Sugi and some Grocery Finds


Last Sunday I finally got to eat in Sugi. Many years, maybe decades back, I avoided it like the plague because my friends said it was uber expensive at Sugi. Later, I was a tad amused/insulted when the brother of a friend in whose house we were as my friend was over from the US asked us to join the family in having lunch at Sugi and he said something like – it’s your chance to eat there (I could almost sense the underlying message – otherwise you can’t because you can’t afford it). I smiled as I declined. Ano, cheap? Besides, I was happy with Kimpura which we frequented.

So last Sunday was an epiphany of sorts for me vis Sugi. And I smiled. Perhaps they had brought down their prices but these were certainly lower than Kimpura’s. Oh well. 

So how was it? The food was okay, our server made recommendations that I followed for myself, at least: steak with bacon and oysters (P550) and tofu steak. Husband tried their gindara (his peg, Kimpura’s has yet to be surpassed and Sugi didn’t pass the mark), son ordered spicy tuna salad and salmon sushi with cream cheese. I had kamameshi rice, husband had garlic rice. Kimpura remains on top. But if one’s budget allows for Sugi merely (take that, JL), then Sugi is fine. 

Our bill was a comedy of errors. When I called the one giving them out to correct it, she was a bit patronizing, maybe she thought I’d complain about having been overbilled. But I pointed out the sushi wasn’t in it. Then I gave her my disabled ID.

What do you know, when the bill came, there were two of them and guess what, despite the ID, the total was the same. Why? I overlooked it when I checked that they hadn’t put in the soft drinks. Oh well. 

On the plus side, Sugi uses really cute paper straws striped red or yellow. Happiness.


Family Mart in Glorietta. I had read about this and thought it would sell Japanese stuff although I was also aware it sold local ones. Well, it did sell both but with the latter exceeding the former. Bought a few Japanese snacks which seemed to be the only stuff that set it apart from any other store. Here they are. Similar tasting goodies can be procured at Aji Ichiban, methinks.


Tried their chicken teriyaki bun. A bit on the salty side. Soft ice cream was cheap: P15 for vanilla in a huge waffle cone; P25 for a combination of vanilla and green tea.


Rustan’s Katipunan – My trips to the grocery have been minimized by the rains. In fact, I turned feverish last night because some drops of rain fell on me on my way to the grocery from Wooden Spoon. At any rate, here are some interesting finds from yesterday:


from the deli section – a spinach dip. A far cry (on the negative side) vis Cibo’s. It’s too leafy for my taste. Son said it lacked cheese. So when he put it on his bread, he topped it with soft triangular cheese. Forgot the brand. This isn’t expensive, a box costs less than a hundred I think, bought in Rustan’s chiller section months back.


Crimson seedless grapes – yesterday’s buy plus the one months back are so sweeeeeet! Hooray!


Finally, this. If you crave YABU’s cabbage with sesame dressing, get a bottle of this: less than P200, I think. It tastes so good. A bit deeper than Yabu’s in fact. Yummy.


PS: I bought a bottle of SAKE. See, a few days back, HHA was following a recipe that had both sake and mirin. I was almost sure I didn’t have sake, hence this purchase. That time, I told HHA to just substitute mirin for the sake. A bit expensive but I know it will last a long time. Here it is:





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