Lesson Learned: Bee Cheng Hiang in small packets

BCH pack BCH

I was able to buy this in the past but I don’t think they came with instructions.

Bought two packs yesterday, no, 3: one pork with cheese, one pork, and beef. Saw the instructions in the pack of beef or was it pork. I failed to take a picture but sent it to my sister with a few packets. What were the instructions:


Soak the packets in boiling water for 5 to 10 minutes. WIpe the packets dry. Open the packets and eat. Or something like that.

SO much better in terms of tenderness compared to eating them off the pack.


(Got Bee Cheng Hiang from the Eastwood weekend market, second level. The sellers are shuffled around so you should patiently look for it.)


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