SM Aura infrastructural problems and Eastwood Mall’s elevators

I liked what I saw when I went there a few weeks ago. But shortly after, I saw this in FB, culled from Top Gear by a niece:


Then this morning I saw this:

Imageon the wall ofImage

Oh my…


Next time, maybe I ought to take pictures of the sorry state of Eastwood Mall’s cargo elevators. But then I might be banned from the premises as a result. They’re scary though  last and they stink. While riding them, I pray they don’t conk out because I might die from asphyxiation. Still it was consoling when finally last night, the better-smelling elevator was working and had a lady manning it. I asked if she was scared it might suddenly break down. She said no. it’s just a matter of maintenance’s resetting it. The doors aren’t too difficult to open besides, she said. Check out this post re the elevator in EM. 

Moral of the story I guess is to ride an elevator only if there’s someone around manning it. Oops, if that becomes my rule of thumb, how can I ride Power Plant’s? They don’t have anyone manning the elevators. But then again, PP’s elevators always looks so clean and safe.


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