Yakitori place

Weeks back, when husband and I first checked out SM Aura, we were hard put to think of a place to eat. Only the food court was open – stand-alone restos weren’t yet at the time. Luckily our favorite Pepper Lunch was around and so we had our fill there.

As we were eating, we saw Jeroen of PL pass. My back was turned to the stalls in the food court, so husband apprised me. He said “Jeroen is taking photos of the Yaki (something, I forget now) place beside PL. I conjectured, “That must be theirs too.”

I asked chuvaness and she confirmed it. She said it would open end June.

Yesterday, as we were wondering where to go for our usual Sunday malling, I thought of suggesting SM Aura so we could try out the Yaki place. But then it occurred to me it might not yet be open otherwise, why hadn’t chuvaness posted anything about it?

Last night, I finally saw in FB that the Yaki place is opening soon and to watch out for the following offerings:


I’m excited about the chicken skin (1) and the garlic (10). Perhaps by next Sunday, it will be ready for us? But will the lines be too long? Oh yes, we could always go really early, like 10 am when the mall opens. 🙂 Exciting…

Blame poor eyesight, but the name of the establishment is YakiOne. It’s stated in the poster above and I didn’t really see it. How did I find out for sure? Here’s the latest announcement on it:

Screen shot 2013-06-24 at 4.34.44 PM


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