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Change has many definitions, but the one I’d like to post about is change one gets when one pays beyond the price of a product/service acquired.

I called 2121212 at 10 a.m. today. Ordered. Just now, delivery arrived. No change. Change due me is P112. Man said he thought I had the exact amount. I know for certain I reiterated to the person who took my call to send change. Delivery person said to HH that he thought I’d have the exact amount because I knew what the bill was. Oh? Like the NLEX and SLEX that have lanes requiring exact change? Cool. Not.


Some years back, I wrote about the same problem with the same delivery outfit. Ordered days before but when items were delivered to my son, no change was brought. Son said “never mind, just give me what you have” – which of course was less than the exact amount. When I complained, they said they planned to send it over after delivering the food. Oh? Fuel is expensive and they’ll send change on a second trip? I don’t buy that.

Sometimes, one wonders if subterfuge is involved in some cases — I know some customers, like my son,  will say, di bale na lang when change is not given them so they won’t be bothered or are in a rush. Maybe that’s why some of the delivery people employ the ruse. Sad. Disgusting. Is that what namimihasa means?


Asked HHs about the man who delivered. He suggested coming back for the exact payment after he delivered someone else’s order, so okay, I’m wrong that the intention was to get away with the change. But look what I found in the delivery receipt:

quickBut I’m not reporting him. For many reasons:

a) he might get fired or suspended – I don’t want a hungry family in my conscience.

b) he might get back at us by way of doing something to our order next time or stoning the house. Very extreme possibilities but still possibilities.




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