pacific, I also didn’t tell my son re the second incident (he knew about the first) because he might get scared. He’s going pa naman to Davao next month. Of course same airline because of the budget fare.

    Re being nervous like your mom, ayan karma. And so the cycle goes on and on and on… 🙂

  4. I used to snicker at my mom when she gets all worried and worked up pag di pa dumarating ang dad ko. Mabilis ang karma, ganun na rin ako ngayon. Di makapakali. 🙂
    Speaking of CebuPac incidents, I was kinda worried about it on my way back to Dumags, with “bad luck comes in threes” playing in my head over and over. As I always tell my husband, I’m such a fountain of hope and optimism.
    Yung Cutting Edge sa Greenbelt, they were supposed to open at 11, pero almost 11:30 na dumating yung crew. Hays. Tapos wala pa yung model na gusto ko. There’s this other [lower-end] model, kaso may light damage (superficial lang naman). I was asking for a discount kasi nga may damage, but di daw pwede. Hays again. Oh well. Tapos maulan na, walang makitang stars. Well, aside from this stariray. Hahahahah

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