You’re the Best, Lee Soon Shin

Thanks, Susan, for recommending this to me. I’m thoroughly enjoying this telenovela which has  some very good-looking actors and actresses not the least of which is someone in her 50s (I checked, she was born in 1960), Lee Mi Sook. I agree with you, Susan. She really looks good. And oh so slim. Image

There’s a younger lady there who’s a beauty as well, and again, I checked: 3rd runner up in a Miss Korea competition – but I forget what year: Son Tae Young

Image Omigosh, look- her husband is the lead of one of those telenovelas of yore – Cholo in the dubbed version. Check this out:


This is fun. And so is the series when it’s not being mournful.

The funny characters are the sidekicks or those in minor roles:

ImageImageChoi Gang Won

Image Lee Ji Hoon and Image but why do they have the same names? Please feel free to correct me, anyone.

This guy is cute. He plays a doctor:

Image and even the characters in the series refer to him as handsome. There’s a little girl in the series who has a crush on him. Found that touch refreshing.

If you watch the series, the main leads I didn’t list above. Maybe, if you watch it, you’ll sense why?

The dialogues are fun many a time, enough to make me chuckle. Imagine this, the dad of the main lead tells his son, while describing the cute doctor, “He’s smart, nice, handsome and tall… unlike you.” Then the son deadpanned:

Screen shot 2013-06-20 at 1.15.21 PM

Okay, back to the salt mines, or maybe diamond mines? I’m enjoying myself.

Thanks, Susan, for the heads up. I’m in Episode 13 now.


Insight I gathered from this telenovela —

If you accuse your husband/boyfriend of two-timing you and he smiles and says he’s happy you’re jealous, that means he’s not two-timing you. Some girl is being annoying flirtatious/clingy.

Conclusion: I guess this means if you accuse your husband/boyfriend of timing you and he gets mad, he’s guilty?

Is the conclusion logical?


3 thoughts on “You’re the Best, Lee Soon Shin

  1. Hi Susan. Thanks again for recommending I Hear Your Voice. I had begun watching it a few weeks ago but never went beyond the first 3 parts of the first episode because I hated how lazy the female lead was. But because you recommended it, I’m not on Episode 5. It’s funny but the suspense sometimes scares me, hahaha. More than The Housemaid which I didn’t finish because the latter part seemed frightening. But I’ll watch I Hear Your Voice through. The young man is so engaging and the lady lawyer so amusing. Her mother too. The older male lead – he’s not the guapo type though he looks better here than in the ones he made before where he looked scruffy because of his hair. So tiisin because of the others, especially the young man. Love the story too, though maybe the title should have been “I Hear Your Thoughts”?

    Thanks again, Susan. Hope you don’t tire of sharing your “Finds”. 🙂

  2. Hi Susan. How funny that they do have the same name… just like there are two Lee Min Hos, I think? I like how the male lead’s character has been evolving. I wasn’t too enamored with him at the start, now I can’t wait for him to appear in more scenes.

    Thanks for recommending I Hear Your Voice. I’ll look into that while waiting for the new episodes of LSS and I Summon You, Gold. Just caught up with LSS’s latest episodes so I can start a new one and then catch up with it too. Happiness… 🙂

  3. 🙂 glad u like LSS. If u still have spare time to watch another kdrama, I Hear Your Voice is worth watching too.
    And yes, the two actors have the same name Lee Ji Hoon 🙂

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