My DMC cross-stitch project

If it had started out as a fetus, it would now have teeth and can walk.

I began my Baldemor project in April 2012. It’s now one year and two months since but I’m not done yet. The 5th of six panels is maybe 1/2 done, the sixth hasn’t yet been started.

So many distractions: telenovelas, telenovelas, and telenovelas. Okay, there’s work too. And then some.

This morning I decided to sew even just a little on it. Note that I use a black and white pattern which has symbols indicating what thread to use. I thought the thread I needed was 3031 because  the symbol in the pattern where I had stopped a few days ago looked like a circle that was half black. I checked my threads for a green 3031 after checking out the chart that showed the corresponding thread for the symbol was 3031. Couldn’t find any but was sure I still had the green floss I had used.

Flummoxed, I checked the symbols list and realized that there also was a symbol that was a half circle shaded black, not a whole circle half of which was shaded black. I saw the color I needed was 911, not 3031. Found 911.

So did I not have 3031? Googled for the color chart of DMC and found several sites. But this one is the best: And I realized I also had 3031 after all and it’s brown. Wrong color, right number.

The chart in the said site looks something like this:

Screen shot 2013-06-20 at 8.51.44 AMHere’s my unfinished Baldemor:

baldemorMight take so many more months to finish but I’m already thinking of getting the pattern for Good Harvest because I like the colors. Found a photo of it in DMC’s Facebook page and googled for it as I wasn’t sure the one who posted it in FB would not mind my filching. Found this on this site:

Screen shot 2013-06-20 at 9.00.46 AMBut before I even start, I must finish the previous one and find a wall in the house for it. If I don’t find a wall, will I still do the Good Harvest one?






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